Today’s Words of Wisdom comes compliments of Paul Martinelli and his thoughts of the day, which inspired me me to rewrite his daily quote, and the photo, compliments of my brother, Ray. I love them both.

To those of you who love Halloween, have fun. I know I’ll be dressing up Saturday night.

To my friends and fellowpreneurs who love dogs, here’s a picture to make you smile.

No need to wait for Halloween to be creative, right?

I’m in New Jersey with a client of mine and today at breakfast, we had a discussion about the flow of money. Where was it coming from? Where was she resistant? Where was her joy? What other opportunities were showing up for her to tap into, or open up to?

My client is an idea generator, to the max, but seemed to have a block on allowing the money to flow because she was committed to having it come in only one way, through her core business.

We had a spirited conversation about the energy of money, and how it comes to you. Who’s to say that if money flows in from another source, that it’s wrong – especially if the other source is directly related to an additional gift? Remember, she’s an idea generator and her work is creative and powerful. In some ways, she can’t help but make money because she has such passion and takes inspired action – big time. But, she’s resisting it.

The reason I am writing this today is because we each have blocks to where the money comes in. It’s not wrong if you are gifted by an inheritance, and your business is down. It’s not wrong if you are called to share a special skill for payment, and that adds to your bottom line. And, it’s not wrong if business comes to you in unexpected ways.

It’s all right.

My client transforms bodies, in fact lives, and has an incredible sense of style. Her look is part of her brand. Why shouldn’t she add fashion stylin’ as a service? Frankly, it’s a disservice not to.

Be open to your ideas and let the money flow.

No need for Draino, when you use your Braino.

It seems like this week, I’ve been especially busy with appointments – and looking ahead to the next ninety days. Psychologically we’ve been trained from the school model that Fall is a time of new beginnings, and along with the seasonal changes, the energy of autumn inspires us into action. This energy of opportunity, along with the release and the “power of goodbye” from last week has officially taken effect for me. I’m realizing that the Universe really does abhor a vacuum. And so, it’s interesting to note that prospects that I haven’t heard from in a while are resurfacing, new opportunities are knocking on my door, and clients are asking for specialty services that I’ve been thinking of offering. I’ve also been able to make the time to teach Reiki at night as a matter of paying it forward and fulfilling a promise I made to myself last year. Since I’m an entrepreneur who values freedom, I’m fortunate to find pockets of time during the day – and at night – where I can fit in activities that don’t include work (though I love it), coaching, networking, chores or paying bills. With an hour or two, and sometimes more, I have the freedom to choose what I’d like to do. For me, and for you – there are lots of choices, and I’ve been inclined as of late, to enjoy myself, and do things without rules or limits (we only limit ourselves). On my calendar: swing dancing, shopping in a new gourmet market, fitting in a wine sampling during the day and taking an afternoon break to just “rest” – without an ounce of guilt. More often than not, I don’t plan an activity for those free times. Sometimes, I’m in the mood to just sit and write in front of the fire or create a new radio station on Pandora. It’s very freeing to just decide what you’d like to do, without judgment. There will always be work to do. There will always be business to catch up on. And until our last day. there will always be time. It’s what we do with it that counts. There’s only now. If we have to refresh our computer, why don’t we refresh ourselves? I’m making a habit of it more often. Maybe you’d like to join me

Today I’m writing about the Power of Goodbye, and the courage it takes to give and receive this energy. One that triggers growth, and makes room for greater things in life to come to you, despite temporary challenges, and thoughts that things will never be the same. And frankly the fact that you will never be the same.

(Big sigh here) and a note to let you know that – that’s precisely correct.

As much as we can try to control our outcome, it’s a direction – and not a definite. When we realize and have faith in the fact that our path is part of the journey to where we want to go, do or be, it becomes easier for us. There’s no pushing involved, no forcing, no manipulation or “willing” something to happen.

Amazingly, I’ve found that if we don’t make changes when we need to, changes still happen anyway. Like it or not, we’ll be forced to deal with the outcome.

Goodbye isn’t always voluntary, but necessary for our growth. Our next step. A contribution that we might have been holding back. A gift we know deep in our hearts, but are afraid to act on. For reasons known, and sometimes buried.

With the change in season, the leaves turning color, and my new wood stove burning, I’ve taken some time to reflect on the Power of Goodbye, and the power as well to say Welcome.

The Power — and Courage — to say Bring it On.

I’m ready for the next step.

Are you?

Be grateful for both the challenges and the treasures. They are all here to teach us something.

It’s been a busy week here in Los Angeles, where I’ve been at a four day meeting for the “Millions Within.”

A couple hundred entrepreneurs, with businesses ranging from just the idea stage to seven figures got together to learn about being marketable and what’s stopping us from our greatest success. It was a powerhouse opportunity to learn, be humbled by our innermost desires and fears, inspired by passion, and the longing for great change.

It’s always enlightening to re-visit some of the roadblocks we have to becoming our greatest selves in business, and our highest selves to serve our life purpose. I am continually amazed at the high level of energy, commitment and intensity of entrepreneurs who want to make a difference – and find it fascinating to see who will give up when it becomes uncomfortable, and who will welcome being uncomfortable (or bring it on) because they know it’s the only way to grow. No “if’s”, “ands” or “but’s.”

