Without customers you have a hobby, not a business. Businesses run on customers, and a steady flow of them. What do you need to know to make your prospects say yes? 

5 Ways to Get Your Customer to Say Yes 

  1. Take time to know your customer. Beyond the obvious, what are they afraid of? What keeps them up at 3am? What do they dream of, what makes them want to buy your product or service? This is key because every part of your sales and marketing conversation will stem from what your prospect needs. 
  2. Understand what’s in your product or sales toolbox. When you know your product inside and out, you can see if it’s the best solution to solve your customer’s problem or challenge. You’ll also be able to overcome objections. Believe in your product or service (and yourself) and your prospects will believe in you.  
  3. Switch from a sales conversation to a human conversation. The used car salesman story triggers uncomfortable feelings about being sold to. Instead of thinking about closing a deal, go back to understanding your customer, what they need, and when they need it. When someone is looking to buy, they want to trust that this will be the perfect solution, and they need to trust you.
  4. Don’t be the best kept secret in town. Do you position yourself as an authority in your field? Are you promoting yourself as an expert? Do you write a blog, have a YouTube Channel, speak at conferences or virtual presentations? Are you teaching or training? Have a podcast? Create and maximize your own media channels and implement low-cost promotional tactics to build your visibility and expert status.
  5. Use social media to create social proof. With social media, you can influence a global market or niche audience, depending on your goals. Social proof allows others to see you as the world sees you and peaks your audience’s interest.  Plus, it validates your brand by using other people’s experiences to gain credibility. 

Getting your customer to say yes isn’t just a five-step process, it’s a long-term commitment. 

Many experts will tell you to create a sense of urgency, but you also don’t want to rush a purchase or have a customer not commit because you haven’t covered every objection. The timing may also be off. 

Then there’s follow up – a dance to stay in the game and keep the prospect’s attention. Follow up often entails seven to nine touch points; by email, phone, personalized Loom videos, social media, digital marketing, retargeting, a ping from a past client, sending a testimonial or article, or creating your own follow up strategy. 

Bottom line: The most efficient solution to get your customer to say yes? Prequalify your prospects. Do they need what you have, are they thinking about buying, do they have the funds, and are they ready to pull the trigger? If it’s not the right time, stay in touch, put them in your warm funnel and keep communication open.

No isn’t no until a customer says so. 


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