No matter what the economy is doing, you can’t stop marketing. Simple as that. 

Staying in front of your target audience and letting them know you’re alive and open for business is key, especially now. And any smart marketer will tell you — you can’t do it all yourself. You have to be resourceful and sometimes round out your team to get the job done. We all know about time and budget restraints! 

Hiring freelance marketers can be the solution. 

All it takes is a quick search on Google to find freelance websites that have the talent and exact skillsets you’re looking for. Need a new logo, blog post or mobile app? How about packaging for a new product you’re ready to launch? Name your project. There’s someone out there to help you at a price you can afford, one that’s far less than the cost of a full-time employee. 

Websites have made browsing for creative help easy. You can choose freelancers by location, specialty and budget. Plus, you’re able to read reviews left by other buyers. Each site works a little differently, but they’re all designed to help businesses and freelance marketers connect.

7 Top Websites to Find Freelance Marketing Help

Fiverr. If your budget is tight, this is the place to start. As the name suggests, many jobs are only $5. But make sure you read the fine print because most freelancers promote various add-ons to boost the price. For example, if you pay $5 to have your logo designed, you may have to pay another $20 to have it produced in different formats. 

Of course, you can always negotiate, but even with the add-ons, it still won’t break the bank. Also, since most freelancers on this site are looking to build portfolios and make extra income, the quality varies drastically.  Make sure you vet the worker carefully by checking ratings and reviews before deciding on who you’re going to use. 

Two great resources I’ve heard about (and are on my calendar for projects) are for book cover design, and video editing. Check them out for yourselves before spending $5.00+ (plus tip). 

Upwork. Although more expensive than Fiverr, Upwork gives you access to a pool of more experienced freelancers. Talented professionals are eager to do just about any task and plenty of competition keep bids modest. Just answer a few questions about your project and the specific skills required, and Upwork will match you with the best talent available. The platform is super easy to use, too. You can email, send and receive files, and share feedback in real time, all without leaving the site or mobile app. 

Guru. If you want to find the right expert for your project rather than simple ‘busy’ work that doesn’t require special skills, check out Guru. Compared to other sites, they seem to have a stronger international presence and offer a wider array of specialties — like engineering, architecture, legal, and secretarial. If you have a relatively straightforward project and a smaller budget, this site could be for you. Looking for help with web-based projects, like website development, mobile app design or SEO marketing?  Start your search here. Instead of browsing listings, post a description of your project and the site will match freelancers for you. Want added peace of mind? Freelancer will also hold your payment in escrow until the work is done and you’re happy with it, similar to other sites too, where your satisfaction is key. 

LinkedIn ProFinder. This is a pretty cool tool you can use right from your LinkedIn profile. Describe your project with as much detail as possible and LinkedIn will send quotes from marketing freelancers straight to your email. Although it’s a bit more costly than other marketplaces, you can be confident you’re drawing from a more closely vetted pool of marketing experts. Be sure to check profiles carefully and your candidate’s online reputation. No fake marketers allowed

99 Designs. If you need help with branding, 99 Designs is the place to be for creating a logo, designing a website, or even a company T-shirt. It’s unique in that instead of choosing freelancers à la carte, you can run a contest to find your best talent. Describe your project, decide your budget and freelancers compete to win your business. The best part is you get to filter through actual designs and choose someone you think will work out. Design contests start at $299. When I rebranded, my logo was created at 99 Designs. I paid a premium price, but it was worth it! 

Toptal. This is the cream of the crop for freelancing marketplaces. Toptal only accepts the best freelancers — or top 3 percent — who have years of experience. If you work with a Toptal freelancer, you can be assured you’ll receive quality work. You’re also going to pay more. If you have a project that requires careful attention and specialized experience, this might be the way to go. You can find expert graphic designers, illustrators, animators, and other marketing and design professionals here.  

Depending on your need and budget, hiring a freelancer might be the perfect fix to move your marketing forward, to go from inaction to action — and to get things done! Remember you can’t do it all yourself. Take your time, do your research, ask for recommendations from trusted colleagues or advisors — and most importantly, be open to a new perspective.

You know those marketing projects you’ve had on the back burner and the excuses you’ve made because there’s no one to do the work? Take a chance on a vetted expert. Be clear, confident, and consistent with your expectations before you hit the send button. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.  

After all, we’re all virtual now. 


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