PR, marketing and communications company Robin Samora Inc. represented and promoted Comcast (Xfinity) at the Boston Wine Expo on February 16-17, 2013

Through its “Partner Promotions” division, Boston PR and communication company Robin Samora Inc. represented Comcast’s Xfinity brand at the Boston Wine Expo, which was held on February 16-17, 2013.

On behalf of Comcast, Robin Samora Inc.’s Partner Promotions team engaged Expo visitors with information and demonstrations of the leading brand’s full suite of broadband products, which include: TV, phone, high speed internet, and home security and automation products. The Partner Promotions team also supported Comcast in managing the appearance of celebrity chef Tiffani Faison, who was runner-up on the first season of Bravo’s “Top Chef.”

“We’re proud to be Comcast’s promotional partner for over decade,” commented Robin Samora. “They’re an ideal client of ours, because they’re innovative, visionary, and far ahead of the curve in a very competitive marketplace. And it was a delight to work with them and help promote the appearance of their celebrity talent, Tiffani Faison. The response was overwhelming and it was great to see so many fans turn out to take pictures and get autographs.”

Robin Samora Inc.’s Partner Promotions division offers brand ambassador marketing for top-tier talent and leading organizations, including Fortune 500 companies. Its mission is to create a deeper engagement with audiences via unique promotional experiences, and generate a positive, lasting impression that ultimately leads to more loyalty, leads, sales, mind share and market share.

“By far the most exciting and rewarding aspect of the work that our Partner Promotions division does for our clients is that we’re actually out there interacting directly with current and prospective consumers and influencers,” added Samora. “While back-end strategy, consulting and planning are integral components of what we do, there is no substitute for getting out there ‘on the ground’ and really making an intimate connection with target audiences.”

Prospective clients can learn more about Robin Samora Inc.’s Partner Promotions at:

They can also take advantage of the communication company’s complimentary 30-minute PR assessment to discover the strategies, tactics, tools and methods they need to: get noticed, generate results, and create a platform that brings more ideal clients to their door.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Robin Samora at (617) 921-3448 or visit

About Robin Samora Inc.

Telling a story is personal. Sharing it is an art. Technology makes it global. Robin Samora Inc., a Boston based PR firm blends all three to take its clients’ businesses and brands to the next level. With clients like Comcast, WBZ-TV and Blue Man Group, and a roster of authors, entrepreneurs and experts nationwide, the firm prides itself on being a “Promotional GPS” that takes its clients’ brands where they want to go to be seen, heard, engaged and remembered. With over two decades of experience, the firm is as comfortable on major media highways as it is on out-of-the-way niche back roads.

Robin Samora Inc., a Massachusetts-based communications company, has expanded its services to help its growing roster of expert-turned-author clients place their books in front of people who matter and make decisions.

Communications company Robin Samora Inc. has expanded in order to provide expert authors the same cost-effective, results-based PR, marketing and coaching services that it has successfully delivered to Fortune 500 businesses for decades.

“In a crowded marketplace, experts of all stripes – from financial gurus to health specialists and everyone in between – are discovering that handing out a business card is basically an invitation to be forgotten,” commented Robin Samora, principal of Robin Samora Inc. “And even having a great website and glowing testimonials just isn’t enough to stay on the radar screen. Having a book changes everything. It doesn’t just open doors – it knocks down walls. Our new, expanded services allow us to place our clients and their books in front of people who matter and make decisions.”

Some of the expanded services that Robin Samora Inc. is now offering its roster of expert-turned-author clients, such as Business Relationship Specialist Shari Harley and Legal Business Development and Marketing Expert Julie Fleming, include:

* Public Relations/Promotions
* Event and Promotions Strategy and Execution
* Brand Training and Development
* Assessment and Evaluation
* Editorial Timing and Planning
* Media Kit Review and Creation
* Press Release writing and distribution
* Signature Speech Development
* Public Relations Campaigns
* Visibility Strategies

Clients can also connect directly with Robin Samora for VIP Coaching that provides them with the strategies, tactics, tools and methods they need to get noticed, generate results, and create a platform that brings more of their ideal clients to their door.

