As a marketing consultant, I’m always creating lists. Discovering the best new marketing and social media tools, short cuts, and go-to’s for research, creating content, and promoting it. If I got paid by the click, I’d probably be a millionaire. 

Here’s a list of 18 social media and marketing tools that save me and my clients time, money, and resources. As awesome as the list may be, keep in mind, that these are the tools – not the strategy which is the foundation of any marketing plan. 

18 Social Media and Marketing Tools to Help Create Better Social Media Content

  1. Apps like Buffer can help manage and schedule social media posts. Save time and headaches using this automation tool. 
  2. BombBomb can help integrate video with your customer communications. Video consistently outperforms other media.
  3. Loom is another video recording tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable videos. Use it to say hello to prospects and customers. 
  4. Canva  helps you create designs for social media graphics, brochures, templates, and infographics. Set up a team page.
  5. Buzzsumo allows you to see what’s trending, and to research influencers and popular topics. Use select content links on your own social platforms. 
  6. Similar to Buzzsumo, here are 10 similar sites to review via Shane Barker. Alternatives provide perspective and choices.
  7. Feedly is a news aggregator where subscribers can follow topics, share links, and pair up with automation tools like Buffer. Think of it as a digital library where you’re the head librarian. 
  8. Alltop is another free news aggregator that you can use in real time. It’s also a source of up to date information for sharing content. Set up folders for easy access.
  9. Asana is a project management tool where you can create editorial and social media calendars, and so much more. Free and paid versions are available.  
  10. Generate better blog ideas with Question DB. Use Question DB with any content development. 
  11. View free video assets and templates at Mixkit. Don’t get carried away. Set a timer. 
  12. Check out your competitor’s traffic with SimilarWeb. Market Intelligence that truly gets you thinking. 
  13. ShareThis provides buttons for social media engagement. Use them for free. 
  14. Check out CoSchedule’s headline analyzer to write better headlines and drive more traffic. They’ve also got a ton of downloadable templates, too. 
  15. SocialBlade is an analytic tool marketers use to see competitor stats on YouTube. Worth a look to see how your competition is ranking.
  16. Airstory helps you write big content faster by putting all the pieces in one place. A time saver for bigger projects and multiple contributers.
  17. Test-drive a site like HotJar to understand your user and get insight. Analyze heat maps and behavior to make the right choices. 
  18. Look at a free hashtag tool like All-Hashtag to find the most appropriate hashtag for select platforms. Compare your hashtags to what influencers are using.

And lastly, here’s a list from Blogging Wizard of additional social media management tools to grow your social presence. 

Enjoy responsibly. One click at a time. 

PS: Resources like these will be included in my upcoming ebook, “Notes from a #MarketingCoach.” 



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