Using Facebook for marketing and getting nowhere? Or, maybe it just seems that way. Before you go running off and hiring a digital marketing agency to gain followers, know what you want to create a marketing strategy that fits. Then, take a look at these DIY ideas to help grow your Facebook audience and make a real connection. 

7 Steps to Get More Facebook Followers

  1. Increase frequency of your posts. It makes sense that the more you post the more your target audience will see you. To make posting easier, think about using social media tools to help streamline the process. Those might include creating a content calendar – to plan what you’ll post and when your posts will be published – and using a social media publishing tool to automate the process. Posting manually seems to take forever, so if there’s a shortcut, I’m all in. 
  2. Vary your post content and times. Obviously, you’re not going to use the same content or style 24/7. People will think you’re B O R I N G. Are your topics getting stale? Refresh with some ideas at Buzzsumo. Thinking of adding more video? It’s topping the chart, so yes. In addition to varying up content, vary the times you’re posting, too. Buffer just posted new guidelines on best times to post for social media and so did Hootsuite. It’s interesting to see their stats and reasoning. 
  3. Focus on creating shareable content. It’s easy for someone to hit the share button, so create content that’s shareable. What works? Breaking news, heartwarming stories, practical advice, behind the scenes video, and in general, content that makes you laugh, cry or think. Here’s a check list from the Alexa blog about creating shareable content. Your brand might not align with Tik Tok, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from marketers there. 
  4. Promote like crazy. If you want to gain Facebook followers, you need to promote your Facebook page on all platforms – your own media channels (ie, website, blogs, presentations, video) as well as other social media channels. Do you have a Facebook plug in on your website? Are your CTAs directing future followers to your Facebook page? Is your Facebook link or a ‘Follow Us’ button visible on your email signature? Create a checklist of marketing assets and make sure all links lead to the right place.  
  5. Join or create your own Facebook groups. As a savvy marketer, you know the importance of competitive analysis – and that includes what’s happening on social media. What Facebook groups align with your target audience? What can you learn to help your marketing efforts? Remember, when you’re in someone else’s Facebook group you’re not selling products or services, you’re observing the audience’s likes, dislikes, rants and raves. Creating your own Facebook group is nearly as powerful as working your own email list. You’re building a community, so pay attention to gain attention.
  6. Optimize your Facebook Page. Have you ever looked for a Facebook page for fifteen minutes and come up empty handed? Marketing misfired. Be consistent with your username on all social media profiles. And for startups, grab them as early as you can! Add your logo, cover photo, video and complete your ‘About’ section so that it reflects the real you. It’s also helpful to keep your business information and hours the same across on platforms – including Google My Business. 
  7. Verify your Facebook Page.  There’s a ton of fake business pages and bots hoping to mislead viewers which creates uncertainty with companies they’re not familiar with. When you verify your page, you build credibility and let others know you’re a trusted brand. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to authenticate your Facebook page from AdEspresso. 

Bottomline:  We’re talking social media, so you need to be social, which means engaging with more than a like. Being thoughtful and connecting with others. Social media got us through the pandemic and it can do way more to grow your business. You can build communities, find brands to partner with and influencers to support, and target your ideal customer with uber focused ads. With social media you’re able to increase visibility, credibility, brand recognition, and perhaps what you might be looking for the most – sales. 

I told a colleague last week that ‘marketing isn’t instant oatmeal.’ It takes time. The same with growing a following on any social media channel. Follow directions, tweak the recipe, and enjoy. 


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