Free PR Assessment

Robin Samora Inc. is now offering complimentary PR assessment sessions for a limited time.

The 30-minute telephone assessment sessions, which are offered on a “first come, first served” basis, are personally led by Robin Samora, a recognized authority on creating fresh and engaging marketing and PR campaigns that connect brands, consumers and the media.

Through our Partner Promotions Inc. and Let’s Make You Shine divisions,
we can now offer our clients – whether they’re Fortune 500 enterprises,
success-minded business owners or expert authors — the best of both worlds.

With Partner Promotions, we help them achieve a deeper engagement with their audience, and with Let’s Make You Shine, we make their brands more visible. It’s complete, comprehensive support and leadership that helps our clients boost their credibility, mind share, competitive advantage, volume of quality leads and, of course, revenues, sales and profits.”

Professionals who take advantage of the PR assessment sessions will be provided with “straight talk” that helps them identify where they are now, where they want to go, and why they want to get there.

The assessment sessions are a bit like a hot seat call,
and so professionals should be prepared to be frank and take plenty of notes.
At the same time, it’s interactive, progressive and fun.
I see my role as a PR light bulb that flicks on for 30 minutes,
and illuminates the landscape so
they can see new PR opportunities –
and potential threats – with renewed clarity.

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