Are you wondering about Google Discover? You’re not alone. A lot of marketers don’t know what it is or how to leverage it for their online marketing.

Google Discover is found on Google’s home page and it’s a fresh take on the news feed format found on social media. It recommends content to users based on their previous Google searches and highlights a mix of news and evergreen content, emphasizing visuals, like videos and photography.

The real crowd-pleaser of this feature is the power to adjust what shows up on the feed. Basically, the more you interact with it, the better it gets.

So, how can you harness the power behind Google Discover to increase your SEO and get featured? Since Google Discover isn’t search-powered, keyword optimization won’t be enough to highly rank your content. But, the good news is a lot of the same SEO rules still apply.

8 Tips to Get Featured on the Google Discover Feed

  1. Create quality content. Does your content engage? Is it timely? Would someone want to share it? If your answer to any of these questions is no, your content probably isn’t going to fly with Discover. Write and share premium content that addresses the needs of your readers and encourages engagement –not surface content that leaves your reader with ‘yeah, I know that already’.
  2. Be seen as a trusted source. Are you sharing content that can be trusted? If you share information that has a fake or nameless author, you’re probably doomed with Discover because anonymous authors signal untrustworthy content. Besides writing consistently, it also doesn’t hurt to have a link strategy in place aimed at getting backlinks from high-quality websites either.
  3. Use images and video to improve your rank. Another must-have is to include high-quality images and video whenever possible. Discover makes content more appealing by showing large images along with text descriptions. Even in text-based posts, make it a point to add visually appealing photos or graphics to grab attention. Need help with this? Check out Hubspot’s guide to photo optimization.
  4. Create a mix of trendy and evergreen content. A carefully thought out mix of content gives users a well-rounded experience. It also helps boost your brand’s strength as a content creator. But, since trending content has been ‘hot’ for years, it would be smart to create evergreen content, too. Evergreen content should be supported by relevant trending news and just because it’s not news to you, it can still be ‘new’ to others.
  5. Post more videos. Because Discover emphasizes video, play around with different types like tutorials, demos, interviews with thought leaders or even short videos that inform viewers of a new trend in your industry. Embracing video will help your overall brand marketing strategy since more people prefer to learn about brands through video. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making an affordable marketing video.
  6. Stay up-to-date on Google’s policies. Don’t fool around with this one. The stories and content shown on Discover must follow Google’s guidelines and content policies. The last thing you want to do is spend time and money creating content that’s pulled because it violated one of Google’s rules. Steer clear of techniques that might straddle the line today, because that line can move a bit tomorrow.
  7. Make sure you optimize for mobile. Your site and content should be mobile responsive.  Post content that’s easy to navigate and works well on mobile devices, and test to make sure. When people see your content on Google Discover, they’ll click into it from a mobile device. If the content isn’t functional or easy to digest, they may leave you in a heartbeat.
  8. Monitor your performance. Want to monitor your results? Check out Google Discover’s Performance Report. This report shows impressions, clicks and CTR (click-through rate) for any of your content that has appeared on Discover in the last 16 months. You have to hit a minimum amount of data to see results.

Here’s the Bottom Line

Ultimately, Google Discover and Google Search are doing a similar thing: offering up quality content that gives readers a seamless experience to what they’re interested in — and what they’re searching for. That gives you an opportunity to craft a solid and informative experience for your target audience — plus, build brand awareness.

While strong editorial judgement will help you create intriguing content, smart SEO strategies can also help you gain credibility in the eyes of Google algorithms. Both strategies can raise your search rankings while also increasing your chances of landing on Google Discover.

Google Discover is symbolic of where the Internet, search engines and most other online platforms are going. Engaging online content is getting more visual, personalized and mobile-optimized. Make sure you’re part of it or you’ll be left behind.

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