Robin Samora Inc.’s marketing and branding division Let’s Make You Shine is funding a scholarship to enable three women to attend the “Mom Gets a Business Conference,” which will take place on April 26 in New York City.

Boston-based branding, promotions and PR company Robin Samora Inc. announced today that it is funding a scholarship in partnership with the upcoming “Mom Gets a Business Conference,” which will take place on April 26 in New York City.

Robin Samora Inc.’s scholarship will be awarded via the company’s marketing and branding divison “Let’s Make You Shine,” and will enable three women to attend the conference who, due to financial reasons, would otherwise be unable to go.

“As an entrepreneur and a mother who has successfully built an established branding, promotions and PR company with a national reach – and raised two amazing kids along the way — I know all about the challenges of balancing career aims, personal goals, and the countless responsibilities of being a mom,” commented Robin Samora Inc.’s principal Robin Samora. “It’s an honor to help three deserving women attend the Mom Gets a Business Conference, and enable them to access advice, insight and knowledge that will turn their woman-owned business dreams into a reality – one that aligns with their role as a great mom, rather than competes with it.”

“We’re proud to showcase Robin Samora Inc. as an organization that supports women as they endeavor to improve their life and create freedom and financial stability, while honoring their goals as individuals and mothers,” commented Patty Lennon, founder of the Mom Gets a Business Conference, which will be held on April 26 at the 3 West Club, on 3 West 51st Street in New York City.

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About Robin Samora Inc.

Telling a story is personal. Sharing it is an art. Technology makes it global. Robin Samora Inc., a Boston based branding, promotions and PR company blends all three to take its clients’ businesses and brands to the next level. With clients like Comcast, WBZ-TV and Blue Man Group, and a roster of authors, entrepreneurs and experts nationwide, the firm prides itself on being a “Promotional GPS” that takes its clients’ brands where they want to go to be seen, heard, engaged and remembered. With over two decades
of experience, the firm is as comfortable on major media highways as it is on out-of-the-way niche back roads.

It’s winter here in New England and sometimes it’s more than just darn cold. It’s funny how the weather can influence your decisions more than your brain, and hold you back from doing what you want to do, personally, and in business.

Mind over matter prevails in instances like this, and I make it a point to ‘shake it up’ and ‘get on out’ to re-energize my spirit and follow through on keeping my lifestyle fun and active, and my business on target so weather won’t make decisions for me and prevent me from meeting my goals.

Here are five (5) thoughts:

  1. Attend at least two new business events this month. Pick a group that’s on the fringe of your target audience and focus on meeting at least one new person who may become an ally or supporter of your business. There’s no end goal here, just be open to who shows up. There’s always a reason for your connection and like picking a new destination for vacation, there are hidden benefits to exploring new territories.
  2. Add one fun activity per week to your calendar. We often are so busy with work that we don’t make time for joy. Whether you love to dance, cook, sing or participate in a book club, it’s important to incorporate pleasure into your life. This holds true year-round, not just when ‘weather’ prevails. Really, what makes you happy? Do it.
  3. Work out at the gym. Consider joining classes instead of a solo workout. The camaraderie of others and energy of a group can be beneficial to your mood, and leave you feeling more uplifted than just being by yourself. I’ve always believed that a positive attitude is contagious and it shouldn’t be surprising that you’ll not only become friendlier, but others will be friendlier towards you.
  4. Invite company to your home. Some of us tend to be hermits during the cold winter months, and hibernating becomes a way of life. It’s easy. It’s cold. Pick up the phone, and have an impromptu potluck dinner, or ask friends over just because. Engagement is key to feeling vibrant and full of life, and laughter is the best medicine. Watch a funny movie. Kick off your shoes and enjoy downtime with friends. Laugh and play makes a wonderful day.
  5. Go outdoors, even if it seems counter intuitive. Bundle up baby. Get your blood moving and brave the elements. Dress with a layer or two, and feel the rosy glow of the cold. I’m not asking you to freeze to death, just get some fresh air. Your Mom might have told you the same thing, and she was right, right?

Nature in all of its seasons is beautiful. Enjoy it all, every day.

For Women & Co. by Mercedes Cardona, OMH Communications

Need a little direction in your life or career? Is that rut you’ve been in feeling less like a rough patch and more like a lifestyle? It might be time to call in a professional.

“It’s a good idea to look for a life coach when you’re stuck, you seem to be spinning your wheels, and your gut tells you there’s something more, and that you need to make a change,” said Robin Samora, president of Let’s Make You Shine in Boston, MA.

