6 Marketing Tips to Increase Sales in Q1 2021

As if the world wasn’t crazy enough, you’ve got a business to run, challenges out the wazoo, and are working with focused intention to get through these tough times. Plus, you want to increase business, add new revenue and referral opportunities, too. 

Hope is not a strategy. Never was, never will be. So, it’s important to shed old beliefs about yourself and your business and start fresh, following a strategic plan to where you want to go, while honoring your truest desires.  

6 Marketing Tips to Increase Sales in Q1 2021

Ideas are important, but you have to take inspired action to get ahead of the competition and keep your sales funnel full. Now’s not the time to be ultra-conservative. If you have a qualified lead, see it through. 

One of my mentors, a seasoned 7-time CEO told me, “Robin, if you don’t kill, you don’t eat, so always remember what’s in your sales bucket. Pay attention to the money coming in and where it’s coming from. All the ideas in the world are useless unless they bring in money or help you meet an important goal – and how that money comes in, may fool you! So, watch closely!”

“Yes, yes”, I said and then isolated myself and wrote these marketing tips to reflect the wisdom of my wise mentor, and my own expertise as a veteran marketing consultant. 

  1. Put on your start-up hat. Be speedy and swift. Enough research, already. It’s time to take action, and that means now. You can fool yourself all day, but that won’t get you anywhere. The beauty of having a small business is that you can tweak your plans and adjust your goals and timetable, in far less time than a major corporation. Sure, you can sit on your butt, worry and procrastinate, but that won’t get you anywhere. Agreed? 
  2. It’s faster to build a company with a team. Acknowledge your strengths and build a team that supports your weaknesses. Why do the work of a $15 an hour freelancer when you charge $200 an hour? That’s a wasted opportunity for increasing revenue. You may create the marketing strategy or have some help, but let your team drive the bus. Give them room and empower them to deliver results.
  3. Use social media, video, and free PR opportunities. Spray and pray marketing doesn’t work, so if you’ve committed time and resources to social media marketing and growing your online brand with free PR and publicity, do it! Test, tweak, but don’t let social media suck you dry. That sounds harsh, I know, but it’s the truth. Allocate a certain number of hours or time per week to strengthening your online brand and stick to a schedule. The discipline will help you in multiple areas of your business. 
  4. Stay abreast of new opportunities. Yesterday, one of my dearest clients gave me a magazine with 20 hot prospect leads. At first, I was resistant to look because I was busy. But in the grand scheme of things (like sales for Q2), it made perfect sense. You don’t know what you don’t know, so be open to surprises and be ready to accept them. I was delighted to see one of my former clients in that roundup. Coincidentally, she reached out for help today.
  5. Reassess your worth.If you’ve devoted time and resources to growing your expertise and providing a valuable service that was in demand before the pandemic, there’s no reason you can’t get back in the game again. Perhaps you might think about different pricing options or payment schedules that are in line with current times. 

    Often, when small business owners are in semi-panic mode, trying to keep their businesses and marriages or partnerships together, they’re willing to give away the store. Better to add value than to reduce the price. Listen to what your customer needs. Create a smaller more targeted package. Ask for a qualified referral in exchange for the business.

    Be smart and aware of industry trends and circumstances. Emotions are running high and compassionate marketing is on the rise. 

  6. Flowers don’t bloom 365 days year. In tough times, we need to honor the re-building and renewal process. As in nature, there are growth cycles and rest periods. You know this if you’re a gardener and anxious for your orchids to bloom. Apply the same Universal law of the Law of Rhythm to your business, and make time to plan, create, rest and celebrate. Balance is required and will prove to be a blessing. 

Bottomline: Now’s the time to be proactive not reactive. Speed is important to gain momentum, but not without thinking your plan through. To get your business ready for the next big push, put your foot on the gas pedal, but don’t run out of gas.


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