If a brand is how you make someone feel, then a personal brand is how people feel about you, and what they say when you leave the room. What does this have to do with marketing, you.com? Zig Ziglar said it well, “If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

5 Marketing Tips to Create a Personal Brand that Never Sleeps

  1. Become a resource that people LKT and believe
    If you want to be a credible resource, build a bridge for people to like, know, trust you, and make room for them to believe in you too. Share your thoughts on a blog, post articles on LinkedIn, partner with organizations that share the same values, speak to groups who want to learn from you. You’ve already done the work to become an expert. Finetune your focus to build a brand that everyone wants to know.
  1. What value are you providing others?
    With social media there are countless ways to promote yourself and schedule ‘yay me’ posts on auto-pilot. What’s the perceived value others see? Are you adding value or just self-promoting? Make it a point to know the difference. If you’re offering XYZ, how will it help others and is  what you’re doing, being, or sharing making an impact?
  1. Walk the talk
    To create a personal brand that consistently gets noticed, walk the talk. Do what you’re telling others to do. Amplify what your brand stands for. That’s what people will remember when they meet you for the first time or every time they see you, or hear you speak, or buy your book. You’re in full integrity when you show up everywhere the same, online or offline, focused on your mission.
  1. Love your imperfect self.
    Our imaginations run wild, particularly with the help of social media. We see an influencer and think they’re perfect, in every way. Not so. They’re human, and in their rise to the top, they’ve worked hard, messed up, and experienced setbacks, just like you and me. At one point, each of us has had a mental, physical, or financial burden with a story to tell. Share what you learned. Being human builds trust.
  1. Give yourself the Google Test
    The ultimate personal branding test, is the Google test. What can prospects and clients learn about your personal brand? Do a Google search on yourself and see what you find. Not happy with the results or don’t show up? Read a few ideas on how to build your visibility: 9 Simple Strategies to Get Free Publicity and Fast Effective SEO Tips to Grow Your Business Without a PR Budget. Then, create an action plan using the marketing and PR strategies we talk about here.

Every personal brand and can be improved, but you can’t go from ‘meh’ to superstar in a week. Just like tweaking your favorite recipe, don’t change every ingredient all at once. Dig deep to see who you really are. Create a brand that lets people instantly know who you are.

And finally, live your brand every day. After all, it’s who you really are.

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