So what do life coaches do, exactly? Generally, they help you clarify your life and career goals and develop a plan to make them happen. A coach will help you set up the steps you need to take and follow up—either in person, by phone, or online—as you work through each step. You will need to do the work, but the coach will serve as a guide and facilitator.

“A life coach is to a therapist as a personal trainer is to a doctor,” said Nancy Sherr, life coach and owner of A Zestful Life. “Life coaches work on forward momentum and goal-attainment tailored to the client.” (There are times, however, when you may need some extra-professional help. If you suffer from burnout, and you think depression may be a factor, you should talk to your doctor and work with a therapist.)

The costs of coaching vary widely, depending on the region of the country and the coach’s experience and credentials. In a major city like New York or Los Angeles, $150 to $300 a session or $500 to $1,000 a month is not unreasonable for top coaches, said John McGrail, life coach and author of The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation (Career Press, 2012).

Many coaches create packages or have sliding-scale fees to accommodate clients with all ranges of income. Coach Steffi Black in Toronto said she charges $90 per session to students and the unemployed, and $150 for working clients. Her three-month intensive package, including email and phone follow-up, starts at $1,200.

So how do you find the right coach to make your investment pay?

Coaching is not a licensed profession, but there are a number of coaching organizations that offer training and certification. Most coaches will belong to one or more of them, and these organizations are a good place to start looking, advises Keri Kuerbis Lehmann, a coach in the San Francisco area. The International Coach Federation will help you find certified coaches, but contacting coaching schools will give you a clearer view of the coach’s philosophy, she said. The ICF has a referral service and membership directory online and a tip sheet with sample questions to ask a prospective coach.

A life coach is to a therapist as a personal trainer is to a doctor.

Most coaches will offer a complimentary session to see if there’s a fit between coach and client, notes Amelia Gandomi Lewis, owner and coach of Advance Yourself Coaching. “Do you feel an instant rapport and understanding with the coach, or as if you are talking to someone from another planet? Your instincts will tell you if it feels right,” she said.

McGrail advises making sure you find someone who works in the areas you want to improve, and ask for referrals to past clients you can talk to. “If a potential coach will not offer you a chance to talk with clients with whom they have worked on similar issues,” he said, “in two words—don’t go!”

McGrail also suggests looking for someone who will not only teach you how to get where you want to be, but also show you the tools to work on your own, not expect you to stay dependent on them. “Someone who keeps you hanging on and writing checks may not be as interested in your empowerment as in filling their pockets with your money,” he said.

As seen at M.O. What’s Yours

MO: What influenced your decision to use your expertise in specifically helping entrepreneurs?

Robin: I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a little girl, selling potholders on my bike and Girl Scout cookies door to door. Both of my parents were also entrepreneurs, so it was natural for me to think about business, and we talked about it all the time. I didn’t realize how much I could help the small business owner until I looked at my own experience helping major Fortune 500 corporations expand their brands, to get attention. I realized the ideas and principles were the same, only on a smaller scale. I love the fact that the entrepreneur has a dream, a vision, and passion to make it happen. This excited me because I could use my experience and creativity to help them succeed, and feel the impact personally.

MO: What are some tips for a new business looking to expand their brand and increase visibility in a crowded marketplace?

Robin: This could be a half day seminar – but here are some thoughts! First, above all — you are your brand. Let people know who you are, and get out in the marketplace. Get out from your computer. Be comfortable with promoting yourself, everywhere you go. Attend networking events, have a non-traditional approach to meeting people, and be open to try new strategies for connecting. Engage in social media just 30 minutes a day. Make (Help a Reporter Out) your best friend to get press mentions. Write articles for industry journals, and a blog to increase your SEO. Get a feature story in your local paper, set up open office hours at a coffee shop and use a laptop ad to promote your business. Show your expertise any way you can and don’t be embarrassed to promote yourself. Your main business should be getting your name out there in business, and in your community. This will give you a competitive advantage. Be consistent, make the time to expand your brand, and be true to who you are. Love yourself, love your business!

MO: Can you provide some advice that entrepreneurs can gain credibility and PR as an expert in their field?

Robin: My advice to gain credibility as an expert is to be proactive and seek out opportunities to get press, and be featured as an expert. The internet is your oyster. Be a guest blogger, be interviewed on Blog Talk radio, answer questions in business journals, get speaking gigs about your expert topic — even if you’re speaking to a small audience. Lead a panel, share the platform on a webinar, be a guest on a teleseminar series, post on other people’s blogs as an expert. Teach a class. Take all of your press mentions, and everything you’ve done and include it on your website, and link it to your social media accounts. The bigger your footprint, the more you will be recognized. The added bonus is that you become more confident, and believe in yourself as the expert you really are.

