Ever since I was a kid, Thanksgiving reminded me of a happy time when families got together in the spirit of giving thanks.  It wasn’t a Hallmark® holiday, it was real life. We each were at a different place but connected wherever we were, and that happened to be at the kitchen table.
Life seems to be more complicated now, or maybe I see it through a different lens.  It’s still rosy if you choose that that color. I’m an eternal optimist.
I’d like to share a piece I wrote for my Gratitude Workshop, 50 Ways to Be Thankful and Show Random Acts of Kindness. It’s a reminder that being thankful begins at home.
When you think of having an Attitude of Gratitude, consider this. Being thankful comes from the head, being grateful comes from the soul.
May you enjoy holiday blessings today and always.

All I have to do is look out my window and see a garden that is full of potential, without much help from yard workers. You see, left in its natural state, a flower will bloom without much encouragement as long as the environment is cooperative, and it’s not held back.

So are we, full of life and potential until we’re held back – by what we think are outside forces, but are actually inside forces – fear, doubt and worry. “I’m not good enough, smart enough, I don’t have the time to do it right, what will others think of me”, and on and on the list goes.

Today, we’re weeding early in the season so there will be nothing holding the flowers or you back from your beauty or greatness. Because in truth, we all are great and have unique gifts to share. No one flower is the same, and how boring would it be if every bouquet were the same!

I once took offense to being different, and carried on as a teenager when my BFF told me ‘when they made you, they threw away the mold.” I felt as if something were wrong with me, rather than celebrating my uniqueness. Now I know better so I can help others and share with you:

3 Ways to Blossom So You’re Awesome

1) IDGAF – It’s an acronym for ‘I don’t give a &^%&’. One of my dearest mentors taught me this, and although I was a little shocked hearing it come out of his mouth, I got it. What I find more interesting is that far wiser people than me have coined it, IDGAF, which tells me that they have the courage to be themselves and live their truth. When you live someone else’s truth, you forget who you are. IDGAF has color and personality and can be expressed appropriately in multiple ways in your personal and business life – kindly, boldly, passionately and quietly. When it pops up, take notice then decide how to communicate. Use IDGAF as a meter.

2) It’s wonderful that you’re blessed, but are you a blessing? I heard this on the radio as I woke up this morning. Somewhat groggy, I tuned in a little more closely. It’s fantastic that the world has given you so much and you are grateful. The question is, are you sharing that (your gift) not only in your work, but in your everyday life? Start the habit and watch not only your personal work blossom, but your career too. Don’t be surprised when opportunities seem to come to you more readily. Remember how the floodgates open.

3) Use your gut. We are so conditioned to use our head to make big decisions that we don’t listen to our intuition, one of the most guiding indicators of if we’re on track or not. My thought is that when we check in with what’s right, we’ll never go wrong. Perhaps it’s that I’ve lived a full life, had my share of ups and downs and can see things more clearly. When I reflect upon those tumultuous times when I didn’t use my gut, things didn’t turn out so well. We wait, when sometimes we should run. Listen to your inner music.

Blossoming will happen when you marry your inner most with your outer most. Your intentions with your desires. It’s a natural expression of who you are and a DNA-able blend of your greatness. If you like yourself, fantastic. If you love yourself, even better. Loving yourself is the first step in having others love you!

In business, PR, marketing, sales or any field where you share your thoughts, ideas and strategy, it’s the blossoming of your personal brand – who you are, your message, and clarity. Are you vibrant and growing, or is your season done?

Everyone wants to work with someone awesome – why wouldn’t it be you?


If ‘IDGAF’ had a color, what would yours be?

Do you prefer random acts of kindness, or are you strategic in your blessings?

My gut has saved my life. Has yours? Do tell!

RSI SlamdunkMarch Madness in basketball doesn’t have to mean madness in your own self-promotion or in your business. In fact, madness with the right intention and mindset can become a positive energy to get things done in a quick and efficient way, especially if you have a plan. Your plan  doesn’t have to be complicated or color coded, but there is one secret – you have to get off the sideline, and make a move.

