If you think that the only way to get a reporter’s attention is with a press release, think again. Email marketing also works to let journalists know who you are, what you’re up to, and why they should take notice.  It’s a no-cost PR pitch strategy that works.  

What can you write about in an email pitch? Check out pressfarm for a list of ideas to add to your tool box.  I love the site because it provides PR and email marketing templates to choose from, depending on the news you’d like to share. Remember, you’re building a relationship with reporters, so it’s not spray and pray marketing. 

7 Pitch Ideas to Gain Media Attention  

  • A major milestone or accomplishment
  • New data trends
  • New hire or partnership 
  • A product launch  
  • Resource for a reporter (like an FYI)
  • Ground breaking news
  • Contrarian point of view 

Before You Pitch, Get Media Ready   

Before you pitch, make sure your website, social media, and online profiles are all buttoned up. That means a journalist (and anyone else) is perfectly clear on what you do. Triple check that your marketing assets are current, there are no glaring mistakes, and links work. Basically, you’re telling the world you’re an expert!

Take it a Step Further with a Press Kit 

Have you invested time and resources in a press kit? Bonus points for taking the next step. A press kit or media kit, as its sometimes called, establishes brand authority and showcases your expertise. Essentials in a media kit include: your About page, social media info, logos, contact details, address, awards, recent press, images, testimonials, videos and photos, and so on. 

Check out these press kit examples that are easy to create from PressKitHero, and Bizmavens for a look at multiple style and design options.

Not Sure Where Your Media Kit Will Live?  

To start, you can host your press kit on Dropbox or Google drive, or create a page and link on your website that remains hidden until you want to share. I’ve seen them posted on Medium, too. Be sure that you control what’s in your press kit and all materials – and when they’re shared, and with whom. You always want to be up to date with announcements, graphics, press releases, team bios, and don’t forget videos. 

It’s simple to connect with the press, but it takes initiative on your part, and some practice, too. Create an email pitch in your own voice to start a conversation with reporters in your industry. 

If you always remember what’s in it for them (WIFT), you’ll never go wrong. 


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