MO: What inspired you to create the, Let’s Make You Shine Fund, which empowers young women with a gift, to further their education? What kind of impact have you seen the fund make so far?

Robin: This is my inaugural year with the Let’s Make You Shine Fund. I’ve always believed that we all have gifts, and when you give back and share, you get so much. My first recipient will be using her scholarship to attend Holy Cross College. She was an exceptional candidate, and her plans are to study medicine. My only request is that she, and all others who are recipients, pay it forward at some point in their lives. If each one of us shares their gifts and pays it forward what a better world this will be.

MO: What are some examples that you help your clients be big and bold for getting the best results? Not sure I understand this – but here goes

Robin: I like to co-create opportunity and visibility plans with my clients and listen to their hopes and dreams for their business. We look at where they are, where they want to go, and where they’d like to be noticed. We’re all so busy in our own world that we sometimes can’t see the forest through the trees. My passion is to take my client’s vision, show them a path and ideas on how to meet their goals and objectives. Then it’s all about inspired action to get results.

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

Robin: I’m working now on developing a plan to help entrepreneurs get more media coverage. It’s exciting , and a great opportunity to build my own brand. Everyone deserves to shine.

At the beginning of every year, I take time to write what I’d like to have in my life, with no restrictions. It’s a way for me to be clear about where I want to go — dream big, and not filter my expectations.  It’s an exercise I ask my clients to do as well. 

In business, it’s equally important to have this same clarity. Clarity of mission, expectations, agreements and goals.  But sometimes, there’s incongruity.  Left unchecked, it can lead to misunderstanding, hurt feelings, or worse… resentment.

Not being clear or on the same page, can be critical to your success.

Being clear means having the courage to ask for what you need, and creating and delivering your message in a manner that’s easily understood. When you have clarity, there’s less chance for confusion, or getting off track — unless that’s the path you choose.

I’ve noticed that some people opt-in and like being confused.  It saves them from making big decisions, being unpopular or seemingly assertive. Being unclear can give you permission to be a victim to circumstances that are many times, within your control.

Think about the last time you were unclear. Did you get what you wanted?

Sometimes you can get what you want by letting others win or by yielding your power.

Be clear on that too.

At my Make Money Monday’s stop this week, I had the opportunity to sit for about half an hour, and enjoy a cup of coffee waiting for my first appointment. I was delighted to have some time to rest and regroup my thoughts after a busy weekend.

In line, I heard a familiar voice that I recognized from years past. It was my plumber, Barry, who had moved out of town. Wanting to catch up, I invited him to sit with me, and in no time, we shared stories about business, family and life. I remember Barry fondly because he was working at my home the day “my water broke” when Vanessa, my first child was born. Being a plumber, and a good one, he took my comment literally, and wanted to fix the leak. He realized soon enough, that what I really needed was a ride to the hospital! 🙂

As I re-focused back to where I was (at Starbucks) and my conversation with Barry, I noticed he seemed excited to talk with me. He mentioned wanting to show me something, and left for a moment to go to his car. With a smile on his face, he came back with a small book.

Loving surprises, I opened the book. As I turned the pages, there were pictures of Barry, at 57 — a perfectly sculptured body builder, winning 2nd place in the Men’s Over 50 Championship.

Barry worked out for years, but for six months trained at an incredible rate, and ate certain foods in certain combinations that prepared him for this contest. He also deleted foods (and many of them) to prepare for this challenge. No wine. No pizza. And little desire, for some of the fun we take for granted.

Barry’s nutritionist and trainer were his team. Team Barry, supported the effort, but Barry alone, had the drive and discipline to get to his goal.

What do body building and business have in common? It takes time, commitment and effort to build a beautiful body — and time, commitment and effort to build a profitable business. There will be days you want to give up. There will be days you are hungry for more. There will be days you are so exhausted you just want to go to bed, and times when you might want to scream — in loneliness, fear or frustration.

The winners continue, not knowing if they’ll place first, second or third. They might not even qualify. But they do it.

They do their due diligence for their own reasons. They stay in business. Follow a plan. Get up every day and work – or work out, or both.

Much like Barry.

When I asked Barry why he did it, he told me it was all about discipline and deciding that this was important to him.

