By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Clubhouse. It’s a new and popular social media marketing platform that’s focused on audio only content. 

Just over a year old, Clubhouse is an invitation only platform popular with entrepreneurs, experts, and thought leaders joining from a variety of industries. If you haven’t been invited yet, don’t worry. You can still sign up and join a waitlist for other members to invite you. 

What’s Clubhouse all about?

Clubhouse is unique in that it allows people to host audio meetings, like a podcast, except the recordings aren’t available for playback. This creates a sense of urgency to join in the calls because if they miss it… that’s it! It’s ephemeral content. Listeners can also interact with the host since the calls are live. 

When you look at recent stats, in 2019 over 51% of people in the United States listened to podcasts, so it’s easy to see why Clubhouse has become popular so quickly. 

Is Clubhouse right for your business? 

All this sounds great, but is Clubhouse a social media platform that’s right for your business? After all, it takes time, energy, and resources to get started. Here are a few pros and cons. 


  • Clubhouse is audio only.  Unlike other apps, you don’t have to create visual content. That saves a ton of time on producing videos, graphics or showing up in person, in any capacity. Creating content for Clubhouse makes you think differently.
  • Invitation-only makes Clubhouse more exciting. In addition to joining high-profile early adopters, and it being an exclusive platform, Clubhouse may give you a competitive edge. Always remember though, your time is valuable, so experiment c. 
  • Clubhouse is now ad-free. If you’re looking for an ad-free network, Clubhouse may be a social media network to consider. Right now, they’re not planning on including ads on their platform. Time will tell, of course, but it may be worth following.
  • There’s a personal connection with live events. That’s hard to mimic in real life. This could certainly boost word of mouth advertising and create more loyal brand fans, if done correctly. The chat room feature also allows for networking opportunities and getting top-notch advice. 


  • Every Clubhouse event is live. It’s impossible to add pre-written content on the platform – and all content is ephemeral. Gone like the wind. No doubt, this could lead to more internal and external pressure to have more calls to stay consistent with the platform. Followers want content and you are the main act. 
  • Clubhouse is a click-free zone. That means as the platform expands, you may not get as many conversations as you’d like. There’s a chance you’re better off asking people to visit your website, follow you on Instagram or check out your Facebook page. There’s another challenge too, tracking – if you’re into metrics. 
  • Multiple time-zones may be an issue. Is your audience in different time zones? If live conversations (and conversions) are what you’re looking for, how accessible will your content be if half of your audience is sleeping?  If they snooze, do you lose?
  • Burnout is a possibility. There’s a growing concern of possible of addiction and creator burnout with Clubhouse. Live-only events create FOMO in listeners and creators may just spin out. If you’ve ever been there, it’s a cycle that’s unhealthy and unsustainable. 

Is Clubhouse right for you? 

When it comes to branding and connecting with your audience in an authentic way, Clubhouse offers a number of benefits for marketers. Limited invitations create an exclusive feel that helps experts build credibility and establish brand authority. You get to hear experts live, use chat room features, and network, to some degree. 

Bottomline: Clubhouse is still new and its audience is still small and growing, which may not be ideal if you’re looking for the best ROI on your time and marketing efforts. If you’re looking to add another social media platform to your tool belt, and have the time (and staff) to devote to testing it out, move forward cautiously and be cautiously optimistic.


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