Why hire a marketing consultant? If your business isn’t hitting its goals, hiring a seasoned expert could help. At the right time and with the right person, working with a marketing consultant is an investment that pays for itself by keeping you on track, focused, and earning more.

7 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Consultant 

  1. Consultants are subject matter experts
    Marketing specialists use their creative, business, and analytical skills to spot and solve issues before they become problems, saving you time, money, and resources. Find a consultant who specializes in small business marketing and can help with your particular needs. Whether you need 1-2-1 PR coaching, a full marketing strategy plan, or just a bit of training on social media, there’s an expert nearby. Be wise and verify credentials carefully.
  1. Marketing experts look from the outside in
    You can’t think about working ON your business when you’re working IN your business. It’s easy to overlook something simple that could be helpful or unknowingly harmful because you’re so focused on keeping everything moving — and at top speed. An experienced consultant looks at your marketing with fresh eyes and zero bias, offering insight and perspective you may not have imagined. With decades of experience and intuitive savvy, experts can make informed decisions quickly, cutting wasted time and dollars from your marketing program and budget.
  1. Your best interests are revealed
    Unlike an employee who has to consider how a position and its responsibilities will affect his or her life, a consultant is focused on how best to help you and your business, with few outside influences intervening (except perhaps you or your staff). Before hiring a marketing consultant, make sure they listen to what’s most important to you and that there’s a good fit. For best results, be transparent with what’s working and what’s not. Often “never thought of” target markets and opportunities lead to unparalleled growth.
  1. Marketing advice that’s practically On Demand
    When you hire a marketing expert, you can work with them on an hourly or project basis, or decide to use them to create a full marketing plan to scale your business. You might also like to work 1-2-1 to hone your marketing and branding strategy, create social media content, optimize your website for SEO, and more. One of the key benefits of working with a marketing consultant is that they get to know you and your business, as well as your challenges intimately, allowing them to offer customized solutions to ramp up business and meet your goals. 
  1. Clarity and focus simplify business goals
    As a business owner, you have a ton of goals you’re always working toward – sales, profitability, efficiency, expansion, and building credibility and visibility as an industry leader. A marketing expert can come in and help you identify your most important objectives. Where do you want to be next year? Five years? 10? It gets overwhelming to think about it all and run a successful business. Consultants can simplify your goals and focus on a clear and actionable roadmap to help you get there, with measurable checkpoints along the way.
  1. Targeted marketing and PR strategies
    A marketing consultant creates targeted marketing and PR strategies for your business or brand, gives you an expert’s perspective, and provides solutions to your most important challenges. With decades of industry experience, small business marketing experts are well versed in advertising, marketing, sales, and PR, which means they can put together an effective strategy to successfully market and promote your business.

    A small business marketing consultant will identify and analyze your company’s situation, key target markets, current trends, differentiators, competitive landscape, and key opportunities. In addition, they’ll review your online and offline branding, collateral, social media practices, as well as those of your competitors. Once this is complete, recommendations are made to meet your specific marketing and PR goals. This is usually done with a customized marketing and action plan.

  1. Help with the details
    The little details of marketing can be time-consuming. If you don’t have the time or desire to write your blogs, post to Facebook, stay up with Twitter or create email campaigns for your customers, hire a marketing specialist to do it. Need someone to update your prospect list or increase your following on Instagram? You can find a marketing expert to do just about anything you need.

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