Today, I’d like to share a message from Josh Turner, CEO at 60secondmarketer about what we can learn from political marketing campaigns. It’s a message not to sway you from one candidate or another – you’ve probably made that decision already. 

It’s a lesson about marketing, prospects, and your target audience. 

One Marketing Lesson We Can Learn from Political Campaigns 

“There’s something we can all learn from political marketing campaigns. 

Broadly speaking, there are three kinds of voters — left-of-center, undecided, and right-of-center. 

If you’re a politician who is right-of-center, which kind of voter would try to appeal to? The left-of-center voter or the undecided voter? 

If you said the undecided voter, you’d be correct. 

Why? Because the left-of-center voter is unlikely to vote for you, so it’s wasted money. But the undecided voter just might vote for you.

The same is true in business — focus on prospects who are undecided about your product or service. 

As an example, if you have an Italian restaurant, you don’t want to target people who only eat American food. Instead, you focus on people who are open to eating any kind of food. 

Remember, your job as a marketer is to focus your firepower on the “undecided” prospect. That’s the only way to win in business.” 

You may not love what’s going on, but it is going on. Focus on what’s important to you and what you can change. 

Exercise your right to vote.

PS: Special thanks to Jamie Turner for writing this article and for sharing marketing insight globally. Every day you’re faced with opportunities and challenges. What will you do with them? What can you learn? How can you use them in your business and life? 


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