Customers are no dummies. They go through a process to check you out and see if you’ve earned the right to do business with them. Cold or even warm prospects look at your website, social media, content, and what you stand for. Fans and followers are good to have, but don’t pay the bills (or make you money). The fastest path to cash is to turn qualified prospects into buyers. Here are some marketing tips to help you get there. 

  1. Create a marketing and PR strategy. When you post on social media, what’s your overall brand message?  What platforms will benefit your company and showcase your expertise the most? It’s not a one size fits all scenario. Each social media network has a plus, but that doesn’t mean you have to be on every network — nor should you be! Do the research and identify where your clients are, and follow the trail. 
  2. Build a cohesive team with varied skills. Although you may love islands, you’re not one. It’s almost impossible to grow a business sustainably alone. Have interns? Outline their responsibilities specific to social media marketing and social selling. Managing mostly solo? Decide how much time you’re going to spend on social media and stick to specific tasks. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole when you’re mindlessly scrolling. That’s why detailed action plans work. There’s no second guessing.  
  3. Optimize your website. Social media marketing leads prospects to your website, so make sure yours is current with where you are right now — not five years ago.  If you’re selling products or services, present them in a way that’s easy to understand and invest time in building the user experience starting with your home page. Easy navigation helps turn fans into customers. A few other tips? Research your keyword phrases often, pepper them in your content, and create a strategy, like email marketing, to stay in touch with your audience.  
  4. Capitalize on your own social network. To maximize sales on social media, build a personal brand that never sleeps. Promote your brand or expert authority by connecting with others who align with your message or your values. They may become potential partners, referral sources, offer you speaking gigs or be your next client. The goal is to build your fandom. Fans can become customers, advocates, and bring you business. You just don’t know when, which is why content and consistency are key.   
  5. Stay on top of your game. Got all the nuts and bolts covered? You still have to interact with your fans — with intention. Comment on what they’re saying about industry topics, or about you. Mix up your posts to avoid boring people to death by adding videos and telling stories. Take time too, to thank your customers by sharing or reposting their posts. Have customer service issues? Be responsive. Social media is a live platform 24/7, and negative feedback or challenging questions should be answered quickly, genuinely and with empathy. 
  6. Social selling takes time. You can’t build an empire overnight and you’ll be disappointed if you expect immediate results. Social selling is all about nurturing relationships, one person at a time, and getting them to fall in love with your brand so they’ll take the next step.

I’m hoping that you’ll build a funnel of lifelong customers, and get a ton of referrals.  


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