If you’re looking to increase traffic, improve website SEO with backlinks, and build brand authority, consider using Medium. It’s a content-sharing website where readers and creators come together to write, read and connect on topics of all types. 

The platform averages 150 million visitors every month and stats show that it’s the 85th most visited website in the world. And to be honest, with stats like that, it’s easy to see why Medium can be a marketer’s secret weapon.

Here’s How Medium Can Help Your Business

  1. Use Medium as a publishing platform. If you don’t have a big audience and want to share your thought leadership, post on Medium.  Helpful articles and tips are always in demand, and published articles will help build brand awareness and authority. Ultimately, it’s all about exposure to audiences you might not have otherwise. Some bigger brands post their blogs on Medium because of that, including high-ranking politicians (think presidential).
  2. Generate leads with list building. There’s solid potential to grow your email list with Medium. To turn it into a gold mine, nurture it properly and share the love! Remember this formula; number of email subscribers x your average (or higher) priced service or product = potential sales revenue. That’s why it’s so important to grow your list with quality prospects, people who are interested in what you do and the problems you solve.
  3. Drive traffic back to your site. Like blogging, the goal is to drive traffic back to your site. You can do that easily with the content you publish and by adding strategic links. Couple that with well-written copy optimized for SEO, and you’ll get better organic ranking for competitive and valuable keywords. Plus, you get seen quickly and often, so there’s a good chance your article will be posted near the top of an online search.
  4. Customize your call-to-actions. At the end of your article, you’ll find an author resource bio box, where you can include a specific call-to-action. Yours might be to download a freemium, e-book, tip cheat, video series, or newsletter. Perfect your mini-bio and add a hook to turn readers into subscribers – and subscribers into paying customers. All the puzzle pieces need to fit together to keep the reader interested.
  5. Get major press. Editors, like entrepreneurs, are always looking for new talent, so Medium is a perfect platform to look for established writers with fresh ideas and a following. Even if you’re not at that stage yet, write for the love of writing to grow your audience, build your personal brand, and strengthen your status as a subject matter expert. You’ll gain recognition in your niche and have a digital library already in place.
  6. Grow your social community. One of Medium’s founders was a co-founder at Twitter, so an important part of their mission is to connect people with articles they’re interested in.  To build a social community and have people pay attention, use proper tags, stay in your topic lane, and follow suggested guidelines. As a reader, you can engage in various ways; highlight sections of an article or give or receive digital high-fives or “claps” which lets others know how good or popular the content is.    
  7. Build your career. Love to write but don’t want to quit your day job? No problem. Start writing about your expertise, build a following with (PWLY) people who love you – and keep writing. Your career may benefit because you have a creative outlet away from your boring job – or the job you love. Writing, like coding or consulting, can be done from just about anywhere. So, enjoy being a wordsmith, make some money while you can (without a formal business model), and see where it takes you. Some writers on Medium are making $11,000 an article.

Want to give Medium a try?  Here are their blogging guidelines


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