Gee’s and G’s have more in common than you think. And, it wasn’t really apparent until my mastermind buddy from Denver reminded me over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Quite simply, they’re the G’s of Giving, Gratitude and Gentleness.

Giving — When we look at giving rather than getting, there’s a mindset shift that is powerful. And, when we give with intention, the vibration is amplified. Giving without thinking of what we’ll get in return opens the heart and sets the stage for the second G.

Gratitude — It seems to be a no-brainer to be grateful for what we have, though many of us forget about the daily practice. The game changer is when we actually look at our problems and challenges and be grateful for them, for they show us the lessons we need to learn (whether we like it or not).

Gentleness — Business, life, pressure, meetings, deadlines, not getting what you want when you want it and for Goodness sakes, hurry it up! A dose of gentleness first with ourselves and then with others can make all the difference in not only our personal world, but our business environment. No one’s perfect, so stop pretending to be. Gentleness is an act of compassion.

Why so much about the 3 G’s? It’s the holiday season. We’re busy, running around, doing for others and not always ourselves.

Plan some time in your business and your life for the 3 G’s. Give with love, not because you have to. Be Grateful of the Gifts you have and share. And be Gentle with yourself, and others.

Maybe your life will change too.

As you may know, Brand Ambassadors are coveted and rare professionals who effectively communicate the essence of their company’s unique story, and personify its core values in what they do, what they say, how they act, and even how they think.

What’s more, Brand Ambassadors are extremely valuable “assets” who measurably increase the bottom line, and deliver an ROI that often out-performs advertising, sponsorships and other initiatives. Plus, they help their company retain its top performers, and attract new talent.

Ultimately, Brand Ambassadors are an invaluable part of any company success story, because they’re the “real deal” who get up close and personal with vendors, partners, customers, colleagues – heck, even strangers sitting next to them on a flight or seated next to them at a conference.

However, what you may not know is how to transform yourself into an ELITE Brand Ambassador, which is when you achieve all of the above and, at the same time, boost your income and status big-time, and inspire others to achieve new levels of excellence. Fortunately, the path and process is easier than you imagine when you keep these 3 keys in mind:

1. Be on a “Mission” at All Times

It all starts with knowing how to weave your company’s mission into your communication with a wide variety of audiences, including vendors, partners, customers, colleagues — heck, even strangers sitting next to you on a flight or seated next to you at a conference. Though you may not have noticed before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the huge number of “touchpoint” opportunities that are available to you every day.

2. Go Ahead and Brag!

As noted above, grasping the essence of your company’s mission and making it a part of your messaging is one piece of the puzzle. Another key piece is articulating how your company is moving towards that mission. What exciting projects, plans, developments and changes are in the works, or are on the horizon? By conveying these “good news stories”, you’ll add depth to your brand and give it some invaluable substance, as you highlight not just WHERE your company is going, but how you and your talented colleagues are going to get there.

3. Look Within

No, this isn’t about the spiritual side of being a Brand Ambassador. Rather, it’s about how you can use your Brand Ambassador knowledge and talents to motivate your colleagues – especially if, like most corporate work environments, things can get a bit hectic and stressful at times. You can be the refreshing and, in some cases, vital spark that uplifts, energizes and inspires individuals and teams to new heights.

The Bottom Line

As an ELITE Brand Ambassador, you aren’t your company’s “mouthpiece” – i.e. someone who robotically recites a slogan or reads a script. On the contrary, you’re the heart and soul of your company! So ensure that you really feel the authenticity, energy and passion of what you’re saying or writing. You’ll be amazed by how quickly you increase company revenues and profits, while you boost your income, status and professional satisfaction – and inspire others to follow your lead.

RSI TURN RAINIf it’s rained on your parade recently on some of your projects that were earmarked for success, it’s only natural to become dampened by the drizzle of what could have gone right, but just didn’t.

I’ve found through stormy times, that one of the secrets of success is turning a negative into a positive by an honest assessment of the situation, facing fears straight on, forging ahead and expecting good things to happen. The Art of Expecting in business, PR, marketing in Boston and all over the world for that matter, combines attitude, tuning and timing. Personal alchemy is optional.

Here are 3 Ways to Turn Rain into Rainmaking

1) Attitude: In life, love and business, the truth is: it is what it is. We can fool everyone but ourselves. The darkest days turn into the brightest tomorrows with a change of attitude, heart and mindset. When we change our attitudes, our results will be different. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself. You’ll have more success when you think you’ll make a sale, then if you don’t. And, your energy will show it. Give good aura.

