Are you looking to refresh your social media activity? Maybe you’re plagued by the mainstream algorithms or just want to switch things up. With tech, apps, and social media changing by the minute, here are a handful of alternative social media platforms to consider. 

Take a look at what Search Engine Journal writes in one of their recent articles about alternative social media platforms. Some are even new to me!

5 New Social Media Marketing Platforms

  1. MeWe. Love messaging your contacts but hate ads? This platform is ad-free and gives users the social media experience without the selling. And, it won’t compromise your personal data, either. Another benefit?  You control your newsfeed. Think of it as being built on trust and love. 
  2. BitChute. If you’re looking to express yourself without social media censoring, try BitChute. This video-based platform has been a bit controversial due because users can say whatever they want, which means you get unvetted content to explore. At least for now, it’s a no ban zone. 
  3. Ello is another ad-free social media site focused on creativity, similar to Pinterest. Sign up with just your name or user name and email address. Ello keeps your personal information private, which means zero privacy threats and again, zero ads. Another benefit is that you can you find other creatives to work with or hire.
  4. EyeEm doubles as a photography and social media platform. You can buy stock photos, which are in no way ordinary, and book photoshoots, too. More than that, you can access world class producers and a global network of creative talent to tap into your vision.  Photographers should also check it out! 
  5. Minds might be right if you want to get rewarded or paid for simply scrolling. Content creators can boost their reach and upgrade their accounts by earning tokens for posting, interacting or logging in. Another plus is that it’s ad-free; (see the trend?) Cash in your tokens for actual cash in USD or bitcoin.

Then there’s NextDoor. In an earlier blog, I wrote about how to promote your business on Nextdoor. Basically, it connects individuals, organizations and businesses in your neighborhood. To join, enter your address online and you’ll be connected to people in your local area.  From there, you can build a network or drive traffic to your business or retail location. Nextdoor’s focus is hyper-local and all about the neighborhood. As you can imagine, it has also flourished in the pandemic. 

Bottomline: Make time to explore newer social media marketing options. They don’t have to replace your old-standbys, but you never know when you’ll find something you might like – and that works.


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