Part of being human is to show your feelings and communicate so others can see who you really are. If you’re sad and choke up, choke up. If you laugh so hard you shed tears, grab a Kleenex. You are who you are, and there’s no one like you. Celebrate your human-ness . In spite of what you think, we really do have a lot in common. It’s an art to not care what other’s think.

Have you ever had a favorite pet that was your BFF and constant traveling companion?

I can say yes, and let you know that such was the case with Lucy, my sweet Sheltie who passed yesterday after a long spirited life.

 lucy in woods

In honor of Lucy, I’d like to pay tribute to some of the lessons she taught me about life, business and the pursuit of happiness:

  • Celebrate Life. Lucy made no bones about it; she was all-in and ready to travel. Much like her Mom, she was a midnight rider, a good listener and could nap anywhere.
  • Travel with Style. It really didn’t matter whether Lucy traveled in a convertible, in the back of a boat, or front seat of a pick-up truck. Lucy had wanderlust — and a leash was optional.
  • Be Pampered. Lucy lived a life filled with kindness, kisses, sweet talk and TLC. She loved attention — and was a pro — at giving it, and getting it.
  • Be Loved. Lucy showed me time and time again, what unconditional love looked like. It was a daily lesson and a reminder that love is the most important thing on Earth.
  • Take the High Road. If Lucy didn’t get her way, she took the high road. Tomorrow there’d be another chance to get that cookie, go for a walk on the beach or smell other dogs. She looked forward to those simple pleasures.
  • Know When it’s Time to Rest. Sleeping was one of Lucy’s favorite pastimes, though I’m not sure if she just closed her eyes during all those phone calls, or the snoring was meant to fool me.
  • Remember to keep a secret. Let’s just say, I’m sure she heard more than a few short and long tales. What a confidante!

Though my heart may break with sadness, my heart is also filled with joy for the love we shared.

If you had a favorite pet, you know what I mean.

Here’s to you Lucy, and the giant parade with Milkbones that welcomed you.

I can’t help but notice the similarities between squeezing a lemon and getting the most out of life. As the daughter of an incredible Greek cook, I was taught at a young age how to sink my teeth into a lemon to get the last drop. Lemons are a staple in a Greek household, and used almost as much as Windex!

Squeezing every drop out of life is the same way.

My short message this week is to Squeeze Please.

There’ll be times when life isn’t going exactly to plan, as you would have hoped or imagined. I know that firsthand, having seen some darker days. But, I know too, that there’s a silver lining we don’t always see at first glance. To see the silver lining takes reflection, and quite a bit sometimes.

Many have suggested that I’m a Pollyanna, but I’ve learned that being an optimist and riding that wave has served me well through times that haven’t always been sunny.

Today, squeeze every living drop of sunshine out of your day and live life to the max.

It’s an attitude, a vibration, an energy that sets you apart from the crowd.

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I had the pleasure last week of some downright frolicking. Not on my calendar. Not on my radar. Not organized by me.

A little bit of unexpected fun, spontaneity and more than a few laughs – took me by surprise and to a place where although we know that life is serious, we don’t always need to be so serious. Perhaps we can all learn from Gumby, and be more flexible. Perhaps we can also learn to be more generous to ourselves and allow playfulness to rule – for just a while, giving responsibility a well-deserved time out.

Will there always be work to do? That’s a yes. Do we have responsibilities that require our focused attention? Well, of course. Are we open to looking at life not just through rose colored glasses, but through the eyes of a child, excited to see what’s around the corner?

That’s where bold meets beautiful.

Do you think we attract frolicking or does frolicking seek us out? That’s a question we’ll have to ask ourselves.

Laissez les bons temps rouler.

Let the good times roll. Expect the best and let it happen.

As I write this, I am smiling knowing what’s behind the curtain. You may not notice it in my new photo taken by my friend and celebrity photographer Nikki Incandela,, but it’s there. And, when I saw it, I started to wonder.

How many things don’t we see, that actually are there? Is it that we’re focused on something else or simply too busy? What don’t we see in our relationships with others, or scary enough, in ourselves?

Sometimes what we don’t see, or pay attention to is what’s begging for us to take notice. A business  opportunity that’s shouts our name, an important conversation with a loved one, an overdue phone call connecting to a colleague who’s been MIA for a while.  And the list goes on.

Why is it that we see what we see, and not always what others do?

