If you’re in business, you need sales and you need to keep your sales bucket full. That’s why it’s important to try new marketing strategies when the same-old lead generation tactics don’t work.

What about using Facebook Groups for lead generation? Facebook groups can provide a direct line to customers and potential prospects, and an opportunity to learn more about your target audience.

5 Easy Steps for Facebook Group Scraping

  1. Define your target audience. Be super clear on who your ideal customer is. Then find a robust Facebook group that makes sense for your business. Select a larger group for a richer database.
  2. Use a data extraction tool. Check out a tool like Phantombuster to extract data, and generate lists of prospects and contact information.
  3. Get details on Facebook members. Use a Facebook group extractor to get a complete list of members in a Facebook group (up to 10,000) including their names, Facebook profile, and more. Note: You won’t get email addresses.
  4. Look at LinkedIn profiles. Take it a step further and use a LinkedIn profile URL finder so you can research who you’re targeting. Network boosters allow you to send connection requests to 80 contacts a day or 150 if you have a premium LinkedIn account.
  5. Automate your outreach. Use a software tool like Expandi to expand your outreach. It simulates human behavior to connect with your prospect list. The smart marketing software also helps to retarget prospects on LinkedIn, steal your competitor’s audience (sounds naughty) and lets you know about the latest LinkedIn growth hacks.

Bottomline: I haven’t used either of these tools yet, but I’m always interested in checking out freemium versions of new software. What could you do with a one or two-week no-cost trial? Would one new customer – an ideal customer – make it all worthwhile?


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