If you’re in business, you’re in sales. And sales (and marketing) keep the doors open. 

Right now, you may be working from home; prospecting, dialing for dollars, connecting on social media, video conferencing, and networking to find your ideal customer. You’re also probably writing a ton of emails every day as a normal course of business.   

How you use email marketing depends on your goals. 

When you create a fail proof digital marketing plan and send out newsletters, blogs, announcements and updates to a list or segmented groups, you’re able to plan ahead, craft a compelling message or campaign, and reach a larger audience. Results from email marketing can be impressive with a ROI near 4200%.

Digital marketing works to increase business and visibility, but you also have to communicate with prospects and customers directly. To follow up on a sales conversation, make an appointment, send a personal or congratulatory note to foster goodwill, or just get an answer from a prospect who won’t answer your call!  

When you’re at a loss for words or don’t know what to say to move the sales process forward, check out these ten email templates for ideas.  Feel free to swipe and edit as you like to build your business and get back on track.  Note: They’re in my brand personality, so make them your own.  


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