For interviews and all other media inquiries, contact Robin Samora at (617) 921-3448 or visit

About Robin Samora Inc.

Telling a story is personal. Sharing it is an art. Technology makes it global. Robin Samora Inc., a Boston based PR firm blends all three to take its clients’ businesses and brands to the next level. With clients like Comcast, WBZ-TV and Blue Man Group, and a roster of authors, entrepreneurs and experts nationwide, the firm prides itself on being a “Promotional GPS” that takes its clients’ brands where they want to go to be seen, heard, engaged and remembered. With over two decades of experience, the firm is as comfortable on major media highways as it is on out-of-the-way niche back roads.

Have a style that’s part of your brand? Make sure that when you attend a business event or function, or even meet with a new prospect that you’re dressed to make an impression. Wrinkled clothes say you don’t care. Hems falling down show lack of attention. Look put together and most importantly, feel all together. It makes a difference in how you present yourself, and how others perceive you. It’s all part of your personal brand. Make it count.

It’s winter here in New England and sometimes it’s more than just darn cold. It’s funny how the weather can influence your decisions more than your brain, and hold you back from doing what you want to do, personally, and in business.

Mind over matter prevails in instances like this, and I make it a point to ‘shake it up’ and ‘get on out’ to re-energize my spirit and follow through on keeping my lifestyle fun and active, and my business on target so weather won’t make decisions for me and prevent me from meeting my goals.

Here are five (5) thoughts:

  1. Attend at least two new business events this month. Pick a group that’s on the fringe of your target audience and focus on meeting at least one new person who may become an ally or supporter of your business. There’s no end goal here, just be open to who shows up. There’s always a reason for your connection and like picking a new destination for vacation, there are hidden benefits to exploring new territories.
  2. Add one fun activity per week to your calendar. We often are so busy with work that we don’t make time for joy. Whether you love to dance, cook, sing or participate in a book club, it’s important to incorporate pleasure into your life. This holds true year-round, not just when ‘weather’ prevails. Really, what makes you happy? Do it.
  3. Work out at the gym. Consider joining classes instead of a solo workout. The camaraderie of others and energy of a group can be beneficial to your mood, and leave you feeling more uplifted than just being by yourself. I’ve always believed that a positive attitude is contagious and it shouldn’t be surprising that you’ll not only become friendlier, but others will be friendlier towards you.
  4. Invite company to your home. Some of us tend to be hermits during the cold winter months, and hibernating becomes a way of life. It’s easy. It’s cold. Pick up the phone, and have an impromptu potluck dinner, or ask friends over just because. Engagement is key to feeling vibrant and full of life, and laughter is the best medicine. Watch a funny movie. Kick off your shoes and enjoy downtime with friends. Laugh and play makes a wonderful day.
  5. Go outdoors, even if it seems counter intuitive. Bundle up baby. Get your blood moving and brave the elements. Dress with a layer or two, and feel the rosy glow of the cold. I’m not asking you to freeze to death, just get some fresh air. Your Mom might have told you the same thing, and she was right, right?

Nature in all of its seasons is beautiful. Enjoy it all, every day.

We never know where the day will lead us, or the leads that will take us down the path of meeting new people and creating opportunities that may impact our lives, and our business.

As a member of ProfNet, a PR Newswire service, I get press leads that I respond to by reporters nationwide.  I respond to these leads for my two businesses, and  Both promote visibility in the marketplace; the first for Fortune 500 companies that want a big bold presence with Brand Ambassadors and Brand Educators, and the latter for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to get noticed, with traditional and non-traditional PR and promotions strategies.

One (of many) WWW Surprise(s) came when I found a hot lead for an Etiquette Expert and was unable to retrieve my database. I asked my best business buddy, Google for some help, and reached out on the great WWW to share an opportunity.  What would Google show me?

The answer was clear. Jodi Smith, from showed up with high rankings, and we corresponded by email over the course of a few months. As life would have it, she also lived in the same seaside town I would eventually move to.  When we met for coffee, I was not only blown away by her accomplishments and expert status, but we also shared a sense of entrepreneurial comradery.