When I mentioned revamping my own nutrition, he told me I could do anything. I believe him, because of one thing… If it’s important to me, I know I’ll have the discipline.

The question is, what are we willing to have discipline for?

What’s your why?

By Shaunna Gately
MILTON —Strategist Robin Samora helps professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses with the launch of her new personal coaching business Let’s Make You Shine. The Milton resident started the business coaching service last June, as part of her event planning and marketing firm Partner Promotions Inc.

During her 20-year career as a business strategist, Samora worked with many large corporations. But she said she started Let’s Make You Shine as a way to give back to aspiring entrepreneurs who need solid business advice.

Samora reviews different aspects of a client’s business, including what is being done in the marketplace and how her clients are presenting themselves. Samora goes a step further to develop a rapport with her clients to help manage their day-to-day struggles as well as their long-term goals.

“I help people that are ready to make a difference and do something big with their life,” Samora said. “That’s the kind of person that I like to work with. I’ve worked a lot with my own coaches … and I think that’s what really opened my eyes, is learning about really what’s serving you in your life and what’s not.”

Samora meets with her clients for a couple of two-hour sessions each month, and tries to hold her clients accountable for sticking with the strategic plans they develop.

Samora has been taking her business savvy on the road by hosting a business strategy tour, a series of informal talks at coffee houses throughout the Boston area.

The events are coined “Make Money Mondays” and are part of her push to spread the word about her new business. Samora’s tours finish at the end of June but will resume in September.

“I’ve worked with all different kinds of people to help motivate them, to get them where they need to go,” Samora said. “When they finish with me, my goal is for them to see themselves in such a different light and they are just beside themselves, so happy.”

Shaunna Gately may be reached at

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In business and in life we get sidetracked. Bumps in the road. Circumstances beyond our control. Unexpected opportunities and better yet, pleasures that seem to come just when needed. But when we recognize that being sidetracked becomes a habit rather than an occasional daydream, or excuse for not accomplishing your goals, it’s time to take action and get back on track.

Here are 5 easy ways to Stay in the Bowling Lane:

1)      Before you go to bed at night write 5 things (rocks) that you need to work on the next day. Keep this list in a place where you’ll see it. These rocks are important to your progress.  Start working on them, and you’ve got motion.  Inspired action.  All good.

2)      Find a colleague, friend or mentor who can serve as your accountability partner.  If you have to report to them on your progress, and they to you, there’s less chance that either of you will jump lanes. Make a commitment to each other. Make a rule, no man or woman in the next lane!

3)      Create a No Drama Zone – one of my favorites. To each of us, a “No Drama Zone” is different. Limit unpleasant interaction, especially during work hours. Strengthen your boundaries. I often tell clients that you can be responsible to people, not for them. Be strong. Focus on where you need to be, not where someone wants to lead you. Stay in your Bowling Lane.

4)      Keep your workspace clean. Piles of paper, stacks of unpaid bills, unfinished “to do lists” can cause anxiety. I don’t know anyone who needs more anxiety. Do you?

5)      Buy a special notebook, one you love, and draw a “timeline” of your accomplishments — from the beginning of the year, to the end. You’ll be surprised. A timeline is visual. Drawing your progress on paper is wonderful. Your mind just forgets all that you’ve done.

My million dollar tip today is simple, and doable.

Stay in your Bowling Lane and out of the gutter. You’ll score every time.

There’s no doubt in my mind that when I start a new project or work with a client —  that I’m not going to succeed.

Success has a different meaning for all of us.  To me, it means learning something (perhaps a giant lesson, a new skill, or a new way to approach a situation). Or making something better. (In our business, life, or the pursuit of happiness). Or helping someone see something more clearly, so that they in turn can use that bit of information to move forward. (Like concentrate on the big rocks, and the pebbles will take care of themselves).

As I write this, from my MakeMoneyMonday coffee shop (and stop), I see success as moving forward, and getting closer to what my goals are, in business and life. Both include freedom, flexibility, choice and opportunity.

I’m not Mighty Mouse, (though I am under 5’2) and sure, there are moments when I second guess myself.  But, ultimately, I know I have the confidence, persistence, and smarts to reach my goals. I also have a vast resource of colleagues, friends – and get this—strangers, who will help, if I ask.

I Expect to Succeed, but I also Expect the Best. Both philosophies have served me well.

My world, my business, my life are all changing.  Just like yours.

Same book, different chapter.

A page turner. The ending, we never know.

How exciting.