PR, marketing and communications company Robin Samora Inc. represented and promoted Comcast (Xfinity) at the Boston Wine Expo on February 16-17, 2013

Through its “Partner Promotions” division, Boston PR and communication company Robin Samora Inc. represented Comcast’s Xfinity brand at the Boston Wine Expo, which was held on February 16-17, 2013.

On behalf of Comcast, Robin Samora Inc.’s Partner Promotions team engaged Expo visitors with information and demonstrations of the leading brand’s full suite of broadband products, which include: TV, phone, high speed internet, and home security and automation products. The Partner Promotions team also supported Comcast in managing the appearance of celebrity chef Tiffani Faison, who was runner-up on the first season of Bravo’s “Top Chef.”

“We’re proud to be Comcast’s promotional partner for over decade,” commented Robin Samora. “They’re an ideal client of ours, because they’re innovative, visionary, and far ahead of the curve in a very competitive marketplace. And it was a delight to work with them and help promote the appearance of their celebrity talent, Tiffani Faison. The response was overwhelming and it was great to see so many fans turn out to take pictures and get autographs.”

Robin Samora Inc.’s Partner Promotions division offers brand ambassador marketing for top-tier talent and leading organizations, including Fortune 500 companies. Its mission is to create a deeper engagement with audiences via unique promotional experiences, and generate a positive, lasting impression that ultimately leads to more loyalty, leads, sales, mind share and market share.

“By far the most exciting and rewarding aspect of the work that our Partner Promotions division does for our clients is that we’re actually out there interacting directly with current and prospective consumers and influencers,” added Samora. “While back-end strategy, consulting and planning are integral components of what we do, there is no substitute for getting out there ‘on the ground’ and really making an intimate connection with target audiences.”

Prospective clients can learn more about Robin Samora Inc.’s Partner Promotions at:

They can also take advantage of the communication company’s complimentary 30-minute PR assessment to discover the strategies, tactics, tools and methods they need to: get noticed, generate results, and create a platform that brings more ideal clients to their door.

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About Robin Samora Inc.

Telling a story is personal. Sharing it is an art. Technology makes it global. Robin Samora Inc., a Boston based PR firm blends all three to take its clients’ businesses and brands to the next level. With clients like Comcast, WBZ-TV and Blue Man Group, and a roster of authors, entrepreneurs and experts nationwide, the firm prides itself on being a “Promotional GPS” that takes its clients’ brands where they want to go to be seen, heard, engaged and remembered. With over two decades of experience, the firm is as comfortable on major media highways as it is on out-of-the-way niche back roads.

We never know where the day will lead us, or the leads that will take us down the path of meeting new people and creating opportunities that may impact our lives, and our business.

As a member of ProfNet, a PR Newswire service, I get press leads that I respond to by reporters nationwide.  I respond to these leads for my two businesses, and  Both promote visibility in the marketplace; the first for Fortune 500 companies that want a big bold presence with Brand Ambassadors and Brand Educators, and the latter for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to get noticed, with traditional and non-traditional PR and promotions strategies.

One (of many) WWW Surprise(s) came when I found a hot lead for an Etiquette Expert and was unable to retrieve my database. I asked my best business buddy, Google for some help, and reached out on the great WWW to share an opportunity.  What would Google show me?

The answer was clear. Jodi Smith, from showed up with high rankings, and we corresponded by email over the course of a few months. As life would have it, she also lived in the same seaside town I would eventually move to.  When we met for coffee, I was not only blown away by her accomplishments and expert status, but we also shared a sense of entrepreneurial comradery.

As a fellowpreneur and great marketer, Jodi gave me a list of people who I should meet. She made a virtual introduction to the Director of PR and Communications at Salem State University, and shortly thereafter we met for breakfast.   That in turn lead me to new connections of interns and social media assistants, as well as an upcoming visit to the Enterprise Center, an incubator for new businesses that are growing stronger every day.

Taking a risk, making a phone call, breaking patterns, and just having conversations – it’s all about connections that may lead to surprises – in person, on the web, at networking events, on the street, or at an upcoming holiday party you may be attending.