As a photographer with a keen eye, Nikki saw Lucy, my sweet and elderly Sheltie behind the curtain. She never said much, but presented me one day with triptych images of Lucy’s face – which made me love them both, all the more.

In this case, what was behind the curtain delighted me.

We see what we need to see, for what we need to learn. I asked Nikki to photograph me so I could have a special memory of where I was in my life, to honor the space and place. These images will always be cherished as it was not only a new me she was capturing, but included a glimpse of Lucy at nearly 14 years old. I’ll always remember Lucy in the cool spot of the wood floor near the window, in a cottage that will forever remain dear to my heart.

What’s behind the curtain just is.  It’s what we think of it that holds power.

Happy almost December, let the twinkling begin,

I’ll be with my promotions team on Saturday, December 1, managing the Amazing Race TV auditions for WBZ-TV in Boston.  If you’d like to try out in person at one of two Massachusetts locations, click here (should we shorten this?? ) for details and an application.

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Gratitude comes in many shapes and sizes, and there’s so much to be thankful for that we take for granted.

A friend and colleague sent me a message that made an impact.

‘If you have a full fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are wealthier than 75% of the world’s population.”

I’m blessed to have them all, and a loving family to call my own.

From my home to yours, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

With gratitude for today, and big hopes for tomorrow

I’ve been so fortunate to work with clients who are doing innovative things with technology, and making a difference.

One such client is Gen-Ark which offers an up-to-date Digital Family Archiving service and a way to leave an everlasting Family Legacy®. It’s a new digital preservation web service that displays sentimental photographs, video, slides and letters online, for anyone to see, at any time, from any computer for generations to come.

It seems hard to believe that with a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Sandy, an entire generation of priceless family treasures and important mementos can be wiped out, without a moment’s notice.

Every day, millions of pieces of family history literally disintegrate as old film, slides, paper photographs and documents fail to withstand the test of time.

This message comes as a gentle reminder to care for your past and honor your family history; your photographs, tapes, slides and audio. Think about archiving them in some way to preserve the essence and value of your loved ones, your ancestors, and people that played a part in who you are today.

In my own home I found boxes of old dusty photos of years gone by, including:

  • One of my Dad who took double exposure pictures of himself in the 30’s.  I cherish that photo since he’s passed because it always reminds me of how fun he was, and how much he loved life.
  •  And one of my young Mom on a donkey with all of her sisters and relatives in the village of Yeraka, Greece. It makes me think of how important her heritage was, her humble beginnings sleeping three to a bed, and why tradition was so key in raising my brother and me.

What will your family legacy consist of?

Memories are in the making every day. Let’s honor them with TLC.

Blogging continues to be one of the important ways to build a community, get your message out there, establish yourself as an expert, and attract clients.

Staying in touch with your community can be done virtually anywhere in the world, even from where I am now in the NYC area working with clients, and preparing to shoot some video!

I wanted to make sure that you received this short and valuable article about 8 Ways to Master A Blog Post, written by Nate Riggs of the Karcher Group.

I hope you find the action items useful as you build your own visibility in the marketplace – as a professional, entrepreneur, small business owner — or just as you are, proud of your own voice!

Happy blogging and weekend!

Many of you don’t know that I am a beekeeper, and ‘tis the season, right now when bees are a buzzin’.

Between life and business, my schedule is pretty busy so I’m fortunate to have the help of a friend, Danny, who helps care for my bees. Just this week, I asked him a question; “What do bees and business have in common?” and was really surprised at the Zen-fulness of his answer.

Q: What do bees and business  have in common?”

A:  “Robin, with honey bees, the bottom line is success of the hive.  They are goal-oriented with an understanding that no job is too small in achieving success.  Every bee plays their part – queen, worker and drone. One could anthropomorphize (attributing human behavior to a bee, for example) loyalty as a virtue.  The good of the hive comes first.  Business and corporations could do well looking at the hive as a business model; they do no harm. They leave everything they touch better than it was and create useful products everyone can use in a responsible manner.”

I got this on text, no kidding.

So, I’m adding to Danny’s wisdom. Bees never give up. They thrive on good conditions, and rebuild  when times are tough. Everyone’s all in, or they’re removed. The Queen is the leader, but if she’s not doing her job, she’d ousted – in fact, the other bees mysteriously create a new one, with drama kept within the hive.

Just like a business, when leadership is strong and expectations are met, there’s sweet success.

Now, I’m not sure about “dancing in the dark”, but perhaps that’s what goes on late at night behind closed corporate doors?

Here’s to your business, buzzin…