7 Marketing Tips for Non-Profits During Challenging Times

Whether you work for a non-profit or support one, the landscape has changed. Fundraising may be more of a challenge, there are fewer face-to-face events, donors may seem less attentive, and discretionary giving may be low. If you’re a smaller non-profit without a national presence and strong platform, the turbulence might threaten your existence.   

In uncertain times, for business and non-profits, the goal isn’t just to stay alive – it’s to thrive. One way to do that is to up your social media game. Here’s how. 

7 Marketing Tips for Non-Profits During Challenging Times  

  1. Evaluate your best performing platforms. One size does not fit all, especially if you have a smaller social media team. Be clear on your goals, know who you want to target, post your best content on a consistent basis, and cultivate relationships with followers. Followers will promote your cause.  
  2. Ask and you will receive. What kind of support are you looking for? Donors, volunteers, active community members who will sign a petition? Identify socially savvy followers and ask them to take part in a hashtag train. Create a call-to-action that strikes an emotional chord, that makes people feel like they’re contributing to the greater good because it’s important to them.  
  3. Create and post videos. Since videos are the most watched content, share them to inspire action, help your audience to connect to the heart of your organization and to each other. If you can’t hire professional help, use your iPhone to shoot engaging videos that motivate people to give, donate their time, become part of a leadership team. Post testimonial videos that let people share their story, discuss impact (failure and success), and trigger emotions.
  4. Humanize your brand. Sure, you want to make it easy for people to give, but asking for money all the time gets old. Create and share posts that are interesting and inform your audience about how you’re contributing to the community. Be transparent. Share the love by tagging your most loyal supporters and donors – it’s free publicity. Build an active community before you launch a major online fundraiser. 
  5. Collaborate with others. Look for influencers in your community or industry who align with your goals and mission. Keep your eye open for non-profits and sponsors who may make great partners. By adding their power and energy to help your cause, you exponentially widen your outreach to inspire greater growth. Similar to a business and its social media marketing plan, connect with potential partners. Reach out. Start a conversation. Like, share, comment, send a DM. 
  6. Follow a calendar. A social media editorial calendar keeps your content organized. When you create one, you’ll have a better understanding of what type of content you’re posting and when. For non-campaign schedules, decide on days and times for videos, branded graphics, shared infographics, OPM (other people’s material), community stats. In campaign mode, revise your content strategy to focus more on a particular goal. 
  7. Look at your results. How are your social media efforts paying off? How many people have looked at your posts or engaged? Did your posts drive donations, and if so, what kind? Take time to check out who your followers are, how they connected, and where they’re from. This data will help you understand if you’re attracting the right audience to help you meet your goals.



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