I’ve been known to put clients through the funnel. That doesn’t mean that with a wave of a wand and ‘Abracadabra’ they’re liquid. Sometimes we have to sacrifice details to get a clear message – because a confused mind doesn’t buy.

Here are 5 Ways to Make Your PR Message Clear

1. Boil down your message into one sentence and not a paragraph. My message is:  I’m a PR and Small Business Marketing Consultant that helps you turn prospects and customers into raving fans.

2. Next, add building blocks by providing examples. How do you do that?

  • For Grammy ® nominee Laura Sullivan, we created a social media strategy that engaged fans and pitched the press for feature stories which helped her gain media attention and the award.
  • For Pay It Forward Retreats, we pitched the press and got a full length interview and mention in USA Today, two times in a week.
  • For a promotional products company, we created a multi-platform visibility campaign highlighting the founder’s solid marketing and tradeshow experience and aligned it with her brand to build credibility and generate leads with established brands.

3. Target the right audience. If you’re a vet, you won’t want to pitch to fashion vloggers, unless of course you’re coming out with a new line of scrubs or what I call vetwear; (that url is available BTW, in case you were wondering). Talk to prospects who are in your target market and keep testing your message until they buy (over and over again).

4. Keep your eye on your message.  You are the expert and your brand wherever you go.  Protect it and correct it. Write as an authority and influencer and reconfirm who you are and what your message is. Be consistent and constant, always and in all ways. Published writing builds credibility.

5. Create a support system of professionals, friends, JV affiliates and allies. If you find trusted partners you’d like to work with, set expectations and agree upon them in advance. By doing that, you can promote each other and all win.  I’m a big fan of free publicity and helping people out. Pave your PR Roadmap with good intention.

When you keep your message clear, calm and concise, run with it.

It doesn’t have to be a marathon.  It can just be a jog around the park – with your target audience gathered there for an afternoon.

PS – I had two fun speaking engagements in Puerto Rico last week at the Catholic University of PR and the University of PR, Mayaguez. Students abroad are just as interested in learning marketing tactics and publicity techniques as here.

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About PR And Brand Expert Robin Samora

Small business marketing and PR expert Robin Samora teaches small business owners how their brands can command attention in a noisy, crowded marketplace. Through her speaking, consulting and coaching, she helps clients find their ideal prospects, form valuable relationships and turn followers into loyal customers and raving fans. Robin’s mission is to help clients increase branding and visibility online and offline by cutting through the clutter so they can get noticed and sell more products and services. She uses social media, email marketing, speaking and free publicity strategies to enhance credibility, reputation and leadership position – even without a PR budget. Robin also shares marketing tools, tricks and articles on her weekly tip sheet, “Robin’s Rainmakers.”