You’ve heard and seen influencers, like Kim Kardashian, and know they’re paid oodles to send Instagram posts or tweet about brands. That’s because, at last look, Kim had about 105 million followers on Instagram and about 57.4 million followers on Twitter. That’s a lot of people to influence.

But what about micro influencers? Think of micro-influencers like your BFF telling you to buy a product. You like, know and trust them – and because of that, you’re probably going to buy what they recommend. Micro-influencers have a close relationship with their audience and respect them. And, the feeling is mutual.

You can find micro-influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – even Google.  They have a steady following, are active on social media and have a voice in their niche. For this reason, micro-influencers may be an affordable option to promote your brand.  But before you jump in and buy, make sure you know what your marketing objectives are, how you’ll measure success and how you’ll promote this partnership to get the biggest bang for your buck.

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You don’t have to be a micro-influencer to influence people. It’s been done for thousands of years before you, just in a different wa.y

Who’s a micro-influencer in your niche? Heck, you might be one!

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