Most big brands are now using chat, especially chatbots, in their marketing. The AI technology allows website visitors to ask questions and is an easy way to get information without customers having to scan your website for answers. But, is a chatbot right for your business?

A chatbot could streamline your marketing, make your company more money and be more efficient by cutting down on repetitive questions. Plus, you still get the lead.

Sounds simple right? Of course, you want a chatbot on your website if it’s going to make you look more high-tech and help you streamline the sales and customer service process. But setting up a chatbot can be time-consuming. You have to review inquiries, analyze what questions to pre-load, and create mapping based on trigger words to direct users to the correct pages. You also have to write scripted responses for all of this too.

The more info you enter into the chatbot, the more helpful it will be. While machine learning helps the bot make better associations over time, you still have to take the time to review dialogues to make sure that people are being helped properly. And there are constant tweaks to make and new info to upload to make the chatbot more “informed.”

A chatbot isn’t right for everyone, but if any of these sound like problems you have, then maybe a chatbot is right for your business.

Does your company deal with a ton of customer service?

While people know they aren’t talking to “Karen,” a cute and perky stock-image woman, chatbots give users better answers faster. If your business provides a service to a wide range of customers, a chatbot can allow visitors to ask a question and have the answer in seconds. It’s a natural for high-volume retail stores, busy ecommerce stores, moving companies, technology companies, insurance agencies — business that always have a new crop of customers to help.

Are you answering the same questions over and over?

Loading your Q&A into your chatbot could save you and your team a lot of time repeating yourselves. Plus, it’s more personal than an FAQ page. Even if the information is provided on your website, people will still ask you the same questions. What are your hours? What do you charge? Do you do X service too? Do you ever carry X product?

Stop answering these questions and let them ask the bot. Preload answers. Learn more about their ‘ask’ and still get their contact info.

Are you having trouble converting customers on your website?

There’s technology that allows you to have your chatbot start a conversation with a website visitor based on what they’ve viewed on your website. This goes a little farther than, “How can I help?” If someone has been on the same product page for a few minutes, your chatbot can prompt them with, “Are there questions I can answer about __ service?” This personalizes their experience and catches the visitors’ attention.

Plus, if someone chats on your website, you automatically capture their info to follow up with them as a lead and can start sending them emails to move them through your sales funnel.

Is your target audience under the age of 40?

Millennials and Gen Z prefer online chat to phone calls. They love to multi-task by researching a product on their phone while watching TV or shopping on their laptop while listening to a podcast. Millennials tend to do a lot of research before making a purchasing decision, so giving them the option to chat and explore all their questions and concerns could benefit your company.

A chatbot sounds like an exciting opportunity, but before making a decision, you need to ask yourself if a chatbot fits your brand. If your business is very small, it probably doesn’t need a chatbot. If you don’t have the time to commit to it, don’t get a chatbot either. A half-developed chatbot without your attention, doesn’t help you or your customers.

If you want to see if a chatbot works for you, try it for free with Engati. If you don’t think a bot is right for you but want to give live chat a try, which offers an amazing, free option.

Do you have chat on your website? Tell me how it’s working for you. Email me at If it isn’t working, how can I help?

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