Here’s my take on March Madness and How to Slam Dunk Your PR:

  1. Keep your eye on the ball. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. It’s distracting and throws you off guard. Think about the big picture and your role to ‘get er’ done. During times of madness (the crazy kind) we lose our vision and clarity. Stay in the moment and be the best you can be.
  2. Stop Dribbling. If you want to get somewhere, you’ll need a road map for sure, but there’s no time like now to take bold action. There’s plenty of time for course correction along the way. The go for it, pause, go for it, pause tempo gives you action and an opportunity for reflection. Liken the pauses to a short time out!
  3. Motivation to succeed is an inside job. You can hear it, you can feel it, but it’s only you who can make the decision to take action. Success is the result of getting off the couch or from behind the computer and doing what you hate to do, but need to do. A mentor of mine tells me (often) to do what I hate first thing in the morning.  Once it’s done, there’s relief.  Procrastination is a silent killer.
  4. The tallest person isn’t always the best player. Each one of us is blessed with a set of skills, and none of us are fantastic at everything. (Sorry, honey) Share the blessings of your collective team and make the most of it. I don’t know many who won’t offer their best game, when it’s their best skill. If they’re not playing full out, blow the whistle. You want everyone on board if you’re going places.
  5. You have to be in it to win it. Want to score? You have to be in the game, ready for action. That’s not to say you have to be ‘in it’ 24/7. But, when the iron’s hot, the iron’s hot. Work like the dickens, and then dance like there’s no tomorrow.


How do you keep your eye on the ball with madness all around you? Take a walk in the morning to clear your head? Work from a quiet restaurant in the middle of the day?

What’s your best tempo for work? Calendaring your time? Setting a timer?

Have you developed a reward system for yourself after a job well done? Do tell!

It’s been a whirlwind of a few months — moving from my lake house to a new home and stepping up to the plate to speak on stage at various events across the country.

In the moving process, I kept a suitcase of clothes in my trunk, which I wore often. My wardrobe was simple. Everything mixed and matched, and besides having a bathing suit and a LBD on hand, I felt like a stewardess. The only thing was, I wasn’t sure of my final destination.

Not having a home base (or knowing where you’ll live) is unsettling, but powerful if you’re able to channel the lessons it teaches you:

  • You control your thoughts, so if you want to go down the crazy path, it’s your choice.
  • You can run a business with your phone, laptop, wireless internet connection and a supportive team. In fact, you can have your best month ever.
  • You can find out quickly who your friends are, and who’ll give you what you need, when you need it, and, do it with love. They will cook for you, care for you, listen to you and be there – even iron your outfit to get you through the tough times.
  • You will realize that although this seems like hell, there are far worse times, and we are fortunate to have so many blessings.
  • You can muster up all your courage, get on a plane, meet a room full of strangers and tell them how important it is to celebrate your gifts, because during these tough times they only get stronger.

The reason I tell you this is because if you’ve been having hard times, there are always better times. And they begin with shifting your paradigm — to living from your vision, not to your vision.

Creating yourself, not finding yourself.

It’s not always easy, but who said the journey didn’t have bumps in the road.

Blazing the trail, and settled – finally.

PS – I will be sponsoring Christine Gallagher’s She’s Got Clients event in Mt Laurel, NJ next week, November 11 – 13. If you’d like complimentary tickets, please email me here. It will be an information packed 3 day event on how to target clients on-line and maximize your income.

It’s hard to believe that the Holidays are here and in full swing. Friends of mine are enjoying the love and light of Hanukkah, and my family is getting ready for Christmas.

Each year the holiday season is a little different. One of my daughter’s is almost through with college at Tulane, and the other is celebrating a new job in internet marketing and traveling internationally. How fun, and how time flies! Mama bird aka Rockin’ Robin, loves to see them happy and fulfilling their own dreams!

As 2011 winds down, I know that many of you (including myself) are thinking about our own dreams, and how we’re going to Rock It In 2012.

Here’s an interview I had with my friend and colleague, Bryn Johnson, exactly on that topic. Click below to hear it!

Rock It In 2012

I hope this interview will help you think about new ways to boost your business, change things up, promote differently and be “all in” for the New Year.

I find that being open to accept change creates a pathway for better things to come. And, when you expect better things to come, they usually do.

A colleague of mine recently said, “keep your easy chair open, Robin”. I wasn’t sure what she meant at first, but the more I thought about it, I understood. It gave me permission to get rid of the old and be fine with it. To be open to new ideas, people and opportunities that “by chance” fall into your lap. To delight in a series of new surprises.

I hope all of life’s blessings come to you in your Easy Chair this Holiday Season, and always.

