Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you hate it or love it, networking is an important part of your marketing strategy. You might think it’s a waste of time, an insincere playground, or an enjoyable pastime with friends. What you think makes it real.

The secrets of networking or working a room, online and offline, aren’t written in stone and buried in Egypt. They’re simple strategies, available in the here and now, to meet your goals, whether you’re looking to build relationships, practice Givers Gain®, make connections to get a job – or sell yourself, your products, services or an idea. Selling through networking is an art and we can all learn tips, tricks and tools to up our game (and bottom line).

Next Tuesday, October 16th, as part of my Small Business Marketing Strategies Meetup, we’ll feature Marie Warner, National Sales Coach and Trainer, and Founder of Boston Women Connect, Boston’s premier Women’s Networking group, at a free two-hour workshop: How to Sell like Crazy Through Networking Online and Offline.

The event will be held at the Business District, a luxurious workspace and event space in Boston’s Back Bay/South End. In case you can’t make it, read below for articles that can kick start your sales online and offline.

Meet Marie, Your Go-To Sales & Networking Expert

30 Second Intro

Marie helps clients beat their sales and revenue goals. She finds, hires and keeps the right sales pros on your team, coaches them to perform better, and has the Midas touch when it comes to turning prospects into happy customers.

Who She Helps

Start-ups, small business and growing companies. A mix of different industries. National and international sales teams. Passionate about helping women entrepreneurs, which is why she founded Boston Women Connect.


To help others sell authentically and with integrity. No matter what you sell, people buy from people.

Why work with Marie?

She helps small business grow sales. Builds and trains winning teams. When it comes down to it, no matter what your job, you’re in sales.


Streamlines success. Trains new sales hires to ramp up quickly to exceed goals. Opens new markets. Closes marquis accounts.


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