Don’t be afraid to break the ‘rules’. Who made them anyway? Why can’t you eat dessert first? Why can’t you have a babysitter and work from home? Why can’t you have multiple sources of income, and not a 9 – 5 job? Thankfully, each of us is different and has a unique life purpose. Break the rules, if it’s in integrity with who you are.

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I usually never read the Reader’s Digest, but my Bee Keeper mentor, Norman, who’s in his mid 90’s, sends me a subscription every year, bless his heart.

Inspired by the cover, Energize Your Life, I thumbed through the magazine and found this love story between two frequent fliers called the Airport Connection. I thought I would share it with you because it moved me.

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Although it’s Valentine’s Day, isn’t every day about sharing the love?

Hope you know I’m sending mine, to you.

I am always delighted, and wonderfully grateful for the goodness factor that is inherently part of us – no matter where we may live, visit or travel.  It’s a human trait I believe, to be kind when fear isn’t involved, or lack isn’t present.  When we just are, who we are.

During our wonderful and warm week on vacation, we discovered my daughter had lost her wallet, perhaps at a TCBY yogurt shop some twenty miles from our hotel.  A bit frantic, we searched the room, sandy towels, and everything in between to see if we could find it. No such luck.  And, no luck when we called the shop.

I believe without a doubt that Karma rules. This is the second time, thousands of miles from home that a stranger showered kindness and went out of their way to return items left behind.

The first, in the bustling capital of Panama with a camera, and the second, returning a wallet full of cash and ID’s in the Cayman Islands.  The world is a good place, my friends, and if you share that energy, it will be good to you.

Lucy Bodden, who works at a bank in the Cayman Islands, found the wallet on the ground at TCBY, but couldn’t find us.  She called her friend in immigration to help, but she didn’t pick up.  She found the hotel key in the wallet, and called, but my daughter wasn’t listed in the computer system. She then drove 20 miles or more, to the hotel and asked the front desk who the key belonged to, and they called the room.  We were there.

We met Lucy, gave her a hug, and thanked her for her honesty and going out of her way to find us. She didn’t want a reward, just told us that if it happened to her, she would want someone to do the same.

Karma is a beautiful thing. People are inherently good, and Lucy Bodden is one of the millions of unsung heroes who helps others every day.

As John Randolph Price said, “The good of the whole does begin with each individual.”

Life is good, pay it forward, and a special thank you Lucy Bodden .

Enjoying life, business and the pursuit of happiness, back in Boston

At the beginning of every year, I take time to write what I’d like to have in my life, with no restrictions. It’s a way for me to be clear about where I want to go — dream big, and not filter my expectations.  It’s an exercise I ask my clients to do as well. 

In business, it’s equally important to have this same clarity. Clarity of mission, expectations, agreements and goals.  But sometimes, there’s incongruity.  Left unchecked, it can lead to misunderstanding, hurt feelings, or worse… resentment.

Not being clear or on the same page, can be critical to your success.

Being clear means having the courage to ask for what you need, and creating and delivering your message in a manner that’s easily understood. When you have clarity, there’s less chance for confusion, or getting off track — unless that’s the path you choose.

I’ve noticed that some people opt-in and like being confused.  It saves them from making big decisions, being unpopular or seemingly assertive. Being unclear can give you permission to be a victim to circumstances that are many times, within your control.

Think about the last time you were unclear. Did you get what you wanted?

Sometimes you can get what you want by letting others win or by yielding your power.

Be clear on that too.

With the launch of some exciting projects coming up and the need for substantial investments that will drive the success of them, I found myself asking , “Am I nervous about this or excited”?

It’s amazing the words we use when we talk to ourselves and how they set the tone for how we feel.  For me, when I feel nervous, I feel fear. When I flip the nervous card to excited, I feel a sense of joy and anticipation, expecting the best. When I’m excited, my vibrational level is high vs. low when I’m afraid. I’ll be honest, I’ll take a high vibration any day!

