I’m sure I’m not the only one with a book in my head. You probably have one or more that you’ve been thinking about. The benefits of publishing a book are substantial, even if you don’t sell your book on Amazon. 

But before you make that decision, check out Amazon Author Central. Look at how author Michael Hyatt ties a ton of his content there – blogs, press releases, reviews…and what’s cool is that you can add videos too! Here’s some valuable how-to info

6 Reasons to Write a Book if You’re an Expert

  1. You can tell your story. Your knowledge, journey, and DNA are unique to you. People love stories and that’s how they connect to you – human to human. Tell your story, share your expertise, help others, pass on advice and cut the learning curve for a future reader.
  2. Writing a book raises your profile. What’s the difference between two experts in the same field, one with a book and the other without one? Well, lots if it’s a well-written, the author knows how to promote their book and brand, and uses it to build visibility, credibility, and eventually sales. Be the winner in this scenario. Check out this blog for more promotion tips.
  3. A book is a big calling card. When you’re a published author you tell the world you’re an expert. Send copies of your books to prospects and clients, make it a PDF or a freebie, create an audio book, and use it to increase your industry authority to meet personal and business goals. Be clear on what you want your book to do and go for it.
  4. Use your book as a negotiation tool. Increase your speaking fee and number of engagements by using your book as a negotiating tool.  Offer a copy of your book as part of your speaking package and up the ante every time you speak. Event managers reinforce their smart decision by hiring a vetted expert (you) and every attendee walks away with a giant call-to-action (your book). Create an enticing offer that’s irresistible.  
  5. Multiply sales and outreach with a book series. Chances are that if you’re contemplating writing a book, you have deep knowledge about a certain topic. Subject matter experts (SMEs) often have the skills and smarts in different areas within their chosen field. 
  6. Books open doors to new opportunities.  Keep your eyes open for media opportunities, partnerships, sponsorships, interviews, podcasts, speaking gigs, and conferences which up level your coaching and consulting practice. Promote your book on Amazon Author Central, on social media, YouTube, Google My Business, to your newsletter list –wherever it makes sense to connect with your readers and future readers.

Bottomline: Even if you don’t make a ton of money from writing a book, take advantage of the marketing and PR opportunities and promotion.

    • Add a chapter of your book to your email signature
    • Create branded graphics for social media
    • Sell your books to libraries for an additional income stream
    • Secure a sponsor to buy books in bulk
    • Promote with press releases that live forever
    • Create courses, workbooks and online training
    • Work with other experts in aligning fields to teach, train, and make a difference

Just in case you were wondering, here are a few tools to help you write. I’m going through the list, like you. Let me know your favorites.

And before I forget, experts have it all inside. They just need some direction.


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