If your LinkedIn marketing strategy is “throwing darts” to see what sticks, maybe there’s a better way. Who needs to do more work for less results? 

Make the most out of your LinkedIn marketing strategies for the rest of 2021, using these content ideas and marketing tips: 

  1. Take Advantage of Different Features and Creator Tools
    What’s new? You already know that LinkedIn allows you to share posts, stories, live videos, polls, articles, and newsletters. Keren Baruch, LinkedIn’s Product Lead for Creator Strategy, recommends you follow LinkedIn for Creators  to stay up to date on the platform’s newest creator tools and features, one of which is the “Creator Mode” where you can highlight content on your profile. 
  2. Stay Up to Date on LinkedIn Content Trends   
    To see your engagement rates increase, check out LinkedIn’s “Content Suggestions.” This helps you identify popular topics within your network. Another idea is to test-drive LinkedIn’s weekly newsletter, Creator Weekly written by Daniel Roth. It tells you what content and topics are getting the most attention as well as the top-trending hashtags, so you don’t waste your time trying to figure it out. 
  3. Share Content from Outside of LinkedIn
    Creating original content is key to building brand authority, but what about sharing all of your of pre-existing content that’s sitting in your digital library or Google Drive? Do an assessment of what you’ve written and add top picks to your editorial calendar to schedule posts. Blogs, articles, earned press, latest videos, and teaser webinars all strengthen your profile and bring more traffic to your LinkedIn page, website, and landing pages where you want visitors. 
  4. It’s OK to be Personal
    Unlike most social media platforms, LinkedIn focuses on your “professional self.” But, in the past few years, people have been getting more personal, discussing topics like the difficulties of working (or not working) during the pandemic, unemployment, mental health, discrimination they’ve faced in the workplace, and more. Surprisingly, a personal story may get more attention than a broad topic or generic article. Just be mindful of the “no ranting” rule, and limit political discussions, unless that’s your area of expertise.
  5. Promote Your Values
    It’s been a tough time for business owners and the world at large. We’ve faced a global pandemic, political and social activism and unrest, an economic recession, environmental problems, and more. It’s no longer enough for businesses to remain neutral. People are passionate, and they want to support companies that share their values.  Give your audience a glimpse of what you stand for. If some of your audience finds fault, let them go. They’re not your people. Like attracts like. 
  6. Don’t Forget about LinkedIn Pulse
    If you’re a marketer who produces content on a regular basis, look at LinkedIn’s Pulse, the social media’s publishing platform. It’s a perfect place to repurpose blogs, articles, and other written material, showcase your brand’s expertise, as well as increase visibility and engagement. It also drives inbound marketing from a global audience, helps with organic SEO, and you can place a strategic link at the bottom of every article, similar to an author resource box, with a particular call-to-action. It’s yet another one of my favorite no-cost marketing and PR tools. 

Bottomline: Posting content on LinkedIn without much thought or that’s irrelevant won’t get help you meet your social media marketing goals. It’s better to use trending content and topics as inspiration for your own posts, in your own voice and tone, and contribute quality content to a growing B2B audience. 

Create a LinkedIn social media marketing plan that includes your thoughts as a subject matter expert, share what influencers are featuring (as long as they’re relevant to your brand), don’t be afraid to add a human element to your brand (unless you’re a robot), and post consistently. Pin your best content to the top of your feed, and of course, repurpose popular blogs and articles on LinkedIn Pulse. And hey, it’s OK to change the title, the first paragraph, and switch out keywords and phrases. It’s your “own media.” 

The more you put into LinkedIn, the more you’ll get out. 

Want more info on using LinkedIn to promote your brand? Here’s a blog I wrote last year on LinkedIn’s marketing features and pinning your latest accomplishments at the top of your profile.   


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