5 Killer Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Group

If you’re looking to build an online community and gain the like, know, trust of your target market, think about creating a Facebook Group. It can be free to your end user or subscription based, but either way, you want to optimize it for best results and maximum visibility.

5 Killer Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Group

  1. Name it, brand it and be clear on what the group is about. As with any intentional marketing, you have to be clear on who your target audience is. Create a cover photo (optimal size is 820 x 462 pixels) and see how it looks on both desktop and mobile. With nearly 5 billion mobile users in the world today, that’s 2/3’s of the world’s population, be sure to think, write and create for mobile.
  2. Write a concise description about your group. Who is this group for? Why are you gathered? It’s helpful to add five tags to help people find your group – they can be a mix of specific and generic tags. If you’re local, add your location to attract an audience who live in your geographic area. That way, you may decide to meet up, hold events or workshops, perhaps even work together. Never underestimate the value of in-person relationships. They’re a goldmine to your success.
  3. Customize your group URL that makes it easy to remember. Make it a point to share your group Facebook link when you’re communicating online and offline, plus add it to your current and future marketing material. Facebook groups are an affordable, no-cost way to promote your brand, but you have to be consistent and offer value for members to stay. Keep your ‘voice’ strong and clear – and always remember WIFM (What’s In It For Them).
  4. Link your Facebook group to your business page. Social media provides an excellent marketing opportunity to build online visibility and credibility, and Facebook groups are no exception. Encourage fans to take a peek, and join. Below your cover photo, you’ll find a way to share your group to different parts of Facebook – including your timeline, Messenger and of course your business page. Take advantage of all that this platform offers.
  5. Promote, promote, promote. Consider creating a shortened URL for your group on bitly or tinyurl and share that URL where your target audience will see it. Think about adding your group link to your email signature, Meetup pages, blog posts, invoices, postcards, oversized business cards, pop-up banners, event registrations and more. This Facebook group is an extension of your business, so use it thoughtfully, strategically, and often in your marketing mix.

Once you’ve established your group, you’ll want to create a strategy to foster an engaged community and build a relationship with your brand. Be clear on the results you’re looking for, but be careful not to be too salesy. This is a forum to build that all important LKT (Like, Know & Trust) and believe factor.

Ask questions like, how people found the group, what their biggest struggles are, and engage with your group members frequently. You might want to create a weekly plan too.  On certain days of the week welcome new members, decide on a topic conversation, or a ‘promote yourself’ Friday. Thank your most engaged contributors too. Whatever you decide, keep it consistent. And, keep the momentum.

As an expert, you have tremendous value to share and many can learn from you.

Build it and they will come. Promote it and they will flock.


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