Whether you’re writing a blog or posting to social media, content is key. Creating content that’s going to add value to your brand and build sales can take you from just getting likes to growing your email list. And a well-developed content marketing strategy can get you in front of your ideal customer until they’re ready to buy.

6 Content Marketing Strategies to Gain More Opt-ins

  1. Think about a squeeze page. Have a freebie, an e-book or guide to help you generate leads? Create a squeeze page or landing page and feature your products there. This works two ways; it helps gauge interest in your services and allows you to grow your email list in exchange for a download. Another option is to design a page for each product or create a menu of content items to choose from.  If you have general content on your website, offer an “upgrade” option for visitors to get even more information — a special report, a video series or a collection of PDF’s that are hard to find elsewhere.   
  2. Add a toolbar. Another way to get more leads is to create a toolbar on your website, specifically for people to sign up for your newsletter or blog.  They’re usually located at the top of the page or above the fold so they’re easy to see. You can also add a header plug-in to encourage visitors to opt-in, which is simple and straightforward. Some designers place an additional sign-up button on the footer of their webpages, often located near the follow buttons for social media. 
  3. Look at slide-ins and pop-ups. A properly timed slide-in gets attention with movement, but in a different way than traditional pop-ups. Just make sure they don’t scroll super-fast, which can be annoying. Pop-ups allow you to share your ‘owned content’ and build a robust subscriber list. They can also be timed depending on how long you want your visitor to read without being interrupted, or just as they’re about to leave. There’s also the scroll box, a pop-up that appears in the bottom right-hand cover of the page. This tends to be less intrusive because people can actually read the content, without having to sign up. 
  4. Create a discount or checkbox opt-in. Is your business selling a product or service that warrants a discount? Get new prospects in the door or refresh an existing customer relationship with a discount opt-in. Discount opt-ins incentivize visitors to sign up for your newsletter and receive a significant percentage off. Similarly, if you have a check out page, an opt-in checkbox offers a quick and direct way for users to sign up.
  5. Don’t forget about your blog. Your website’s blog is another area where sign-up blocks make sense, especially if you’re actively promoting your blog and sharing content on social media. Strategies vary on placement; they could be on a sidebar on your blog post, at the bottom, or in the comments section. If your blog has its own URL and it’s featured on your main site as well, cross-promote content and build a link strategy to get more views and email subscribers. 
  6. Your About Page counts too. The ‘About page’ is one of the most read pages on a website, so it’s a perfect place to promote your freebie content, build credibility, and get signups. Resource pages also work with the upside of being super attractive to search engines and building traffic. Take the time to research your specific keywords and long-tail keyword phrases, and optimize every page of your website. If you don’t know where to start, check out YouTube for how-to’s or hire a professional. It’s well worth the money.

Bottom line: No matter where you place your signup box and squeeze page links, the key is to make them compelling and on brand. The goal is to catch the eye of your visitor and make them want to become a part of your community. Who knows, you might even get a bunch of raving fans. 


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