As a fellowpreneur and great marketer, Jodi gave me a list of people who I should meet. She made a virtual introduction to the Director of PR and Communications at Salem State University, and shortly thereafter we met for breakfast.   That in turn lead me to new connections of interns and social media assistants, as well as an upcoming visit to the Enterprise Center, an incubator for new businesses that are growing stronger every day.

Taking a risk, making a phone call, breaking patterns, and just having conversations – it’s all about connections that may lead to surprises – in person, on the web, at networking events, on the street, or at an upcoming holiday party you may be attending.

Oh, there are great surprises out there. I’ve always loved the power of possibility.

How ‘bout you?

It’s always rewarding to see your clients get the attention they deserve, especially when they have a message to share that makes a difference.

Meet Mr. Mojo, one of my newer client’s and America’s Anti-Bully Coach. He’s been featured as an MTV Made Coach and asks students, parents and educators to Mojo Up! and say no to bullying in a big bold way.

Mr. Mojo travels the country on his Anti-Bully Tour visiting 300,000 students a year, and asked me to help him get on TV, since October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

Here’s a picture of Mr. Mojo yesterday on KNBC Live in Los Angeles. He sent me this photo by text, and I realized the power of the pitch, the intent behind it, and the message — to stop bullying. At one point in our lives, we’ve all been bullied; as kids, teens and even adults. The facts on bullying would astound you, and it’s just not right.

If I could pick a favorite client to work with or people to share time with, it’s those that want to give back to make this a better world.

You Go, Mr. Mojo! I have an interview lined up at FOX 25 in Boston, when you come back East.

Behind every great man there’s a great woman.

Behind every great woman there’s a great man.

And behind every entrepreneur, there’s a great team – of even greater men and women who support the dream, work on the front lines and phone, out in the field and in the office — to keep the company going, the brand strong, and all the moving pieces and people in place, to run a business.

Such is the case with my team.

I’d like to thank all of my event managers and staff, retail brand ambassadors, assistants who live in different states and time zones, accountants and bookkeepers, writers, editors, designers, mentors, colleagues, PR support, IT help, photographers, and friends and family on my team and in my circle — who are there when it counts to not only grow the business, but my vision of what ‘getting out there in the marketplace’ really means, on a bigger scale, to make a difference.

Behind every entrepreneur, there’s also a client base of people and companies who believe in you, and give you their trust and permission to support them in their best light.

For both I am thankful, as together, we celebrate 10 years in business this October.

That’s something that takes more than just any team.

It takes my team and a roster of clients that make business fun, lasting and worthwhile.

Thank you for your friendship, support and business. It means the world to me.

It’s been a whirlwind of a month, with two of my family – three if you count a waggy tail, moving. Change and new beginnings come for many of us in September –sometimes like the wind. I remind myself and my clients, that the Chinese symbol for challenge and opportunity is the same. Perhaps fear and excitement may be opposite sides of the same coin as well. I prefer to be excited, rather than fearful, and to expect the unexpected!

With the recent change, I’ve been lucky to be spending more time at my lake house, and enjoying uninterrupted time here on the island with the freedom and flexibility I so cherish, helping clients with their business and PR strategy, visibility (and profitability) in the marketplace. It’s also been the busiest month of the year with my promotions business,, with over 80 street team events in 21 days for a Fortune 100 client.

I’ve been writing more as well, and have been featured on a few different marketing blogs and articles – one of which is here, an interview with – “You are your business, so rock it”.

There will be more changes to come, as we also combine the Let’s Make You Shine and Partner Promotions brands this Fall. It’s an especially exciting project, as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary in the promotions business.  We’re now working with entrepreneurs and small businesses – as well as bigger brands like Xfinity and Blue Man Group to expand their brands. It’s very clear that the same promotion principles of marketing apply; execution and fulfillment may just be different.

I’m on island time till October 1 – so feel free to call or email me if you have a marketing or PR question, or want to discuss an idea.

I just love September, you?

