If you’re feeling uninspired about how your business looks and feels, and lightyears ahead of your current website, it may be time for a change. A new brand, image, and energy can revitalize your business, drive sales, and give you a renewed excitement about your work.

So, when is a good time to rebrand?

  • Your look is dated, dry, and flat. It doesn’t excite you anymore.
  • Your brand doesn’t represent your business and what you’re working on.
  • You’ve expanded beyond your business’s original purpose and welcome new opportunities.
  • You want to attract new clients, your demographic has changed, and trends are shifting.
  • You’ve had some bad press that you want to separate yourself from.

It’s hard to make the decision to rebrand. It’s your identity, your business, and at times, you may have even made building your brand your life. You’ve created marketing and PR strategies, designed collateral, made connections at trade shows and conferences, and have spent years promoting your brand image and expertise.

Now you have to do that all over again? Of course not.

You already have your customers, followers on social media, a mailing list, a referral network, and more. As long as you do it the right way, rebranding should bring you even more business success.

So how can you rebrand without losing a bunch of earned equity?

Rebrand with a purpose. Don’t change your name or your logo just because you feel like it. Remember when Radio Shack became The Shack for a few years? During those five years, 1,100 stores closed. The company simply changed the name and the logo, but the products and business philosophy were the same. It essentially became a store no one had ever heard of that looked like a Radio Shack.

If you’re going to rebrand, it should mean something for your business. Show your growth. Talk about your changes. Tell your customers why you’ve updated your brand, what it means for your business, and how it will benefit them.

You need to define a story for your brand. Entrepreneurs don’t dedicate their lives to building a business from the ground up for no reason. Why did you start your business? Tell your story, so people can relate to you. If this story has always been at the core of your brand, carry it into the new one. Just because you’re rebranding doesn’t mean you have to change your story. You’re just writing the next chapter.

Decide if you need a refresh or a complete overhaul. A refresh usually includes a logo update, a new website and some redesigned marketing materials and signage. A complete overhaul usually happens when you’re completely changing what you do, you’re merging with another company, or your business has gotten a bad rap. You totally change the business name and start fresh with a clean(ish) slate.

A refresh is typically all you need, but either way, here are five high-level steps to rebranding.

  1. Research your business, the public opinion of your business, your competition and your product or service. You can’t move forward without understanding the status quo.
  2. Redefine your company mission, values, and goals. Keep your purpose and story in mind when making these decisions.
  3. Decide what stays and what goes. “KonMari your brand”. What sparks *joy*? What makes sense and fits when you define step 2?
  4. Create a strategy. Rebranding is more involved than just flipping the switch to your new website. Develop a rollout strategy. Decide how you’ll announce your new brand to the world. Consider budget, timeline, objectives (again from step 2), research (from step 1), and logistics.
  5. Go live and stick with it. Send a press release. Email your clients. Change your cover photos. Be ready to answer questions from customers – old and new. Be prepared to defend your decision to change. And if you wonder if you made the right decision, remind yourself why you made the choice in the first place.

Rebranding and changing up your image can be nerve-racking, but if you follow your core mission and follow your action plan, you’ll be successful. Fall in love with your new brand (like I did), and so will your customers.

Think it might be time for a rebrand? Let’s talk before you make a drastic decision; there may be other solutions. I can help you through the rebranding process by working with you 1-2-1 or creating strategy adjustments in your current marketing plan. Contact me here or schedule some time on my calendar. I’d love to chat.


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