Looking to reach your targeted customer? Why not create a landing page that’s designed exclusively for the person you’re trying to market to? A landing page can be used to promote a special offer, an ebook or white paper, or tease a customer to learn more. Basically, it’s a web-based page created to attract your prospect’s attention, put them in the sales funnel, and lead them to the next step – all without a hard close.

Landing pages are cost effective, highly targeted, key word rich and have a single focus to pique your target market’s interest and start the buying process. Test, tweak and try on social media platforms that resonate with your brand, and see which design approach and copy give you the best results.

5 Marketing Guidelines to a Landing Page that Converts

  1. Don’t overdo the graphics or copy. A landing page is meant to be short and simple. So, be sure to keep it that way, especially for mobile. Follow your company’s branding guidelines and create a page that reflects your look, feel and personality. Write copy that your customer is expecting and that aligns with your promotional offer. Be clear in your design, message and in prompting them to take action.
  2. Your landing page should communicate value. You’re not writing a news story for the Wall Street Journal, you’re persuading a reader to stay engaged, quickly learn more or ask for additional information. At the same time, you’re also looking to meet a campaign goal. Write so that your customer knows your offer is worthwhile. Customer testimonials help. It’s not bragging, it’s building trust.
  3. Keep your customer from leaving your page. You created a landing page so that your prospective buyers can respond to your offer, right? You want to sell to them, not let them go off exploring. Many marketers create their landing pages with a unique url, so it doesn’t link back to their website. Keep your audience focused and on your property. If all you have is 8 seconds, make it count.
  4. Make it easy for subscribers to sign up. Your call to action should be simple, direct and not confusing. Put them on the buyer’s path. Want to test out which call to action is more effective? Why not consider several? A white paper. An ebook, a video series, even a free trial. They can all go on the same landing page, or not. The decision is yours. Just be sure to capture your prospect’s info so you can thank them.
  5. Don’t scare customers away. The more information you request and the more data you demand, chances are that you’ll lose your audience. Keep your form simple and short. No more than 5 -7 fields. Ask for a name and an email address at the minimum. The goal is to keep your response rate high, and your funnel full. Ask too many questions, and you’ll turn people off. And, they might be gone for good.

As part of any sales or lead generation process, online or offline, you need to follow up. Be timely, personable and mindful as you reconnect. Experiment with different landing pages, titles, graphic styles and content. And, don’t be afraid to re-launch popular freebies and giveaways. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised with a winner that works.

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