PS – Please click here and listen to Annette Naif, my Guest Expert on the Let’s Make You Shine Interview series.  Annette is a premier Event Planner, and Founder and Co-Chairman of the Event Planners Association for the New York City Chapter.   She produces upscale, seamless events nationwide, and the scope of her work include conferences, retreats, tours, incentive programs, sales meetings, galas, as well as parties – for a fun crowd.

Annette’s upbeat energy and bold passion for her work is her legendary trademark recognized by many of her clients throughout her career; Sebastian International, Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Lakeshore Entertainment, Loeb & Loeb, Tamares Real Estate, MetLife and many others.

As seen at M.O. What’s Yours

MO: What influenced your decision to use your expertise in specifically helping entrepreneurs?

Robin: I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a little girl, selling potholders on my bike and Girl Scout cookies door to door. Both of my parents were also entrepreneurs, so it was natural for me to think about business, and we talked about it all the time. I didn’t realize how much I could help the small business owner until I looked at my own experience helping major Fortune 500 corporations expand their brands, to get attention. I realized the ideas and principles were the same, only on a smaller scale. I love the fact that the entrepreneur has a dream, a vision, and passion to make it happen. This excited me because I could use my experience and creativity to help them succeed, and feel the impact personally.

MO: What are some tips for a new business looking to expand their brand and increase visibility in a crowded marketplace?

Robin: This could be a half day seminar – but here are some thoughts! First, above all — you are your brand. Let people know who you are, and get out in the marketplace. Get out from your computer. Be comfortable with promoting yourself, everywhere you go. Attend networking events, have a non-traditional approach to meeting people, and be open to try new strategies for connecting. Engage in social media just 30 minutes a day. Make (Help a Reporter Out) your best friend to get press mentions. Write articles for industry journals, and a blog to increase your SEO. Get a feature story in your local paper, set up open office hours at a coffee shop and use a laptop ad to promote your business. Show your expertise any way you can and don’t be embarrassed to promote yourself. Your main business should be getting your name out there in business, and in your community. This will give you a competitive advantage. Be consistent, make the time to expand your brand, and be true to who you are. Love yourself, love your business!

MO: Can you provide some advice that entrepreneurs can gain credibility and PR as an expert in their field?

Robin: My advice to gain credibility as an expert is to be proactive and seek out opportunities to get press, and be featured as an expert. The internet is your oyster. Be a guest blogger, be interviewed on Blog Talk radio, answer questions in business journals, get speaking gigs about your expert topic — even if you’re speaking to a small audience. Lead a panel, share the platform on a webinar, be a guest on a teleseminar series, post on other people’s blogs as an expert. Teach a class. Take all of your press mentions, and everything you’ve done and include it on your website, and link it to your social media accounts. The bigger your footprint, the more you will be recognized. The added bonus is that you become more confident, and believe in yourself as the expert you really are.

MO: What inspired you to create the, Let’s Make You Shine Fund, which empowers young women with a gift, to further their education? What kind of impact have you seen the fund make so far?

Robin: This is my inaugural year with the Let’s Make You Shine Fund. I’ve always believed that we all have gifts, and when you give back and share, you get so much. My first recipient will be using her scholarship to attend Holy Cross College. She was an exceptional candidate, and her plans are to study medicine. My only request is that she, and all others who are recipients, pay it forward at some point in their lives. If each one of us shares their gifts and pays it forward what a better world this will be.

MO: What are some examples that you help your clients be big and bold for getting the best results? Not sure I understand this – but here goes

Robin: I like to co-create opportunity and visibility plans with my clients and listen to their hopes and dreams for their business. We look at where they are, where they want to go, and where they’d like to be noticed. We’re all so busy in our own world that we sometimes can’t see the forest through the trees. My passion is to take my client’s vision, show them a path and ideas on how to meet their goals and objectives. Then it’s all about inspired action to get results.

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

Robin: I’m working now on developing a plan to help entrepreneurs get more media coverage. It’s exciting , and a great opportunity to build my own brand. Everyone deserves to shine.