2) Tuning: In and Out. What we allow in our heads has the most profound impact on what will be. Each one of us can tell a story of that in the making. A new client of mine believed his way to health from near death with scleroderma. He’s not only an inspiration to those who face adversity, but a poster child of belief. He tuned in to health, and tuned out the sickness. Magic, no. Magic Mindset, yes. Grateful, absolutely.

3) Timing: Time is a concept we create. Fast, slow, here, now, next year. What matters most is now. Or, as a friend of mine tells me, ‘now and 5 minutes from now’. If you could, what would you do now to tame the rain, and turn it into rainmaking? Regroup? Apologize? Reposition? Look at what’s best for your customer, not just you?

Seneca tells us that ‘luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’. Perhaps rainmaking happens when you take that luck and ride the wave of desire.


What do you believe are the 3 key components of a successful rainmaker?

Is rainmaking, like charisma, a gift or a learned skill? If it’s a skill, how do you learn it?

How does the attitude of a rainmaker differ from that of a salesperson? What makes their dance so special?

3 WAYS TO LOVE YOURAs you may know, Brand Ambassadors are coveted and rare professionals who effectively communicate the essence of their company’s unique story, and personify its core values in what they do, what they say, how they act, and even how they think.

What’s more, Brand Ambassadors are extremely valuable “assets” who measurably increase the bottom line, and deliver an ROI that often out-performs advertising, sponsorships and other initiatives. Plus, they help their company retain its top performers, and attract new talent.

Ultimately, Brand Ambassadors are an invaluable part of any company success story, because they’re the “real deal” who get up close and personal with vendors, partners, customers, colleagues – heck, even strangers sitting next to them on a flight or seated next to them at a conference.  They can be outsourced to join an existing team, or developed through in-house training to build even better relationships and connections with the outside world.

What you may not know is how to thank Brand Ambassadors – even love them – for all that they do.

Here’s a list of 3 Ways to Love Your Brand Ambassadors:

1)      Acknowledge that a Brand Ambassador has an important role, just as important as a sales or marketing team member.  A trained Brand Ambassador will not only wear your brand, but give a face to your company and hopefully convey heart and soul as well.  Show them the respect that they deserve as they interact with your prospects, clients and colleagues.  There’s an incredible upside to being valued as part of a team.

2)      Appreciate Brand Ambassadors as front line reps and show them love, even if it’s in small ways; invite them to company meetings, trainings, and give them VIP access and parking if available when they’re working a high profile event. If tickets are plentiful at a certain venue, consider offering them as a thank you. Often, complimentary tickets get discarded, and it’s heartbreaking for some to see the waste. As in life, the gesture of sharing goes a long way and generosity is seldom forgotten.

3)      Allow Brand Ambassadors to deliver your message, in their voice.  Every Brand Ambassador, like every person, has their own unique style, tone and timing – and the ways that people listen can be as varied. Be open to different communication styles to reach a wide and multi-cultural marketplace and honor their freedom to express themselves within the guidelines of their job.  With the high-tech world that we live in, there’s never been a better time to reach out and touch someone.


What are the three most noticeable traits of a great Brand Ambassador?

If you were to outsource Brand Ambassadors for your company, what would you look for?

From body language alone, could you tell an employee from a Brand Ambassador in a mixed setting, on location? What would be the tell-tale signs (if any)?

In a world with over 7 billion people and an internet that never sleeps, I’m guessing there must be at least a million experts who can comment with some authority on ways to increase visibility and offer positioning advice for success.

There is no one formula that works, and every entrepreneur, professional or business owner has to create their own promotional mix that they can commit to, to get the results they are looking for.

The bottom line in both cases is:

If you don’t create a visibility or promotions plan, and ‘work it’ to get your brand, products or services out there, chances are that you won’t build the recognition, leadership position,  or ‘buzz’ that you’re looking for to increase your rates, expert status, or income.  

Here are 5 Ways to Increase Your Visibility in 2014

1.       Choose 3 – 5 Vehicles as the Keys to your Promotion Strategy

Whether you choose Google +, your blog, LinkedIn, video marketing, Twitter, Pinterest, industry-specific websites, or any other vehicles, pick 3-5 and make them the centerpieces of your promotion strategy over the next year. Remember to populate them with engaging and original content that is first and foremost relevant to your target audience. Give them a reason to like, trust, respect, and ultimately, partner with and/or refer you.

