In an uneasy world, it’s more important than ever for companies to be flexible and pivot to meet customer needs. At the same time, according to the new Global Marketing Trends report from Deloitte Insights, trust and brand loyalty remain key with a focus to authentically and holistically meet an audience’s needs. Will you step up or stand by?  

6 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

  1. Know your why. Why are you in business and who are you going to serve? Although this seems overly simplistic, knowing this will guide you through challenging and turbulent times. Agility and innovation and a giant stretch from the familiar comfort zone will be required to meet the personal demands of your customers and an ever-changing environment. 
  2. Connecting human to human. With a majority of the population feeling limited in what they can control, local and national brands are developing a stronger human to human bond with their audience longing for connection.  You may notice this in gentler customer service, return policies, and negotiating. Deeper thought is given beyond what’s the cheapest option to what’s best on a more global scale.  
  3. Transparency counts in all communication. Create messaging that’s true to your word. Commit to delivering on your promise. In a time where values are being tested, pay attention to your values as a company and those of your target market. Not abiding to value-driven initiatives will cause you to lose customers, brand loyalty, and a social following. 
  4. Create partnerships that matter. When you align with a non-competitive brand and join forces to meet your customer’s demands, enhance results, and benefit mutual audiences, you’ll win. Look to reach a wider audience, more brand loyalty and credibility. Impact a positive outcome for the greater good. Big companies like ExxonMobil are doing this now, but think about the possibilities in your industry, more locally. What partnerships can you create for more sustainable results? 
  5. Transform your marketing team. It’s hard to keep up with the changes in marketing, especially if you’re so busy working IN your business that you don’t have time to work ON your business. How will you adapt and keep up with the latest marketing strategies and trends? 

The answer is to seek out the best talent. Ask for help where you don’t have expertise. Use sites like these to hire freelance staff. And reward your outsourced team as if they were in your office next door (even if they’re not). 

Are there just six marketing trends to pay attention to? 

Of course, not. You’ll want to keep current with other trends in the marketplace. Ask your audience to promote your brand with user generated content – a newer digital version of word of mouth marketing. Give customers a reason to trust you and thank them for earning your trust. 

Branded content will also be on the rise, especially with video, the most watched content online and a marketer’s favorite. Show Google the love by uploading videos to YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, and benefit from the free publicity.

And let’s not forget about the explosive world of social commerce and online marketplaces. There’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, and brick and mortar shops that are establishing shopping platforms – to name a few. 

Finally, there’s going live. 

Talking, promoting, teaching, sharing, telling stories, building like, know, trust and believability – with an audience who is already online and wants to engage, know more, and participate with a brand they’re – for the moment – committed to. Don’t overthink the process. 

To grow, expand, and control your company’s destiny, get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  

Don’t let life take you or your business for a ride.

You’re in the driver’s seat. 


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