Filling an event can be stressful, and there’s no one social platform or media channel (including your own) that can do the job solo.  You have to be in front of your target audience, peers, sponsors and others who can help you promote your event – and share, so you’ll fill the room.

Yes, you need great sales copy and event specific graphics (consider using easy design tools like Canva or Adobe Spark) but there’s also an important first step.  Make sure you have a strong LinkedIn profile, complete and up-to-date. That goes for your company page if you have one too. You don’t have to be a LinkedIn superstar, but you can’t be a lame duck either.

7 Ideas to Promote Your Event with LinkedIn

  1. Use status updates as a way to promote your event. Eye-catching images and teaser headlines draw your connections in. End your update with a question to spark conversation, or consider using a video to make a fun event promo or behind the scenes access to build the buzz.
  2. Upload a PDF of the Event or Add an Event Link in Your Professional Portfolio. Here’s where you can showcase your brand and describe the event in more detail. Include compelling copy and paint a picture of what the event will be like and why you should attend. You’re marketing to just one reader at a time, so make it personal. WIFT. What’s in it for them?
  3. Promote to Groups You’re a Part of or Create Your Own. Join groups on LinkedIn to maximize your visibility and get in front of niche audiences who may be interested in your services. Think about creating a new group specifically for your event and invite people to join, including speakers, sponsors, and attendees. Start a conversation. Build a community.
  4. Use Free Direct Messaging for a Personal Touch. Did you know you can send a free direct message to up to 50 of your first-tier connections? Remember to mind your P’s and Q’s and go the extra mile to personalize your messages so you look and sound professional – and interesting. If you have a Premium account, you can send a limited amount of send messages to anyone, whether you’re connected or not. Packages vary.
  5. Get Others to Share the Love. This is word of mouth marketing at its best. Get your colleagues, speakers, sponsors and other influencers to share or write content to support your event. If you’ve really done your homework and built a relationship with a person who is a designated LinkedIn “Influencer” their posts go out to everyone. That’s a home run.
  6. Collaborate with Other Top LinkedIn Users and Pages. Expand your reach and target LinkedIn pages of other companies or users who are relevant in your industry. Make an offer to share a few of their links on your page, in exchange for event promotion on theirs. This could be the beginning of a valued partnership.
  7. Boost Search Visibility with Slideshare. One of the most underutilized free publicity secrets on LinkedIn may be Slideshare. Use it to upload presentations, infographics, documents, and videos. Promote trending topics you’ll cover at your event, get more views and increase your following.

Dates and times to post? Naturally, this varies by industry, but if your event is geared towards attendees with an 8am – 5pm schedule, the best days to post are Tuesday through Thursday during work hours. Some say Tuesday between 10 and 11am is when you get the most clicks and shares. If you’re hosting an event that’s for the restaurant or hospitality industry, you may want to consider later hours.

With 500 million members and counting, LinkedIn is a no-brainer when it comes to marketing your event. Using these tools and strategies, you can target the right person to attend your event and streamline the process of filling the room – and your sales funnel.


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