9 Marketing Tips to Repurpose Press

One frequently asked question I get is, “how can I repurpose an article or blog that’s been published about me?” Much of that depends on your marketing goals and your willingness and commitment to see that these action items get done. 

I’ll assume that you want the biggest bang for your buck, so here goes: 

9 Marketing Tips to Repurpose Press  

  1. Create compelling graphics with dynamic soundbites. User-friendly design sites like Canva, with its own online school, allow you to create no-cost graphics where you can add quotes or highlight selected content. Link your images to a sales page, event page or freebie to gain visibility and get attention. Size or resize the graphics for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, and if it’s appropriate, tag certain people or publications.  Add hashtags, too. For consistency, use brand colors and stick to your brand guidelines.  
  2. Consider shooting a video. This could be a how-to, an overview, a description, or a challenge that refers to your expertise. If you go this route, make the video short, two to three minutes, and include a strong call-to-action. Think about what you want your prospect, partner, or interested party to do. You can use the video as part of a drip campaign, upload it to YouTube, share on social media, or create it specifically as an ‘about’ for a press release. Be sure to link to the published piece as social proof. 
  3. Add the link to your email signature. According to a recent report from CampaignMonitor, the average business person sends and receives 121 emails a day – and the number of email users is growing by 3% a year (at least until 2022). Don’t miss the opportunity to create an email signature with powerful intention. If it’s not earned media you’d like to feature, it could be a podcast, a chapter of a new book, or an online page with rave reviews. Not sure how to write an email signature? Here’s a link to my podcast episode on the Fast Marketing Minute. How to Make Your Email Signature a Kick-Ass Marketing Tool
  4. Post to Google My Business. Sharing content on Google My Business is still one of the best no-cost publicity tools out there. There’s discussion that there may be a charge for listings in the future, so take advantage of uploading content there now. It’s to your benefit to add editorial content twice a week because it’s ephemeral, meaning it disappears after a week. Consider adding a published article, video explainer, graphics, infographics, and always add your own FAQ. Here’s a case study from Justin Moran, WorkspaceMA on Google My Business. 
  5. Link to your bio tool on Instagram. You’ve heard of Linktree, one of Instagram’s most popular link tools, but there are others; Later, Contact in Bio, Campsite, TapBio and Swipop are a few. With these tools, you can customize where to send followers and get more page views and sales. Many basic plans are free, so test drive them to see which you like best, and create a link with recent press or add a section, In the News. The goal is to attract views and drive traffic to your site. Make the experience a positive one.  
  6. Include the content as part of your media pitch. Take advantage of third-party mention and add a link in your media pitch as an example of your work, authority as an expert, and social proof. You can direct the press to your media page on your site, but if there’s a specific example you’d like to refer to, add a link in your pitch – not as an attachment. Journalists and almost everyone I know, don’t open attachments, unless they’ve asked for information. If you’re smart and still have been duped, you’ll know what I mean. 
  7. Create a tip sheet on your topic. Say your article, 26 Marketing and PR Tips to Get Attention was recently updated and published. Write a tip sheet on the some of your best, most engaging content (add new material of course) and pitch an industry reporter. You can find reporters and journalists in niche industries on Buzzsumo, which is now offering a free 30-day, 100 search trial. Google works wonders too, and it’s free. 
  8. Share with your social pod. Social what? Think of a social pod or squad as your online social media team. The upfront deal is: you help them, they help you. Before you create or join a team, make sure there’s commitment from all parties. Empty promises don’t cut it, if you’re the only one adding posts or comments to your automation platform on the behalf of others. Check out this app if you’re a content marketer and have a trusted group on LinkedIn. It’s called, Lempod.
  9. Expand your reach by writing longer format content. Maybe it’s a special report that’s downloadable, given in exchange for an email address or a tell-all freebie. Research current trends and share more in-depth information about your subject matter expertise – something that your readers are looking for, and perhaps that no one else has done. Longer pieces written consistently and more frequently increase expert authority, and tend to rank higher organically on search engines. Aim for 1,700 to 3,000 words and add video and graphics if you’re able to.
  10. Revise for other industries. If your content was good enough to be published, it may be of interest to other industries. If you were an expert on marketing and kept abreast of your target markets, you’d know that every industry could use marketing tips. They just need to be customized for current challenges and trends, and made relatable to a particular audience. The goal is to inspire and educate prospective fans, give them enough information to pique their interest, provide a solution to solve their most pressing problems, and pave a clear path to find you – for help. 

I hope these marketing tips on repurposing earned media are helpful. There are at least 24 more marketing tips that you could use right now to repurpose – I don’t like the word recycle – your expertise, blogs, articles, even speaking gigs. 

Here’s my challenge. Pick a number 10 – 33 for new content that’s not listed here. You may not win the lottery, but you will get winning marketing advice.



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