For today. For my family. For my health. For my community.

Thank you for being a part of the Let’s Make You Shine community and allowing me to express my hopes, dreams and desires, and perhaps impact you in the smallest of ways — to make a difference in your life, and in the world.

We all have so much to give.

Thanksgiving Blessings to everyone.

I’m a strong believer in giving back, even in ways that may seem somewhat offbeat or unrelated to the casual observer.

Case in point. This month, I’ve had the pleasure of sponsoring a 4-week Self-Defense program for women in my community, and worked closely with both my local hospital and Police Department to make it happen. An odd partnership you may think, if you look at this from straight on. But from my viewpoint, Let’s Make You Shine and this course did have one thing in common: empowering women, in a big way.

Week two, and the softest spoken women, the most unexpected teenagers, and fellow sisters who could have been your “aunties” or neighbors, have risen to the challenge of putting power in their punch, exercising their vocal chords, and bonding with a group of strangers preparing to defend their most valuable asset, themselves. They parried and blocked, without fear, and celebrated with a sense of dignity and accomplishment, that they can be powerful, even at 5’2.

Financial advisors may tell you to invest in the stock market, big pharmas or natural gas, but I remember advice with impact, from about five years ago.  “Invest in you” was the message. And, it was loud and clear – so I took the time to invest as well as protect me, in many facets of my life.

Four police officers and twenty-five women are a part of the Let’s Make You Shine RAD Self Defense program this November and December. RAD is a series of stances, “ready commands” and information that every woman should know, regardless of her age, so she can feel safe, and live in her fullest power.

This same inner strength, coupled with focused action and advanced technique is similar in many ways to how an entrepreneur might navigate a business.

The power of a punch, and where your energy is focused. The power of thinking on your feet, and  making it through unexpected challenges. The power of being prepared, and letting no one interfere with where you want to go, be, do or have.

There are no guarantees in life, but I like knowing that I’ve got what it takes to live a big, full life, and that no one’s going to stop me.

For me, empowering women, children, or a troubled friend is just the right thing to do. And what a bonus it is, when your community supports you. Easy.  Just as life should be.

A huge thank you to all of my communities, near and far, for your unwavering support. Stay safe on your travels, and enjoy the blessings of Thanksgiving.

Sometimes you’re unaware of the gifts you’ve been given, or the potential of who you are to become (but don’t know that yet) and the possibilities of an eye, other than your own, to notice greatness busting at the seam.

I’m up in Maine for my last few days of skiing this season, and had the pleasure of meeting a new friend, Eric, who is one of the most compassionate and humble men I have ever met.

Eric has devoted most of his adult life to working with children in private school and also has a passion for sports. Currently, he is a professional umpire for baseball, soccer and basketball – and particularly loves “umping” the middle age school group. “They’re open, eager, and willing to listen”, he told me, and I believe they bring him great joy.

Last night, Eric told me stories that would warm anyone’s heart about his love of sports, but also stories about kids “on the field” and his involvement in their lives during his umpiring career.

While we relaxed, we talked about his life, and possible next steps for his life in transition. I asked if he liked to write. “I don’t”, he said. “That’s not the question”, I commented. “Do you like to write?” “I like it very much,” was his final answer, “but, it’s been years.”

What followed next between a humble umpire and a new friend/professional coach was an energetic connection of possibility and reaffirmation of potential using the gifts, experience, talent and blessings of a wonderful man, with a heart and message that would make an impact to children and parents across the globe. Teaching moments told from the point of a friend, umpire, observer and life expert.

I suggested that Eric may want to write a book for the children he loved. He was already a Dad with two grown boys. But, it was clear – totally clear to me –  that this man had something to say about his passion of sports which was his “passion,” but also about integrity, follow through, intention and The Golden Rule. Perhaps he could write about how the “game on the field” interacts, and is ruled by the “inner game.”

Eric gave me a big hug when he finished our talk. His life right now is isn’t the way he imagined it to be, but we often limit our imagination by “staying in the in-field”, because it’s where we need to be at the time, or we’re there because life has somehow chipped away at our dreams.

My advice to Eric? What about your Field of Dreams? Hit it out of the park, my friend.

You’ve got a best seller in the dugout, but – only you can dig it out.

I’d like to stand as a witness and mentor for his growth, and yours.