5 Ways to Spend Your Video Marketing Dollars in 2021

You probably know the stats. More than 81% of businesses use videos as a marketing medium, up by almost 20% from the previous year. And no surprise, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video, compared to about 10% when they read it in text, according to a recent video marketing report by the FlyingVGroup.

The takeaway? Add video to your marketing mix if you’re not doing it already. 

The question is how do you spend your video marketing dollars? I’m a proponent of low-cost marketing and that’s why clients hire me. To create low-cost marketing and PR strategy to increase sales, build visibility, gain credibility and trust as an expert in your field. 

Video isn’t just a trend, it’s a way of life. 

Year after year, people are increasing their video consumption by 100% and many are checking their smart phones up to 160 times a day. In fact, video marketing experts are predicting by the end of 2022 that about 82% of internet traffic will be from video content. Time to jump on the video brand wagon, wouldn’t you say? 

5 Ways to Spend Your Video Marketing Dollars in 2021

  1. Invest time to think about your video marketing goals. What do you want your marketing strategy to accomplish this year – and specifically in the next 90 days or 12-week marketing year? How will video help you meet your marketing goals faster and more effectively? You may want overnight results and perfect looking video, but it’s not going to happen at the get-go. Video marketing is a journey.
  2. Invest video marketing dollars in strategy and development. You can always DIY and if you’re experienced in video marketing, content development, and social media, awesome. Most of my clients have dabbled to different degrees in video marketing – some with simple YouTube channels, others with their own TV shows. The moment you admit you don’t know it all and acknowledge there’s room for improvement, the more you can absorb advice from experts who know how to get the biggest bang for your buck. 
  3. Invest in a virtual assistant or marketing assistant. If you’re on a budget or watching your marketing dollars, you may decide to create your own videos. When you have a marketing and action plan that’s customized to meet your goals, you already have a solid plan to follow.  Delegate essential marketing activities to a member of your team or trusted outsource partner to build sales and visibility, and follow through on designated outreach activities. You need uninterrupted time to get stuff done. 
  4. Invest dedicated funds every month to repurpose your content. You may read till all hours of the night and understand video marketing strategies and apps that turn podcasts into YouTube videos, programs that repurpose evergreen webinars into lead generation machines, and ways to livestream content that’s already produced. Or maybe not. I’m always learning and hiring people smarter than me (spot coaches) so I can sleep at night when I’m not watching the latest Netflix series. Here’s one that I just started, Lupin. Note: Don’t binge watch when you have to be sharp at 9:00am.  
  5. Invest in equipment for your smartphone or video camera. All of my videos are shot on an iPhone and the UBeesize Selfie Tripod that’s 51” with an extendable tripod stand and Bluetooth remote, works well for me. Depending on your lighting requirements and locations, you have a ton of options. I bought my studio lights on Amazon with American Express points, but you may just need a lamp or two, or ring lights if you’re recording webinars on Zoom. It’s always better to have more light than not. 

Bottom line: Don’t overcomplicate the video production process. 

  • Decide whether video is a go or not. 
  • Get over your fear that you look awful on camera. People want to see you and hear your message as an expert. 
  • Set up your tripod and practice with your iPhone. 
  • Upload your video to a Google folder to review. 
  • Hire a video production expert or video intern or professional on Fiverr who will replicate your brand image and personality.
  • Upload your content to social media or the platforms where your target market hangs out.
  • Rinse and repeat according to your video marketing strategy.

Don’t want to be on camera? There are other options 

You can still invest your video marketing dollars on behind-the-scenes video, shooting testimonials, asking for user-generated content, creating how-to or explainer videos, giving tips as a thought leader, and repurposing webinars. Another idea is to create a FAQs video series to post on your website, social media, and Google My Business page which increases organic voice search results. 

You don’t have to break the bank with your marketing budget or your video marketing dollars this year. Time is money so invest in that first, followed by the help of a marketing expert, then virtual or part-time staff to execute your plan. 

One of the most important things about video is to show your human side and your smarts.  That’s why people hire you. 



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