When I speak with my clients about what’s stopping them in their business, they almost always tell me they’re afraid. They don’t know what to do, what to expect, or how it will turn out. My job and theirs (as we always co-create) is to get to the core issue and flip it. There are always options.

Myth: You don’t know what to do

Truth: Most entrepreneurs I work with are “experts.”  What’s an expert? One mentor told me that an expert is knowing more (about your topic) than ten people on the street and having the guts/desire to share your knowledge. Are you making money at what you do and reading this? Then you are an expert.

Myth: You don’t know what to expect

Truth: We’re not mind readers and we really can’t know everything that may happen, nor are we in  charge of everything. Wouldn’t that take the fun out of life?  So, will there be surprises, setbacks, wonderful phone calls, and opportunities for growth? You betcha. And, expecting the best in any given situation is far more calming than expecting the worse. Expecting the worse is like being married to Debbie Downer waiting for the next shoe to drop. How does that serve you?

Myth: You don’t know how it will all turn out

Truth: Neither do I, but I can take a pretty good guess at what will happen when you set your intention, use your experience as a guide, work with passion, keep learning and stay with it. Truth is, most people give up way too early.  If success were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Do you want to settle with the SOSO (same old same old)? That’s a N-O for me.

Truth: I’m excited about my businesses and how I will Rock It in 2012. I’m excited about my new Let’s Make You Shine Scholarship Fund helping young women go to college and share their gifts. And, I’m excited about the upcoming holiday season, spending more time with my kids – and seeing them grow up , be independent and having fulfilling lives on their own.

Was I nervous when they were teens? You betcha. But, I learned to flip it, and expect the best.

For today. For my family. For my health. For my community.

Thank you for being a part of the Let’s Make You Shine community and allowing me to express my hopes, dreams and desires, and perhaps impact you in the smallest of ways — to make a difference in your life, and in the world.

We all have so much to give.

Thanksgiving Blessings to everyone.

I’m a strong believer in giving back, even in ways that may seem somewhat offbeat or unrelated to the casual observer.

Case in point. This month, I’ve had the pleasure of sponsoring a 4-week Self-Defense program for women in my community, and worked closely with both my local hospital and Police Department to make it happen. An odd partnership you may think, if you look at this from straight on. But from my viewpoint, Let’s Make You Shine and this course did have one thing in common: empowering women, in a big way.

Week two, and the softest spoken women, the most unexpected teenagers, and fellow sisters who could have been your “aunties” or neighbors, have risen to the challenge of putting power in their punch, exercising their vocal chords, and bonding with a group of strangers preparing to defend their most valuable asset, themselves. They parried and blocked, without fear, and celebrated with a sense of dignity and accomplishment, that they can be powerful, even at 5’2.

Financial advisors may tell you to invest in the stock market, big pharmas or natural gas, but I remember advice with impact, from about five years ago.  “Invest in you” was the message. And, it was loud and clear – so I took the time to invest as well as protect me, in many facets of my life.

Four police officers and twenty-five women are a part of the Let’s Make You Shine RAD Self Defense program this November and December. RAD is a series of stances, “ready commands” and information that every woman should know, regardless of her age, so she can feel safe, and live in her fullest power.

This same inner strength, coupled with focused action and advanced technique is similar in many ways to how an entrepreneur might navigate a business.

The power of a punch, and where your energy is focused. The power of thinking on your feet, and  making it through unexpected challenges. The power of being prepared, and letting no one interfere with where you want to go, be, do or have.

There are no guarantees in life, but I like knowing that I’ve got what it takes to live a big, full life, and that no one’s going to stop me.

For me, empowering women, children, or a troubled friend is just the right thing to do. And what a bonus it is, when your community supports you. Easy.  Just as life should be.

A huge thank you to all of my communities, near and far, for your unwavering support. Stay safe on your travels, and enjoy the blessings of Thanksgiving.

