A while back, I was asked to do a presentation on productivity and meeting goals to grow a business, overcome procrastination, and pull a team together. After reading The 12 Week Year, Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months, by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington, I was hooked. The book became a staple in planning and transforming the ways things get done.   

Here’s how it works. Instead of waiting a year to meet all your goals, choose three or four that are important and timely to share with your team — and create a strategy to accomplish them. This same approach works with marketing. 

Here’s an example of what a 12 Week Marketing Year looks like – without the detailed action plan of what to do every day, week, month, quarter, and so on.  

12-Week Marketing Year Sample Plan 

The goal for the next twelve-week period is to sign one commercial landscape contract for a building greater than 40,000SF which will produce $36,000 in annual fees, $15,000 in building and garden supplies, and a minimum of $10,000 in commissions and miscellaneous income.

To do this, we need to:

1. Build Referrals (past and present clients, networking associations, and current referral partners) Ask for referrals, testimonials and case studies

2. Identify 20 companies and owners/managers to connect with. Get complete contact info from daily scouting (online and offline activities)

  • Initiate contact: Phone, email, virtual, in person, connect on LinkedIn
  • Prospecting: fill funnel daily: Supplement with: Loopnet, Cityfeet, BBJ, Bankers and Tradesman
  • Identify companies that are predisposed to appreciate attention and detail company offers, including 5-Star reviews
  • Categorize leads quality: hot, warm, cold, and time sensitivity
  • Close deals 

3. Develop outreach program. Locate less than perfect service in target industries, locations and among contacts (PR, Social Media/LinkedIn, networking groups and associations) Replace in person networking with virtual invitations. 

  • Materials needed: Copy points and sound bites; Drive by photos and evaluation; Special Report, ie; “The Latest Research: How Landscaping Affects Tenant Churn,” “Does Your Building’s Landscaping Keep Tenants Away”; “Top 10 Landscaping Ideas for Under $25,000”, etc.
  • Write tips sheets and articles for industry publications and blogs 

4. Strengthen Social Media 

  • Create stronger LinkedIn profile and content calendar 
  • Identify influencers via Buzzsumo, Google, industry publications 
  • Post 3x a week on LinkedIn, engage daily (15 min/ 2x day) 
  • Build out YouTube Channel
    1. Determine video content and post on calendar
    2. Shoot videos including About, FAQs, Client Testimonials, Value-Driven How to’s
    3. Post on a regularly scheduled basis
    4. Write key word rich descriptions, tags, optimize for maximum exposure

It’s easier to meet goals when they’re bite-sized and you can delegate items to your team. With a 12 Week Marketing Year, there’s no confusion about what to do, and when things need to get done. Plus, there’s no scrambling at the end of the year to make it all happen. 

To get your own 12 Week Marketing and Action Plan, book an appointment and let’s discuss. Here’s my calendar.


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