With a majority of the population #WFH, it may seem more difficult right now to make meaningful connections with clients and customers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It just means you have to adjust to a new normal and a new way of doing things.

Video marketing helps you do that, and with live streaming more popular than ever, it’s second nature for clients to click and view. In 2019, internet users watched 1.1 billion hours of live video and now with businesses transitioning to a stronger e-commerce model, video is stronger than ever and key to your branding and marketing strategy. 

So what’s all the buzz all about LinkedIn Live? Think of it like Facebook Live, with a more professional twist. Although it joined the streaming party later than Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn Live streams have increased by 158% since launching in February 2020.

LinkedIn Live isn’t available to all businesses right now, but start thinking about live streaming so when you’re up and running, it may be an option.

6 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn Live in Your Marketing Strategy

  1. Offer virtual events. Classes, conferences and workshops have been shut down almost everywhere, but people still want to network and learn. Virtual events are an easy and almost no-cost marketing tactic to engage your audience and create powerful brand associations. With LinkedIn Live, audiences around the world can virtually pop-in to your event. Host a casual interview, stream a keynote speaker or panel, and allow viewers to ask questions in real-time. As an international B2B platform, LinkedIn offers a variety of ways to build your expert platform and customer base.  
  2. Attract employees. LinkedIn can be an effective recruiting tool for finding new talent. Live streaming can help you give people a behind-the-scenes look at your workplace culture, which is key to recruiting new hires. You can introduce your employees through quick Q&A’s, have an informal meet n’ greet, or share your mission or fun facts. Think about other social media strategies you’ve used to support your recruiting efforts, then brainstorm ideas on how that might work with your live stream.
  3. Interview an expert. Expert Q&A’s make up some of the top-performing LinkedIn Live videos. Done well, they can showcase your credibility and leadership position. Host a panel for thought leaders, including those at your own company, to talk about industry trends and issues. Chat with an industry celebrity whose client base is relevant (not competitive) to yours. This extends your reach to a complementary audience who might not know about your products or services, but be interested in learning more.   
  4. Host an AMA.  “Ask Me Anything” sessions, like interviews, follow a Q&A format, except that viewers get to ask the questions, not the host. They offer real value by answering questions that matter most to your community. Want to drive traffic to tune in? Make sure you promote your event across multiple platforms. You can also record the AMA to view later, storing it in your digital marketing library. 
  5. Launch a new product or service. Have exciting news to share? LinkedIn Live can be a platform for product or service launch events. By launching during a live stream, you can get immediate feedback from your audience, answer questions and host a live demonstration. What a scary/fun/exciting way to hear from your target market. 
  6. Consider series-based content. In any live-streaming format, you’re likely to get more viewers if people know when to tune in. Instead of just going live on a whim, plan a weekly or monthly series. And remember to promote your event on a consistent basis in the days leading up to the stream. (Hello editorial calendars and automation tools like Hootsuite and Buffer). This gives people a better chance to actually be logged on when you go live.

Live streaming is a great way to support your marketing efforts and connect with your audience, particularly with in-person and traditional sales strategies, now transformed. Since practically everyone has a mobile device, live streaming is accessible, easy to use and a great tool for real-time engagement.

By taking advantage of live streaming, and LinkedIn Live when it’s available, you can continue marketing, promoting your brand, and letting clients know what you stand for. This will put you in a stronger position when the economy bounces back. 

Be ready for the business.  


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