By Victoria Stagg Elliott, amednews staff. Posted Sept. 10, 2012

Online marketing strategies are important, but experts on marketing medical practices say it takes more than a virtual presence to persuade people to visit a particular physician and tell friends and family to do the same. Practices may have to use some good, old-fashioned paper, metal or plastic to get out various messages.

“Patients are seeing 10,000 messages a day,” said Steven V. Dubin, president of PR Works in Kingston, Mass., who works with medical practices “If you want yours to break through the clutter, you need to make sure it’s high-impact and in different forms.”

Such marketing efforts do not have to consume large amounts of money or staff time. Actually, some of these six quick and cheap ways to get the message out are deceptively simple.

1. “Open to new patients” sign. A physician’s current patients may be his or her biggest fans, but they may not know the practice has room for more. A sign in the waiting room saying something along the lines of “Your referrals are among the highest forms of flattery” or “We are accepting referrals at this time. We appreciate recommendations to your friends, family and co-workers,” may persuade current patients to help spread the word.

“A lot of people won’t think of referring until you ask them to,” said Robin Samora, founder and president of Let’s Make You Shine, Business and PR Strategy, a public relations firm in Boston. “You need to tell them you have an opening in the practice.”

The sign should be professionally created out of metal or plastic. Handwritten signage can look tacky and be a turnoff, public relations experts said.

2. Tchotchkes. Another suggestion from experts on marketing medical practices is to offer an item that is appropriate for the practice and that patients would like to use. For example, a pediatric practice could give children silicone wristbands to promote awareness of various health-related causes. Calendars and magnets with the practice’s name and address may work. Practices encouraging physical fitness may do well handing out branded pedometers.

“Practices need to consider their target market and how they are going to reach them,” Samora said.

These tchotchkes may serve as reminders to current patients about the practice, but others also might see the information. For example, a refrigerator magnet may be an easy way for a patient to find a practice’s phone number, but it also could be noticed by visitors.

3. Office open house. Depending on the type of practice, an open house could show established patients that they are appreciated and introduce the office to potential patients. The open house may include an educational component, such as a brief presentation by a physician, or minor health screenings, such as blood pressure checks by other office staff. Or it may be a chance for patients to sit down casually with a physician to discuss philosophy of care. An open house also many be an opportunity for a practice to show off a redesign or new equipment.

“This can be a learning opportunity for both parties,” Samora said. “Patients get to ask questions, and physicians learn what the common questions are.”

These events can be promoted through communication with patients who are asked to invite friends and relatives.

4. Public speaking event. Community organizations usually are looking for speakers, which means opportunities for physicians to talk about their areas of expertise. This, in turn, can make the practice more attractive to current patients and bring in new ones. Marketing experts advocate talking to audiences who mirror the kind of patients the practice is hoping to attract.

“Give your knowledge away,” said Rina Shah, principal and founder of Rilax Strategies, a communications consultancy based in Washington. “What you know about medicine and wellness is interesting and valuable to others. Offer to speak at local health expos, to women’s groups or business clubs on a topic related to public health. You will gain valuable exposure.”

5. “Buck slip.” A billing statement can do more than ask for money. It can include a “buck slip,” or dollar-sized piece of paper with information about the practice, available services, honors the physician may have received recently and requests for referrals.

“You’re already sending out the piece of mail,” Dubin said. “You might as well take advantage of that.”

These may be created simply and cheaply on office word processing software and then photocopied and cut to size. Or they can be more complicated and glossy if ordered from an online printing house for about $100 per 500.

6. “We miss you” mailing or phone call. Attracting patients to a practice is sometimes less about persuading new ones to come in but more about reminding established ones to return. Patients who have not had contact with the practice for a certain amount of time can be mailed a letter or called by staffers. Some patients may have moved or gone through other changes that mean that it is more appropriate to go elsewhere. Or visiting a doctor may have just slipped their minds.

“People are busy and have lives that are moving at a million miles a minute,” Shah said. “It’s important to get them to think of your practice.”

Experts on marketing medical practices say these efforts should fit in with a plan that includes virtual as well as real-world strategies. All messages should be consistent and suit the practice.

Elliott covers practice management issues. She can be reached at 312-464-5577 or by email (