Let me show you how to turn prospects and loyal customers into raving fans.

Robin Samora | Marketing and PR expert Robin Samora works with small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to turn prospects and loyal customers into raving fans.

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Robin Samora is a seasoned entrepreneur with decades of marketing, sales and advertising experience. She uses PR, social media and free publicity strategies – as well as Brand Ambassador marketing – to influence audiences, gain attention, build credibility and expert status.

“Get your audience to like, know and trust you. Then, they’ll buy.”

Robin believes in a strategic combination of PR, marketing, public speaking and mastery of social media platforms to help her client’s turn prospects and loyal customers into raving fans.

She mentors entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to promote their brand – even without a PR budget – so they can get noticed, gain leadership position and sell more products and services.

“We use the same principles that work for big brands,
for little brands too. We just tweak them.”

Robin consults with Fortune 500 companies as well, to help with their Brand Ambassador marketing. She founded Partner Promotions, Boston’s Brand Ambassador Company over a decade ago and clients like Comcast and CBS hire her company to their promote products and services, generate leads and create brand awareness.

To maximize visibility, she advises all clients to train their employees to be better brand ambassadors – because they have the potential to be the most influential point of contact a company has – directly impacting their ROI and bottom line.

“Create a PR plan that works from the bottom up.
That’s how you gain competitive advantage”

Robin’s small business clients smile when she tells them they can build their business and brand in their pajamas. But she does insist they need a good looking robe for networking.

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