2.       Deliver Workshops and Lectures

Don’t worry about not being paid – you’ll be paid a hundred times over with new business opportunities that may come immediately afterwards, or weeks, months or even years after. Just be sure that whatever your share is congruent with your brand, adds value, solves a problem and offers solutions. And if you’re one of the millions of people who dread public speaking, this is the perfect opportunity to face that fear and finally conquer it!

3.       Showcase Your Brand

Make it a point to put your name and website url not just on your business card, but on all collateral material – as well as when you post comments on other people’s blogs, if you’re answering an Op-Ed or publishing a white paper. Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity to promote your business in personal and business settings. The more often you share your brand and what you do, the greater your chances are of success.

4.       Volunteer at Community and Industry Events

Volunteering isn’t just good for the world, it’s also good for you.  And, being of service in your own backyard helps your community as well as presents an opportunity to network one- on- one with fellow business owners and C-level executives. Choose community or industry events that resonate with you and volunteer with an open heart.  You’ll feel rewarded and be of service to a cause that’s important to you as well as make a difference.

5.       Be a News Source

There are free press opportunities every day that can increase your company’s visibility if you know where to find them. One of my favorites is HARO ( Sign up for their complimentary service and you’ll receive emails on a daily basis from reporters, researchers and talent scouts who are looking for experts like you – to share their opinions on various platforms. Being published or on the air is an instant way to build credibility and leadership position within your industry, and add content to your all-important press kit.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, I urge you to do yourself what could be the biggest favor of your professional life and ditch attitude of waiting until your marketing is “flawless” before you get out there and start making waves. Yes, you want to make a great impression and build strong relationships, but if you keep holding back until the stars perfectly align, then you’ll be waiting…and waiting…and waiting. Don’t be an obstacle to your potential: take the plunge. It will be worth it.


What will you do differently this year to liven up your PR/promotion plan?

What’s on your list to try – to be more visible in your industry?

Do you have any tips you’d like to share, so others can benefit from your success?

How can you be more charismatic in your presentation?

Questions for thought…as we increase visibility in the New Year.


Robin Samora Inc., a Boston-based branding, promotions and PR firm, is offering an aspiring female student or recent graduate (within the past one year) the opportunity to attend the upcoming “Demand Success 2013” conference presented by Vocus, which will be held in Washington D.C. on June 20 and 21.


Robin Samora Inc., a Boston-based branding, promotions and PR firm that works with experts, entrepreneurs and authors, announced today that it is offering a scholarship that will enable an aspiring female student or recent graduate the chance to attend the upcoming “Demand Success 2013” conference presented by Vocus, a leading solutions provider that helps businesses reach and influence customers via social networks, online and media.

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“Giving back and paying it forward are at the very heart of success, both professionally and personally,” commented Robin Samora, the principal and founder of Robin Samora Inc. “It’s my hope that the deserving woman who receives the scholarship will use this as a springboard to make positive impact in our world, and ultimately, inspire others to do the same.”

Aspiring female students or recent graduates (within the past one year) who are interested in competing for the scholarship are asked to submit an approximately 300 word essay that captures the essence of their professional vision with respect to the following:

• how it will support or in some way benefit other women
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All essays can be emailed to Robin (at) RobinSamoraInc (dot) com. The application deadline is June 3 at 11:59pm EDT, and the winner will be notified by 5:00pm EDT on June 8.

Selected essays will also be published (either whole or edited) on the Robin Samora Inc., website, and in other digital and print communication material.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Robin Samora at (617) 921-3448 or Robin (at) RobinSamoraInc (dot) com.

About Robin Samora Inc.
Telling a story is personal. Sharing it is an art. Technology makes it global. Robin Samora Inc., a Boston based PR, branding and promotions firm blends all three to take its clients’ businesses and brands to the next level. With clients like Comcast, WBZ-TV and Blue Man Group, and a roster of authors, entrepreneurs and experts nationwide, the firm prides itself on being a “Promotional GPS” that takes its clients’ brands where they want to go to be seen, heard, engaged and remembered. With over two decades of experience, the firm is as comfortable on major media highways as it is on out-of-the-way niche back roads.

Have you ever had a favorite pet that was your BFF and constant traveling companion?

