Your Google My Business listing is one of the best free publicity resources available, giving you the opportunity to strategically place information about your company on the most powerful search engine in the world. If you’re looking to get attention, build your brand, and get reviews, it’s a must-do, for most businesses. Not sure how to go about it, here’s how.

Your GMB profile is often the first impression people see of your business, so make sure it’s complete with hours, logo, address, and photos. Plus, you can add information like FAQ’s, documents, videos and other content you’d like your target audience to see. And, it’s prime for customer reviews and engaging with them, which is like responding to millions of prospects at the same time.  

To get the best results, make a point to add posts regularly to Google My Business as part of your ongoing marketing strategy. Keep in mind that content is only visible for 7 days.

Question is, what the heck do you post? 

First some basic guidelines:

  • Only the first 100 characters show on the post. Keep it short, simple and to the point.
  • Use keywords, as usual. Do your research and select long-tail phrases that fit your business or ones that someone might type into Google to find “you.” 
  • If possible, use square images. 750×750 is best. Size those images with free graphic tools, so that your images will always look their best online. 
  • And lastly, keep all your content relevant. No crazy pictures to act as clickbait. Google knows…and you know better, too. 

So now to what you came for.

5 Awesome Examples of What to Post on Google My Business

1. Giovanni The Photographer – Sales and Promotions

Posting your specials and sales to GMB gets your products and services in front of more eyes. Specifically, the eyes of your target audience, the ones who may want to buy. If someone is on the fence about hiring you or buying your product or service, a sale or promotion may gently push them over the objection hump to learn more. Having your promo posted on GMB, means consumers can see your sale as soon as they Google your business.

Giovanni posted a beautiful and bold, attention-grabbing image. “FREE” is capitalized. The message is clear, and she makes the post about the potential customer by congratulating them on their recent engagement. Prospects and clients alike can click “view offer” to get details immediately instead of searching through her website for more information. It’s a smart tactic to zero-in on promoting a specific offer for couples getting married — and connecting with them visually. 

2. Junzi Kitchen – Product Highlights

You don’t have to tell me your products are awesome. I know that. You need to let your customers see if for themselves! Showcasing your products on your GMB listing makes it easy for people to take a look and gives them quick access to purchasing. Always make it easy for your customers to buy or they’ll go elsewhere. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, or, in this case, a thousand “yums.” This photo shows that the restaurant is taking its cuisine to the next level. Thinking you have to be a professional photographer? Not. A brand-cohesive background and a simple flattering arrangement can get the job done. The only way this post might be better is if the button said “Order Online” instead of “Buy.” I’m drooling. Are you?

3. SWETSTUDIO – Service Offerings

How about featuring your services in a fun way? People may wonder “What does that company do anyway?” Answer them immediately with an almost zero-click option.

SWETSTUDIO posted a visually engaging photo that caused me to stop and take a second look. If you were scrolling along, you might say, “what’s that?” The transparency here is spot-on and allows exercise enthusiasts or wannabe’s to act quickly and book right then and there. The price isn’t hidden and you can schedule a class directly from the post. Easy. 

4. Events – Beehive Restaurant 

Have an event coming up? Save money and time and post your event on Google My Business. Again, get your message in front of people who are interested in what you have to offer, without any extra clicks, redirects, or social media madness. 

In this post, Boston restaurant, Beehive, used a compelling image with a short bio about their guest artist, Gabriela Martina. There’s a link to “call now” and a button to “reserve a table,” giving customers multiple opportunities to book a reservation. Isn’t it great to see who will be performing without a Google marathon? Plus, there are so many critic reviews for customers to read!  

5. New Content – Workspace @45

Did you just record an amazing podcast or shoot a video that tells it all (well almost all)? Add it to your GMB. It’s great for SEO (again, Google) and link backs to your website.

Workspace@45, who has shared workspace and offices in Canton and Hingham, MA posts regularly to Google My Business and adds its podcasts as a way to support entrepreneurs and their businesses. You can tell immediately from the image that podcasts are being featured.  Workspace@45 also makes it a point to humanize their posts by adding a picture of the guest. Colors are also on-brand and the topic is clear.

Bottom line, if you’re posting content to social media, post it to Google My Business too. Keep the copy short and sweet and the graphics eye-catching. You only have a few seconds (or half-a-second) while someone reviews your info in their search results. Don’t waste it.

Looking for more how-tos for Google My Business? Hootsuite and Thrive have some great tips for getting started. Plus, read Justin Moran’s GMB case study to learn how he grew his hyperlocal business. He’s the owner of Workspace@45 and a recent success story.


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