Oh, there are great surprises out there. I’ve always loved the power of possibility.

How ‘bout you?

Behind every great man there’s a great woman.

Behind every great woman there’s a great man.

And behind every entrepreneur, there’s a great team – of even greater men and women who support the dream, work on the front lines and phone, out in the field and in the office — to keep the company going, the brand strong, and all the moving pieces and people in place, to run a business.

Such is the case with my team.

I’d like to thank all of my event managers and staff, retail brand ambassadors, assistants who live in different states and time zones, accountants and bookkeepers, writers, editors, designers, mentors, colleagues, PR support, IT help, photographers, and friends and family on my team and in my circle — who are there when it counts to not only grow the business, but my vision of what ‘getting out there in the marketplace’ really means, on a bigger scale, to make a difference.

Behind every entrepreneur, there’s also a client base of people and companies who believe in you, and give you their trust and permission to support them in their best light.

For both I am thankful, as together, we celebrate 10 years in business this October.

That’s something that takes more than just any team.

It takes my team and a roster of clients that make business fun, lasting and worthwhile.

Thank you for your friendship, support and business. It means the world to me.

I’m in the middle of planning a promotional campaign for my events company, Partner Promotions, and am always open to new ideas that are presented to me. Sometimes I find them (or they find me) in the least expected places. One such moment came on Saturday, as I was perusing the colorful fruit aisles at BJ’s.

Relaxed, and in my own world, I couldn’t help but notice the lush display of pineapples, which happened to be my Dad’s favorite fruit. Quickly, I was taken back to my younger years, watching my Dad carve the fruit into shapes that delighted me. The sweetness of the fruit and his artful presentation always brought me joy.

As my subconscious mind remembered the past, my conscious mind clicked into gear and remembered the pineapple as the international symbol of hospitality. At $1.99 each, my mind raced. The pineapple could not only be a unique promotional piece, but a sweet deal as well!

These lovely pineapples (with a fun and targeted companion printed piece) will most likely be my kick off promotional piece sent to PR agencies, Ad agencies or major companies that need “hospitality” at events. Golf tournaments, sports events, grand openings, trade shows, business expos or community initiatives. Let’s face it, hospitality is working with people. Putting your best foot forward with Brand Ambassadors who are meeters and greeters, spread goodwill, and welcome friends and prospects alike, who may one day be fans or buying customers.

Thinking out of the box and being authentic with your own message works.

That is, if you work it.

Your message to the core of who you are.

How sweet is that?

As many of you know, besides my business at Let’s Make You Shine, I have a promotions and events business called Partner Promotions Inc.

For the last ten years, we have promoted products and services in a very big way. We have wonderful brand ambassadors and reps who go into the marketplace and showcase the clients we represent, and also create and execute and events, according to a clients’ needs – and again – bring out their best! In case you’ve never knew that, take a look here.

The reason I bring this up is because one of my staff, Sharlene, is taking her dream job to be on what I call, “The Love Boat.” This past week, we had a small farewell get-together for her, and she came with some new “couch surfing” friends from here and abroad, some of whom were staying at her house. This young group, all in their young to late twenties, opened my eyes to what we may be missing in our own lives, by being totally focused on work, and not paying attention to making time for “fun.”

There were six of us, and I asked the question: “What does happiness mean to you?”

In no particular order, here’s what they said.

“Money and the ability it affords me to travel, and have freedom. Alignment with who you are. Friendship and support and nice weather in the Caribbean on the east side of an Espanola island. Freedom and travel. Doing your own thing to be yourself, to do what you want to do.”

Then, my colleague made this statement. “Happiness is different at different parts of your life. In your 20’s it’s one way, your 30’s and 40’s and so on. Each decade is different, but only you can decide.”

After that thought settled in, another friend and Couch Surfer told us one of his favorite quotes: “Happiness is only real when shared.” (Christopher McCandless)

On that, we raised our glasses, wished Sharlene a safe Bon Voyage, and celebrated our new friendships.

Share some happiness today.