So you think Pinterest is only for women who want to share their favorite banana bread recipe? Well, think again.

Pinterest is, hands down, one of the best-kept secrets in online marketing. And it’s no longer just for niche markets like cooking, DIY, fashion and design.

If heavy-hitters like Walmart, Lowes and Apple have figured out that the platform can be an important part of their marketing strategy, then you might want to think about it too, especially if you write a blog. 

Pinterest is often overlooked by bloggers trying to drive more traffic to their website. And the reason is simple. They think  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will give them maximum exposure.

Pinterest checks all the key marketing boxes: it’s a search engine, traffic is free, there’s a huge potential for your pin to go viral, it appeals to high-income earners, and it can be 100 percent automated.

6 Marketing Strategies and Tools to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest 

  1. Pay attention to your description. To get your target audience to stop scrolling and visit your blog, create an engaging business description. Pique their curiosity by highlighting your key message so they’ll want to learn more. Show how you can help solve a problem. Feature a call-to-action. A simple invitation to “download a guide to make more money with Pinterest,” or other freebie with an enticing headline can drive a huge spike in traffic.
  2. Automate your pinning. Pinning every day takes time. If you want fast success on Pinterest, sign up for Tailwind. It’s by far the best tool out there for promoting and sharing your content, and it offers different ways to automate your pinning strategy. I like the new SmartLoop function where pins can loop to the same board at the best times for engagement. Test-drive their service and you’ll get your first 100 pins for free. 
  3. Interact with your followers. Make your Pinterest boards interesting enough so that your target market wants to hang out. Follow them back and check out their pins and boards to get content ideas. If you see that one of your followers has a pin that relates to your blog, repin it. Also be sure to follow influencers and industry leaders. This shows that you’re engaged, knowledgeable, and support your industry — all of which makes you credible.
  4. Make your pins searchable. Check your account settings and make sure your “search privacy” setting allows public search engines to find you. Use blog titles as board titles and include relevant keywords to describe your posts. If you can’t find a way to use keywords in your description, use hashtags. Pins with at least one repin are more likely to show up in search results for keywords. You can make that happen, right? 
  5. Join a group board. Saving content to a group board allows you to quickly grow your following. If you have less than 1,000 followers, this is a must-do because you can share followers from other accounts. PinGroupie is a popular tool that allows you to search for group boards. Create a few boards and pin content on your profile before requesting to join a group, though. Owners will usually look at your profile to judge if your content is good enough to share. 
  6. Include a “pin it” button. When readers share your blog, it’s only natural that their friends and followers will read it too. Make it easy for followers to share your blog and increase your chances of  word-of-mouth marketing by having a “pin it” button on all of your posts. These widgets can help drive a ton of referral traffic back to your site. When a blog reader clicks the “pin it” button, they create a pin on their own Pinterest site, too. 

Everybody likes free publicity. Take a page out of the industry giants’ playbook and use Pinterest to grow your business. If it’s important enough for Walmart and Apple to devote resources to it, the same marketing strategies might work for you. 


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