For myself, growth is only possible by stretching beyond my greatest fears and limits, and facing what’s known as the “terror barrier,” an invisible stop sign that’s there to keep me safe. It’s a must to go beyond, and I cringe when I see or feel it coming. And before each breakthrough, there seems to be another roadblock, to keep me at my same level. No choice but to bust through.

Having a coach helps you get through these challenges and obstacles, and keeps you focused, in line with where you want to go, even if it’s terrifying, and you want to give up in the worst way. Trust me, I’ve been there.

The good news is you’ll know you have success when you have a result. It doesn’t have to be the end result. It’s the journey, not the destination, because in all reality, there is no finish line. It’s invisible. We make it up so we’ll feel better.

My circumstances and successes may be different than yours, but they’re no less important. My results are directly proportionate to my efforts, as are yours.

Think of that next time you want to give up because you’re tired, or frustrated, or angry because you need to alter your course – because success isn’t always easy.

Make your action count with a plan. Get the help you need, and don’t stop.

Success is right in front of you.

How nice to receive a gift in the mail from a dear friend and card with the following message:


Moments of gratitude come when you realize that you are given EXACTLY what you need in every moment and that the BIGGER PICTURE is not what is right in front of you now, but WHAT IS TO COME.

My thoughts?

Bring it on!

Have the courage to follow
your heart and your own intuition.

Today’s Words of Wisdom comes from Paul Martinelli’s daily quote. I resonate with it because it challenges some of the thinking we were brought up with. Did any of you hear the words, “Use your head!” when you were growing up?

I’ve used my head, I’ve used my heart, and I’ve used both. Truthfully, when I use my heart, I’m happiest – even if I’m not feeling courageous at the moment .

Your gut reaction is a non-verbal signal to take the time to listen.

If you’re quiet enough, there’s a message. Perhaps even a symphony — of ideas, possibility and solutions presented without an editor’s mark.

No red pencil allowed.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how good is good enough, and where you’re willing to draw the line to have the life or business you really want. Is it about having vision, intuition, or skill? Or could it be the courage and leap of faith to make a drastic cut to make room for what‘s coming? You can only decide what’s important and meaningful for what you truly want, and where you want to go. Not something that’s just OK. For now. Until something better comes along or in the meantime.

Do you ever get a feeling in the pit of your stomach when something’s not right – and you know it, but silently sigh and then catch yourself sighing? It’s interesting to stop and listen to what you say to innermost self, quietly when no one can hear. It’s amazing how we justify answers to questions that are tough, and sometimes teeter on the edge because there are positives in every situation or relationship – business or otherwise. The answers you’ll hear are not always true, but they can be safe. They protect you from harm in some way, and make the road easier to travel, and often, tolerable.

Is good enough, good enough? Depends on what’s important to you, and what you think you deserve.

It’s a Universal Law that nature abhors a vacuum, and where there is a void (and a desire) it must be filled.

Making the decision to make space can be terrifying.

Just as you can’t jam new clothes in a stuffed closet, you can’t bring someone new into your life if you’re busy every night of the week. Or, add new exciting clients to your roster, if you’ve got a handful of yucky ones who drain your time and energy.

For just a minute today, think about what you are settling with in your life. The future of your business? Getting rid of a toxic situation that you are so done with? Plans for bringing your company to a new level?

You know what’s important, and ultimately know where you want to go.

It’s powerful to make choices to change.

Thank you to Sarah Shaw for including the below post in her wonderful piece on What Do You Outsource First?

Be sure to read everyone’s suggestions at

Here’s my response to Sarah’s question:

One night, many moons ago, I realized as I was paying bills at 4:00am,that I hated accounting. I was also honest enough to admit I didn’t know enough about “behind the scenes” technology or on line graphics. I drove myself crazy with the “I’ve got to learn this ALL”! So,I gave it up. I hired a virtual bookkeeper, a wonderful VA, and a graphic artist to help so I could concentrate on my strengths. You can start a business by yourself, but you can’t grow it alone. Get the help you need to share your very best.

Many entrepreneurs have multiple income streams. A passive income, rental properties, dividends from profitable stocks. Even a second job, from time to time.

I tend to not put all my eggs in one basket, as it gets heavy, and can empty at a moment’s notice. My Dad, and other mentors would always caution me, and I, you, to keep your eyes open for opportunities that come to you, and fit in your life. That’s why I always keep my eyes open for a fun job,that’s easy and brings me joy.

Truth be told, sometimes, I get hired to be a costume character. I’m small, short, and have a chance to anonymously play with kids. I like it, and the pay. It gets me out of my thinking head, and into my playing head.It’s good for me to let loose, and mix it up. Laugh, and fool around,where it’s ok to be silly, all the time.

From time to time, you may get the opportunity to mix it up, for fun or profit.

Perhaps it’s risk taking, perhaps it not.

Bottomline, it can be freeing.