If you’re in business, you need clients or you’re out of business. Simple as that. It doesn’t matter if there’s a heatwave, a snowstorm, or you’re tired from too much running around. You need a pipeline of prospects and a bucket that’s full. That means prospecting, whether you like it or not.

Use These 5 Strategies to Get More Clients

  1. Generate leads with the help of technology. Sites like GetProspectsHiplead, and Leadgenius were created to help support busy sales professionals who don’t have the time to prospect all day long and make the sale. I heard about GetProspects from a LinkedIn webinar I signed up for, and the company offered me 100 free prospect leads/email addresses a day. It’s on my list to check out next week.
  2. Ask for referrals, don’t wait for them. Get over the initial embarrassment or whatever feelings you have about asking for what you want. Use this strategy to get an introduction to someone you want to meet, for adding a speaking prospect to your list or when it’s your turn to present at a referral networking meeting. When you ask for what you want boldly, people will usually listen. Remember, the fortune is the follow-up.
  3. Follow up with lost clients. You might have been devastated when you lost the sale, but that doesn’t mean that your ‘perfect client’ is gone forever. Stay in touch. Ask how things are working out. Send links to articles you think are relevant. Be a resource. In case things don’t work out with their current provider, you’ll come to mind. No stalking allowed, unless of course you’re in LinkedIn private mode.
  4. Send a congratulatory note in the mail. Create branded note cards or go to your favorite Papyrus store and stock up on greeting cards or stationery that you love. Send a personalized note to a colleague who deserves recognition, not an email. This person may not be a prospect now, but he/she may be a referral source or an advocate for you. Make the message short, sweet, and sincere.
  5. Spend at least 15 minutes a day on LinkedIn. It’s crazy what you can learn when you’re in work mode online, rather than watching trending YouTube videos. Your friend Brian just got hired at a company on your ‘top 10’ prospect list. Your intern from 5 years ago got a new job (oh, wait, you were supposed to have lunch two months ago). Your next-door neighbor got promoted to VP of Sales and Marketing at a newly funded startup — no wonder why she leaves so early and comes home late.

I could fill an action plan with hundreds of customized marketing and PR strategies to help grow your business – with email marketing tactics, getting media coverage, being an on-demand resource as an industry expert, guest blogger, podcaster, and more.

Sometimes we forget simple. Let’s not.


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