Is Quora the Best Q + A Marketing Platform?

Want insight on how your customers think and what they need? 

Look at Quora, the ultimate question and answer site for experts who want to provide value (and get leads), and readers who want guidance (and free advice). It may not seem like the most exciting addition to your social media marketing, but it does offer a platform to build authority, credibility, and an opportunity to be recognized in a particular industry. 

What’s the benefit of marketing on Quora?

Quora is a platform for real people in search of real answers. If you help your audience, they’ll support you in return by visiting your website, reading your articles, and if they like what they see, invest in your products and services. You may even end up with a few new brand advocates.

On Quora, you can:

  • Ask specific questions to collaborate with industry influencers
  • Publish thought-leadership content, like you would on LinkedIn
  • Search for topics, experts and competitors related to your business
  • Receive notifications of new questions and answer in real time
  • Buy ads to get your questions and answers in front of more people
  • Build a system of backlinks organically from an authority site  

So, how do you get started?

7 Tips for Using Quora Like a Marketing Master 

  1. Optimize your profile. Every time you answer a question, Quora shows the first 50 characters in your profile as a tagline — so make them count. Mention your brand name and professional title up front. This helps establish trust and authority. Also, by adding a headshot, you’ll seem real and human. There’s a lot of competition with multiple answers under the same post, so make yours the most qualified.
  2. Follow topics in your industry. Become an active participant and showcase your subject matter expertise by posting thought-provoking questions and valuable answers. Be sure to include links back to your website for more information and to gain your fair share of SEO value. While you’re at it, think about repurposing your own content and saving questions asked. They can inspire ideas and titles for signature talks, blogs, and articles — even videos.
  3. Find people to connect with. Quora isn’t just a search engine, it’s also a social media platform. For brands, it’s a great way to build your relationship with customers. If you’re a leading expert in your company, who’s better equipped to answer questions about your product or service than you? Looking for people to connect with?  Track the top answers and followers of relevant topics and contribute to boards that cover topics in your industry.
  4. Search for the best questions to answer. There are millions of queries floating around Quora, so focus on being strategic and answer questions that deliver value for your business. Find topics that fit your industry and threads with a lot of upvotes because they’ll get the most engagement. Curious about what kind of questions and answers get the most notice? Check out this page of most popular topics.
  5. Make your answers stand out. Show your passion for the topic you’ve chosen, and let your brand’s tone and voice be heard. One of the easiest ways to create a well-thought out answer is to pull snippets from the content you’ve already written. Grab a quote or edit a paragraph from a recent article or blog, and expand on it, complete with a link back to your site. Content marketers, this is an insider’s secret, so share it wisely.
  6. Discover new audiences. The Quora Digest sends emails to users who are interested in the subjects you’re answering questions on. The more questions you answer, the more authority you’ll build, which increases the chance of you being in a digest. Think Reddit and popularity. What can you learn from the system? 
  7. Review your analytics. Figure out which questions are generating the most value for your brand. With Quora, you can track everything from how many people viewed your response, to how many upvotes you got. When you add a tracking link to your answers, you’ll also have a way to measure how many click-throughs you’re getting. Do readers follow through on a particular call-to-action, or are they just taking a peek? 

Quora makes it easy to market your business, bolster your position as an industry expert, and drive traffic to your website.  It also enhances relationships with current and future customers. 

Because Quora is all about questions and answers, it’s exactly what Google is looking for when it comes to quality content. It also positions you as an authority, which Google recognizes as a ranking factor.  And if you like social bling, it’s a hidden gem to boost your SEO. 

The most important aspect of using Quora is to deliver value — to bring expertise and experience to the table. Position yourself as a knowledgeable industry leader and the pay-off may be prospects and customers reaching out for answers and advice. Who knew that snippets could bring in new business?





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