A great website, landing page and a call-to-action on social should be perfect for converting leads, right?  Not always. You could be getting a ton of clicks, but for some reason, leads are just trickling in.

Seriously, don’t people want to know your “5 Secrets to Zero Back Pain” or “How to Stretch – Even if You’re in a Closet.”  The problem might be an easy fix. It could be your forms.

Here’s a handful of marketing tips on how to optimize your forms to get the best lead conversion.

Push the Value

What do viewers get when they give you their information? Make sure the value is clear and the offer is worthwhile. Giving away a 25-point guide to XYZ? Share some of the highlights or tell them how it will change their life for the better. Make your copy quick, concise, and compelling.

Keep it Above the Fold

As soon as someone lands on your page, they should see your form, no scrolling or searching for it. That doesn’t mean it needs to be at the very top. Create a good looking header that matches your ad or email, and put the form just below. People filling out forms need instant gratification too.

Keep it Simple

Don’t ask for someone’s full address + phone number + horoscope sign. You get the idea. Filling out a lead form takes time and consumers are already leery about giving out way too much information online. Identity theft is real and those robocalls, so annoying. Name and email address should suffice. If you’re in the B2B space, it’s OK to ask for a business name.

If you’re looking for more information, make additional fields optional. Or, if you aren’t following up with leads directly, send a follow-up offer. When prospects or customers hit the landing page, ask for more information there. Yes, the more info the better, but slowly asking for it is more effective. At this point, you’ve already delivered on your promise, so you’ve already built trust.

Make it Enticing

The button to submit your form does make a difference. If someone is on the fence about giving their information, “LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 15 DAYS” is more exciting than “Submit.” Remember also to align all of your branding — landing page and website design — so you have a consistent look and feel. And, make your buttons bright, so they stand out and people will click.

Think Mobile

Mobile traffic has officially taken over, accounting for 58 percent of website visits in 2018. Your website should already be optimized for mobile devices with a responsive design, but make sure your forms are too. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to click on a tiny box that’s meant for a desktop site on your much smaller phone screen.

, Optimize Your Forms to Get More Leads, Robin Samora | Small Business Marketing and PR Expert Speaker

Use a Form Plugin that Allows for Validation

Asking for an email address is key, but if your form doesn’t confirm that it’s valid, then it’s pointless. What do you do when a smarty pants enters “123@abc.com which is obviously not a real email address and certainly of no value? To get the best lead information, use a form that validates entries. If someone entered this email, they’d get a message that says “please enter a valid email address.” This also prevents your email list from getting junked up.


Including a checkbox that says “I agree to the term and conditions” has its advantages, but most people aren’t going to take the time to read rules and regulations. Add a line near the bottom of your form that says, “We never share your info and promise not to spam you.” Or something like that. Be honest and transparent and respect private information. Never go back on your word.

Give Confirmation

Once people hit your submit button, give them a heads up that their information has been received. Don’t use the form default, “Thank you for submitting your information.” You might as well manifest a Snooze-fest. Instead try “10 Pointers to Recharge Your Marriage Tonight” is on its way. Check your inbox BEFORE DARK!” or “Thanks a bunch. CLICK HERE to get your FREE Daily Calendar and Activity Guide.”

There you have it – some great guidelines to optimize your forms to get more leads, which means more business. Have a landing page that’s acing it? I want to hear about it! Shoot me an email or connect with me on social.

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