I can say yes, and let you know that such was the case with Lucy, my sweet Sheltie who passed yesterday after a long spirited life.

 lucy in woods

In honor of Lucy, I’d like to pay tribute to some of the lessons she taught me about life, business and the pursuit of happiness:

  • Celebrate Life. Lucy made no bones about it; she was all-in and ready to travel. Much like her Mom, she was a midnight rider, a good listener and could nap anywhere.
  • Travel with Style. It really didn’t matter whether Lucy traveled in a convertible, in the back of a boat, or front seat of a pick-up truck. Lucy had wanderlust — and a leash was optional.
  • Be Pampered. Lucy lived a life filled with kindness, kisses, sweet talk and TLC. She loved attention — and was a pro — at giving it, and getting it.
  • Be Loved. Lucy showed me time and time again, what unconditional love looked like. It was a daily lesson and a reminder that love is the most important thing on Earth.
  • Take the High Road. If Lucy didn’t get her way, she took the high road. Tomorrow there’d be another chance to get that cookie, go for a walk on the beach or smell other dogs. She looked forward to those simple pleasures.
  • Know When it’s Time to Rest. Sleeping was one of Lucy’s favorite pastimes, though I’m not sure if she just closed her eyes during all those phone calls, or the snoring was meant to fool me.
  • Remember to keep a secret. Let’s just say, I’m sure she heard more than a few short and long tales. What a confidante!

Though my heart may break with sadness, my heart is also filled with joy for the love we shared.

If you had a favorite pet, you know what I mean.

Here’s to you Lucy, and the giant parade with Milkbones that welcomed you.

I’ve discovered that one of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to bring business in the door, and feel like I’m making a difference is through donating gift certificates to charities and organizations that need to raise money for a good cause.

Choosing the right organizations that align with my brand and core values is important, and knowing who the audience is gives me an opportunity to target my message and customize it for the cause.

In my Goodness Campaign, all branding materials and collateral have a ‘look’ that is consistent with the way I want to be seen — in my community, to my colleagues and clients, and to the world. My gift certificates are well designed, include my signature photo, and key information about my business – so anyone bidding on an auction item or not, can contact me.

My time and PR and promotions services are valuable, so I also make it a point to give at least a $500 gift certificate and ask that at least half of the money is collected for the cause. Return promotion is a given.

If you want a million dollar brand, you want to look like a million, and feel like a million. Giving opens the heart and allows prosperity to flow.

Go with the flow. Make time to make a difference.

As I write this, I am smiling knowing what’s behind the curtain. You may not notice it in my new photo taken by my friend and celebrity photographer Nikki Incandela,, but it’s there. And, when I saw it, I started to wonder.

How many things don’t we see, that actually are there? Is it that we’re focused on something else or simply too busy? What don’t we see in our relationships with others, or scary enough, in ourselves?

Sometimes what we don’t see, or pay attention to is what’s begging for us to take notice. A business  opportunity that’s shouts our name, an important conversation with a loved one, an overdue phone call connecting to a colleague who’s been MIA for a while.  And the list goes on.

Why is it that we see what we see, and not always what others do?

As a photographer with a keen eye, Nikki saw Lucy, my sweet and elderly Sheltie behind the curtain. She never said much, but presented me one day with triptych images of Lucy’s face – which made me love them both, all the more.

In this case, what was behind the curtain delighted me.

We see what we need to see, for what we need to learn. I asked Nikki to photograph me so I could have a special memory of where I was in my life, to honor the space and place. These images will always be cherished as it was not only a new me she was capturing, but included a glimpse of Lucy at nearly 14 years old. I’ll always remember Lucy in the cool spot of the wood floor near the window, in a cottage that will forever remain dear to my heart.

What’s behind the curtain just is.  It’s what we think of it that holds power.

Happy almost December, let the twinkling begin,

I’ll be with my promotions team on Saturday, December 1, managing the Amazing Race TV auditions for WBZ-TV in Boston.  If you’d like to try out in person at one of two Massachusetts locations, click here (should we shorten this?? ) for details and an application.

Visit me too at the Massachusetts Conference For Women, on Thursday, December 6th.  Partner Promotions /Let’s Make You Shine will have a booth there, and we’ll be making appointments for Free PR Exams.   Here’s the link to the Expo We’re at Booth #730 across from the Blogging Lounge.  Check out the amazing line up of speakers like Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington, Charlotte Beers, Brene Brown, Kristin Chenoweth, Tory Johnson and the many workshops and Small Business Boot Camp!  Hope to see you there!

I usually never read the Reader’s Digest, but my Bee Keeper mentor, Norman, who’s in his mid 90’s, sends me a subscription every year, bless his heart.

Inspired by the cover, Energize Your Life, I thumbed through the magazine and found this love story between two frequent fliers called the Airport Connection. I thought I would share it with you because it moved me.

Click here to read this amazing story.

Although it’s Valentine’s Day, isn’t every day about sharing the love?

Hope you know I’m sending mine, to you.