This week, I’ve been away at an Internet Boot Camp which has taught me some behind the scenes techniques that I’ve never heard about, thought of, or imagined. It’s amazing to learn new strategies that can impact your brand or products, and influence who sees your message and acts on it. Targeted links that with the click of a mouse or push of a button can elicit reactions or buying decisions – all over the world — based on brilliant keyboarding hidden from the eye. Amazing to observe, and fascinating to explore!

Since it’s impossible to know everything, conceptual knowledge is important, especially in your field or what you have interest in. That’s why I took this course and others on a consistent basis. To learn. To stretch my thinking, look at the world from another viewpoint and meet others who will teach me their insights or tricks of the trade. To be open to do things a different way, because the SOSO (same old same old) doesn’t always work, especially when we want different results.

I’ve always been a proponent to change things up, even when I’m fighting and screaming the whole way. One of my favorite coaches who had a great impact on me recently told a fellow colleague that I was “the most resistant person she ever met.” I thought she was joking really. But, she wasn’t. I was fortunate to learn what I had to from her, and since then, my life has been transformed. It wasn’t easy. I challenged my learning curve and hers, but came out on the other side, blooming. What a journey, with so many stops along the way. For now, I came home to Me, and where I’m supposed to Be.

Today is 11/11/11 and whatever you think or believe in spiritually, on paper it’s a date with a series of numbers. Perfectly balanced. All ones.

Worldwide You is about You as #1 in this world, and a choice to acknowledge who you are and expand your horizons in a bigger, better and bolder way to make a difference in this world.

My experience is that when you’re comfortable in your own skin, you can travel freely through all circles of life, helping others who aren’t ready yet to be #1.

Worldwide You.

It’s a good thing. Whenever you’re ready.

Rock on,


I’ve been in negotiation recently with a new vendor and for the first time in years, it’s been a little trying. It’s also been a great lesson.

To be honest, we had differences in style, approach and communication — not to mention delivery.

After a few uneasy conversations, I had to step back and reassess my role in the relationship, and my approach.

What I noticed was that my lesson wasn’t to judge his style or communication, but to reboot and start from a place of trust; not fear or uncertainty. To take the time and meet face to face – not by email or phone. To show him that he could trust me, and I could deliver sustainable results with financial returns that we both were comfortable with.

In our hurried world, we often are quick to make judgment, and get frustrated if our anticipated results aren’t immediate.

If business were a play, we’d want an Act of Patience.

Napoleon Hill was right. My lesson was a reminder, to not give up “three feet to gold”.

Patience does make Perfect.

Recently, I’ve had some new opportunities come my way and they’re challenging me more than I expected, and causing some restlessness that I’m unfamiliar with. Going out of my comfort zone for sure, in fact, more than I remember, and ramping up all kinds of questions and second guessing that I normally wave aside. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, and to practice what we teach is the ultimate lesson.

Given the fact that business decisions can sometimes be more costly than planned, it’s interesting how we handle the inner chatter, especially when fear and uncertainty come into play. On one hand, we know that we want to play bigger, but there’s a risk. It’s crunch time and the only way to play bigger, or make a splash is to be “all in”, take the risk, have faith in yourself and your abilities, and expect the best. I’m sure that even the CEO of a major corporation has these same thoughts, though he/she may have a Board of Directors, and the decision making is shared. With an entrepreneur, the decision and results most often rest on our shoulders. A few wrong decisions can make an impact that can alter the course of history. Conversely, a few right decisions can do the same.

Ultimately, I decided late last night to just stop thinking. To stop carrying on a never ending dialogue in my head, and go to bed, asking for what the best solution would be.

I slept like a rock and woke up with a plan.

The Dream Team helped, and delivered the answer which I had been seeking all day.

Ask and you will receive.

Have you asked for the help you needed lately? Better yet, have you listened?

All the best to you,