When you can’t get in front of a live audience to build visibility and credibility, ramp up your search for podcasts. It may seem time consuming at first, so reset your mindset. Think of it like creating a customized roadmap to reach your marketing goals. 

Podcasts provide amazing opportunities for promoting your expertise, products and services. Share them on your social platforms – your host will already be doing that – and repurpose your shows on other media channels like Google My Business, email newsletters, blogs, groups on LinkedIn or even on YouTube with apps like Repurpose.io, an automation platform that makes publishing easy. 

Use the marketing tips below to go from Point A to Point B to find the perfect podcasts to grow your business and brand. Then, take inspired action! 

3 Ways to Find Podcasts to Market Your Brand 

  1. Look for small to medium sized podcasts. The biggest podcasts in your industry may be easy to find but hard to book. Google may also not list smaller podcasts, so go under the radar and find shows that will more likely book you. Look for a niche audience that aligns with your products and services, but also your shares your values. 
  2. Use Twitter’s advanced search feature.  Make a list of experts and speakers in your industry (including your competition) and check out their Twitter feeds. From there, go to Twitter’s advanced search bar and type in ‘podcast interview’. Check out recent tweets to see where other experts have been featured and follow the trail. What interests you?  
  3. Experiment with Overcast.fm and search for podcasts in your industry. You can also download the Overcast.fm app on your mobile phone. Start a list of potential podcasts in your industry and look for a fit – not a wild stretch, unless you’re pitching a particular angle. An important rule to remember is don’t pitch and spray. Tune in first to listen for style and topic, then decide. Never pitch a topic that’s been covered recently and be mindful of your message and your timing.

If you have a podcast already and are looking for a quick and comprehensive read on promoting yours, here’s a great article by Outbrain, 11 Strategies to Market Your Podcast in 2020.  I liked it and think you may too. 

Have questions on how to write the perfect podcast pitch? Email me or here’s a link to my calendar if you want some feedback or a thoughtful review. 

There are 93 days to the New Year. Make every one count. 


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