It’s Tuesday. Blog day. You stare at it on your calendar. You block out two hours a week, and you always dread those two hours. Do you really need a blog on your website? Is anyone reading it? What’s the point? 

As someone who blogs almost weekly, I get it. You feel like there are more important things you could do with those two hours that could actually make you money. But, if you think of blogging as a MMA (money making activity) it could bring in business. It’s all in how you do it. 

4 Reasons You Need a Blog for Your Small Business Website

1. Drive Website Traffic

The ominous “they” is always saying that you need a blog for SEO. You know what SEO is, but what does that actually mean? Well, more content — fresh, quality content — can make you rank higher in a search. Google’s job is to provide answers and give the best results for a search, so give Google the answers. 

In short, write for Google.

Use keywords your customer would search for to find your business. Write content that people want to know about. Answer simple questions (long-tail keywords), and use the questions in your content. Did you know that 36% of people prefer list-based titles on blogs? (So does Google.) You want to earn position zero and you can do it with writing for Google in mind. But, never sacrifice quality for keywords. Google will know.

2. Convert with a CTA

Inbound leads that are acquired through SEO have a 15% close rate, which is exciting. Think of a blog as it’s own sales funnel. Hook them with the title. Interest them with your content. Drive it home with some impressive facts. Drop some knowledge. Then tell them how you can help solve their problem further and in exchange, after you’ve built trust, ask for their email address.

3. Credibility

If someone hears about you, they want to know what you’re all about. The typical scenario is that they Google you. Then they go to your website. Nearly half of all buyers view 3-5 pieces of content and check out online reviews before contacting a company. Your blog is a chance to show potential customers that you know what you’re talking about. It’s yet another opportunity to reveal your expertise. 

You can tell someone how great a personal trainer you are, or you can show them, using your blog as social proof. You can post articles, trends, photos of your healthy body, and testimonials. A section with healthy recipes would be valuable. And, you could answer questions. Are burpees really necessary? Is intermittent fasting right for runners? Proving you have a clue could and should help you get your next client. Keep in mind, all of your content has to be consistent with your brand.  

The other side of this is backlinks. Companies with blogs get 97% more backlinks than companies who don’t. They’re the authoritative currency of the internet, and the best way to get them is with high-quality content that people want to share. Having other websites link to yours not only gives you more credit with Google, but exponentially increases the number of people who could click through to your content.

4. Stay relevant & connected

Repeat business is the easiest and cheapest business to get. Don’t neglect it or worse, take it for granted. If you’ve followed marketing protocol, have delivered lots of value in exchange for your clients’ email addresses, use email marketing as a MMA activity. Email relevant content or recent accomplishments to past clients, whether it’s weekly or as part of a quarterly automated strategy. Dropping into their inbox regularly reminds them of you, even if they don’t always read your email. 

Encourage your clients to connect with your business on social media and post your blogs there too. Pose a question or ask for feedback, encouraging interaction. Respond to comments and create a personal connection. This is an important part of the social branding process often overlooked, because we’re so busy.   

So, even when you really don’t feel like writing a blog, just do it.

There’s no other way to write, than one word at a time. Blogging creates content that you can repurpose on social media, videos, white papers, articles, infographics, surveys, press releases — and the list goes on. Done right, it’s free marketing that you can use almost everywhere (as long as you understand the strategy). Blogging will up your SEO, get you more links, and ultimately more traffic, which you need to convert.

I know that you know your stuff. Blogging is just another wink and nod that you do too.

Want to stretch your content’s life? Take repurposing to a new level with content syndication. You can read more about that here. Want advice on other marketing questions? Schedule a complimentary 15-minute call



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